Friday, April 2, 2010

Tonight: the Daily Pravda 'Nitrate' party @ le pill

Oh fuck I'm TGIFing like a motherfucker -- can't wait to get out of the office and into the springtime and make out open-mouthed with this weekend. Hood Rich is tomorrow at O'Brien's, baseball starts on Sunday with Red Sox-Yankees Sunday night and tonight the Daily Pravda roll up to le pill and blow out their new single, a cover of Suede's "Animal Nitrate." Fuck yes. From the pill boston dot com:

friday april 2:
the daily pravda
'animal nitrate' single release party

What does it take to turn you on? Nearly 20 years after Suede posed the question with “Animal Nitrate” in mind, Boston neo-glam heroes The Daily Pravda resurrect the Britpop launch pad this Friday under an Allston backdrop of broken bones, council homes and chemical smiles. Coinciding with the recent Suede reunion across the Atlantic, the satellite-rock growl of The Daily Pravda aligns the stars of tribute with an exclusive “Animal Nitrate” release party at the pill.

Copies of the single will be given away for free before making an appearance on iTunes, joining Pravda’s two other official releases – the protopunk day-dreamed “She’s So Mature” EP and last year’s stark apocalyptic firestorm of a debut album, “Burning Bible Diamonds.” Over the years our longtime Pravda mates have carefully squeezed an arena full of sound into Great Scott and essentially done it all within our weekly modern indie showcase, from explosive record release parties to putting ex lovers on album covers to being the source of three of the pill’s most talked about Halloween shows -- Radiohead, David Bowie, and of course, Suede.

This Friday the relationship continues, and after taking it time after time, The Daily Pravda knows how to turn us on. You can be the animal.

Get reacquainted with the Daily Pravda over at (we'll never get tired of "She's So Mature," and neither should you). Before and after the band, DJ Ken & Michael V spin the best in Britpop, Modern Indie & Beyond. Look sharp. xothepill

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