Tuesday, April 6, 2010

DJ Felix Cartal in Allston tonight

Well shit, a Tuesday night conundrum. On the one hand, I love Vancouver-based electro DJ Felix Cartal -- especially his new jam Popular Music, download it here with permission from Girlie Action. On the other hand, I loathe Wonderbar and its inhabitants. But this shit is literally blocks away from my Allston apartment and I didn't have much on the agenda this evening, so maybe I'll swing by for a drank or two.

Cartal KILLED it at the Aces party at SXSW and is one of the best electro DJs making the club rounds (Just wish these rounds were rounder and not as square as Wonderbar). Party details in the Facebook link below, with brief bio...

JMP Live Presents Felix Cartal at Wonderbar; Doors 9pm $10

Felix Cartal was born with a passion for hard hitting electronic music. With influences ranging from the heavy hitting distortion of The Bloody Beetroots and Boys Noize, to the techno influences of Vitalic, Felix has created an amalgamation of electronic genres which results in a unique listening experience for home and live audiences alike. His distinctive method of incorporating abrasive distortion, intense instrumental build-ups and unique frequency variations in his songs gives Felix a sense of versatility within the electronic scene. This versatility has led Cartal to become one of the leaders of heavy-house – a genre known for its relentless intensity and bass and distortion heavy melodies.

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