Monday, March 30, 2009

New Placebo, free download

There are three things you can count on in life: the NJ Devils in the NHL playoffs, the sheer sucktitude of first day of work back from vacation and the general awesomeness of new Placebo music. Really, name me one band from the UK boom of the mid-90s (I won't call them Britpop) that's still as lethal and legit as they were back when we all first slit eyeholes in a paper bag.

Granted, these days Placebo is basically making music for their fans, but that's what we love about them. If sudden arena-sized fame arises, so be it; but it will be on Placebo's terms on music that is 100% their own sound. That is why we worship at the Altar of Molko. That's why we still get excited at new material. Open sores and bitter lovers remain unscathed.

So with that, the band is offering their lead single for free download, the title track to upcoming album "Battle of the Sun." I'm not a fan of the clunky first 90 seconds or so, but when it kicks in with that traditional Placebo force, the diehards are given their pure morning bliss. There's some Muse elements here, as well as a fleshing out of the synthy "Song to Say Goodbye" theatrics, and all in all it's a great "we're back" statement and I can't fucking wait for the album to drop come summer. "Meds" was a fanfuckintastic record truly appreciated by few, and this should be as well.

DIGITAL LOVE @ the Mid East

Back on the scene, crispy and clean

... and tan as fuck. Well, I'm home. Pictures and lessons learned from Mexico and Grand Cayman later on (like how easy it is to kiss stingrays, score drugs and get get sunburn when on your own private beach in Cozumel) but now it's back to the work grind in anticipation of the queen Lady Gaga tonight at Hob. Semi-local pop duo Chester French open things up, and I've been wanting to see them since DA Wallach took offense to me calling them goofballs in the local daily.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Vacation, all I ever wanted

Ok, with that, I'm off to Mexico early tomorrow morning with the lady. Don't alert the Federales, and let's all pray I don't end up on my very own episode of Locked Up Abroad. I might post some random shit here or there from the cruise ship while sliding down a water slide shitwhipped on tequila, or I may not. I dunno. But I will return just in time to catch Lady GaGa at the House of Blues on March 30. xo Mv.

Saturday night, debut Smiles

I'll be out of town, but this should be a good time tomorrow night:

the Toothaches tonight @ the pill

Another dope live act at the pill tonight, as fiery Brooklyn/Boston indie pop kids the Toothaches drop by our little dance party at Great Scott. While I feel like I abandoned quirky indie pop a long time ago, these boys and girls have the goods, and provide a old-skool pill break from the waves of synthpop bands we've been having. The quickshot bio from the pill boston dot com:

After weeks of sitting in the lobby of the proverbial dentist’s office, the pill gets its indie pop filling this Friday as we welcome the Toothaches to our saccharine-soaked Great Scott stage. Like My Favorite on a frenetic meth binge or Belle & Sebastian in an alleyway knifefight, the Brooklyn-based but Boston-bred Toothaches have brought a much needed ferocity to the indie pop genre. The local press has been succumbing to twee-bit -cavities since the band released its debut EP straight out its Jamaica Plain kitchen last year, and their recent 7-inch release party with Pretty & Nice sent GS into a pogo-pop frenzy, marking cardigans as gang colors and glockenspiels as gats. Do not fuck with the Toothaches.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bloc Party DJ set tonight at Vinalia

I love Bloc Party. I love that "indie electro." I love going out. So why am I the Mayor of Meh City when it comes to Bloc Party's Russell and Matt DJing an electro set tonight at Vinalia? Seriously, why don't I give a fizztittietuck about this? Weird. (Bloc Party's show at the HoB, btw, is sold out.)

Squire responds to Stone Roses rumors

John Squire FTW. Earlier this week the UK Daily Mirror newspaper said the Stone Roses were reuniting, but then the Daily Mail said no-go like an hour later after Ian Brown's publicist said sod off. Now Squire has chimed in via Epic:

Chameleons defeated by Sponge. Guh.

So yeah, I fucking LOST TO SPONGE'S "PLOWED" this morning, but only because the chick I was up against was the sexy-voiced FNX receptionist and reps Saugus with her I-Talian famz. So bogus. Clearly the Chameleons' "Swamp Thing" is a better song! Oh well, now I don't have to phone in from Mexico next week... But still.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

RollerGoths unite!

Aww man, goths on wheels! I totally wanna rollerskate while listening to Wolfsheim and VNV Nation. All I got at the ghetto assed Long Island skating rink when I was a kid was Bel Biv DaVoe and Naughty By Nature.

Radio Vanya IV: Chameleons' "Swamp Thing"

So my prize for winning last week's "My Song..." battle on FNX Radio is having to get up and be at the station tomorrow morning at 8am. But that means I'm back on the air (!!!), defending my title with the Chameleons' 1986 modern rock classic, "Swamp Thing."

We'll see if I can get the same response I got last week with Ride's "Vapour Trail."

If I win again, I get to phone in next week from Mexico. (Part of my vacation, not an FNX prize). I have no idea what I'll play next week... Suede?

Le Castle Vania vs the Virgins

No, this isn't about some underage disco stampede outside an Atlanta nu-rave nightclub, but that would probably rule, too.

Instead, it seems perennial Vanyaland favorite Le Castle Vania is celebrating touching down at SXSW by giving us another beat-treat, this time suping up the Virgins' ace single, "Rich Girls." I totally expected it to go batshit banger at the end, but instead it's a steady fattening up of a great indie-disco track from last year.

Everything Dylan Eiland touches is gold, and this is further proof. Listen to it on his 'Space, and download it for free near the FREE MUSIC block under the player.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Martin Brodeur

The Best Ever: 552 wins. 100 shutouts. 4 Vezinas. 3 Stanley Cups.

Thanks, Marty.

Karen Barnicle in the Improper; gig tonight

So I caught quite the suprise as I was waiting for my $70 takeout order from Privus Lounge last night, nervously counting down the minutes until For the Love of Ray J restored meaning to my life.

I ran into, then sat down with, Lindsey/Dickie/Raph who were having dinner, when suddenly L-Starr passed me the latest issue of the Improper Bostonian. And there it was: Karen Barnicle of Barnicle smack dab on the cover, modeling a bridal gown/dress editorial. Girl looks incredible. For the first time ever, I recommend picking up a copy.

On a related note, Barnicle should be back at the pill sometime this summer, as a sorta make-up after their December gig was a snowstorm washout. But catch them tonight at the Cask N Flagon for some sort of Dropkick Murphys/St. Patrick's Day afterparty shindig. Details on their MySpace.

Daisy of Love

Vh1 saves the day once again. The cast of Daisy of Love was revealed, and guess what?!!? 12 Pack is back! Dude better win, cause this Sunset Strip back alley collection of man-skank is teh nassss. My early money is on Britny Fox-spawn "84," which is might be his STD count. Shit premieres April 26, and I can't fucking wait. Here's a taste:

Guide to St. Patrick's Day around Boston

Been whoring this theme out in the Herald the past few days, so here's a recap of cool shit to do around Boston on today, the city's official holiday, St. Patrick's Day, from my Hotline column on Friday and and again today:

"Leprechaun” at the Brattle: Leave it to the Brattle Theatre to allow us to sober up while watching the 1993 cult classic “Leprechaun,” in which an evil little chap goes on a rampageous killing spree while protecting his pot o’ gold. Or something. But it stars a post-“Willow” Warwick Davis, as well as a pre-everything Jennifer Aniston, and is still funnier than “Celtic Pride.” Hotline’s only regret is that the Brattle didn’t make it a double feature with Ice T’s “Leprechaun: In the Hood.” 40 Brattle St., Cambridge, 10 p.m., $9.50,

A-Trak on track: Give Estate huge props for eschewing the “Kiss Me I’m Drunk” party scene and booking a DJ who’s as Irish as Patrice Bergeron. That man is Montreal’s DJ A-Trak, who lights up Boylston Place with his signature blend of hip-hop-flavored electro club jams. A-Trak has been on fire since 2004, when Kanye West asked him to be his personal DJ and has since thrown down beats with everyone from Diplo to Kid Sister to Chromeo. Bass master DJ B. Rich carries the heavy to round out the bill and add some 617 juice. “You’re not going to find your cliche Irish pub songs here, only straight up electro and hip-hop bangers,” said B. Rich, who opens. “Watch A-Trak champion the decks and turn this mutha out.” Kiss him, he rules. Estate, 1 Boylston Place, 10 p.m., $10, 617-351-7000,

Hearthrob at the Middlesex Lounge: Sure, A-Trak at the Estate is the more-hyped electro dance party tonight, but at the bi-weekly Hearthrob you won’t need a lucky four-leaf clover to get an inexpensive drink. Resident DJs Baltimoroder, Red Foxx and Morgan Louis are joined by Palms Out Sounds’ Joee Irwin, and it won’t cost you any green to get in. It’s the un-St. Patrick’s Day party of St. Patrick’s Day parties. 315 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, 10 p.m., free,

Bingo at District: People on the Internet play “Hipster Bingo,” and people at Sunday’s Southie parade play “Drunk Dude-Brah Bingo.” However, District’s weekly game night bills itself as “Not Your Grandaddy’s Bingo,” and it might be the best of them all. Prizes are awarded, gourmet snacks served, and host comedian Shawn Connelly appears more than Irish enough to keep St. Patty’s Day themes in mind while you make Grammy proud. 180 Lincoln St., 5 to 9 p.m., free,

Brand new Epidodes: Sure, there are more than enough street-punk show options around the Hub on St. Patrick’s Day, but few come with the approval of Lemmy from Motorhead and feature a 10-year-old singer. The Episodes, a Cleveland punk band playing the Swaggerin’ Growlers CD release party Tuesday at the Middle East in Cambridge, boast 10-year-old frontman Tommy Gun (everyone now, “awwww!”), and no member is old enough to get into the club if they weren’t playing. “These kids are the future of rock ’n’ roll,” exclaimed Lemmy on their MySpace [website] page. With gigs alongside MDC, Body Count and yes, even Motorhead, the future looks bright down in the punk-rock plight. Middle East, 472 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, 9 p.m., $8, 617-864-EAST,

Monday, March 16, 2009

ITP: Pete Doherty back in action

Another Hotline tidbit, this one blogolicious: Fresh off his 30th birthday last week, baby faced bad boy Pete Doherty is back in the news. And here’s a shocker: this time it’s actually about his music.

The former guitarist/singer of UK indie-punk luminaries the Libertines, considered by some to be the world’s Last Living Rock Star, releases his first solo album this week, “Grace/Wastelands.” In a turn of cheap promotion, fans can hear it now streaming for free on MySpace.

Remember when he would simply promote new material with an arrest for drug possession? Those were the good old days.

“Grace/Wasteland” is marked as Doherty’s first official solo album, though he’s filled in the period since the Libertines’ untimely-but-inevitable demise in 2004 with two largely forgettable albums under the Babyshambles moniker. Understandably, he’s failed to produce anything as lethal as the first and only two Libertines albums, which gave the UK its early-2000s answer to the Strokes and made careers of entertainment journalists from London to Newcastle. (Vanyanote: Mind you, I fucking LOVE the Libertines.)

Early listens show Doherty is in full singer-songwriter mode with “Grace/Wastelands,” and if he’s got anything left in the tank besides smack controversy and tabloid scandals, now’s the time to prove it.

Dave Virr/Duncan to handle Mid East booking

Mad props to longtime friend and FNX local music show host Dave Virr (Dave Duncan) on getting the local booking agent gig at the Middle East in Cambridge. One of the first people I met when I moved to Boston, Virr hosted the wonderful "British Accents" readio show at Emerson back in the day, and has since become a mainstay in the scene, both breaking bands on the airwaves and booking them in nightclubs. He's one of the original pill faces, too. (Pictured here, on the right with me at last month's Puma mp3 battle).

Here's official word from the MidEasy, one of the best rock venues in the country: Middle East is pleased to announce that David Virr has been chosen as the new Associate Booking Agent at The Middle East. The Associate Booking Agent will be responsible for booking Boston bands, as well as New England and New York bands here at the club. Kevin S. Hoskins will continue to book the national / touring bands for The Middle East Upstairs and Downstairs. David's email is

Congrats, Dave!

Greg Ginn at, uh, Charlie's Kitchen tonight

From my Hotline column in today's Boston Herald: It’s rare we get the chance to eat the best (or certainly best-priced) cheeseburger in town while watching a punk legend perform.

But that’s Cambridge’s treat to us this evening, when former Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn squeezes into a corner of Charlie’s Kitchen and rocks out with his band, the Taylor Texas Corrugators.

It’s a cruel, cruel world when former Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins gets his own television show and just won’t fade from the public eye, while Ginn - the band’s primary songwriter - headlines a bar best known for its cheap eats and trivia night.

Then again, playing Charlie’s on a Monday is pretty punk rawk.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Yeah, we'll see about this, but at the request of a friend:
the pill boston on twitter
Michael V on twitter

Friday, March 13, 2009

Saturday night dance battle

Two sick electro parties going down tomorrow night, and right now I'm hoping to Vanyafy both.

In Allston Dance City, our favorite weekly Saturday night electro party known as Circus welcomes Montreal's Nu Ravers On the Block, who deliver a sick "Switchblade" remix, but also brings in the Pittsburgh-bound B.Rich, who I dig hard and will miss like whoa once he's livining in the black and gold Steel Land of Malkin. Plus, look at THAT FUCKING TIGER!

But, downtown at Vinalia (of all fucking places), the Future Classic kids got NYC booty club asskicker Oxy Cottontail, who reps the indie electro harder than most and still gives love to early-2000s synth legends Soviet. Also on that bill are Rogue Waves and the infamous Texas Mike, so the sweat shall flow freely.

Dance options in Boston. I mean, it's not HARD 13 vs Control like in LA this weekend, but it's still dope. Believe in 2k9.

Taxpayer CD release tonight

If I wasn't locked into the Greatest Dance Party the East Coast Has Ever Seen this evening, I'd sure as fuck be at the Paradise R.C. for Taxpayer's CD release party for "Don't Steal My Night Vision." Also on the bill are pill vets the Bon Savants and upcoming guest Age Rings, which is really one sweet victory for local rock.

An even greater victory, this sophomore Taxpayer disc could be the best local release of the year, blending an old school Burma/Replacements end.of.dial vibe with modern day indie tenacity. "The Less We're Impressed," track 2, has been entrenched in my dome since hearing it more than a month ago, and lead single "We Have Arrived" is a rock n' roll racehorse. This shit absolutely kills. And if you're Dise-ing it up tonight (can't blame you), swing by GS for the nightcap party (will blame you if you don't).

IHEARTCOMIX needs a label manager

I would KILL to have this job, as IHEARTCOMIX's label is insane (Toxic Avenger, Designer Drugs, Heartsrevolution, my BFFs Protokoll) and I've written about it and the brilliance of Franki Chan shit tons before. I don't really have "label management" experience, per se, but know the label roster and my years of dance night promotion and band consulting could translate. I'd move to LA in a second to hit this up... Jesus H, just look at its SXSW gig below. From Franki:

You read the headline right. The time has come and in the face of a declining economy, IHEARTCOMIX is still growing strong! We recently signed a new distribution deal with RED/SONY and are now lining up our cards for a big 2009 and beyond.

IHEARTCOMIX is proud to announce that we are we are hiring a FULL TIME LABEL MANAGER. We're looking for someone who has serious professional experience that can take the reigns of the label. Here are a few requirements:

-Must live in Los Angeles, CA (but am open in residents of New York City)
-Must have prior label management/administrative experience
-Must be familiar with IHEARTCOMIX and our artists/scene(s)
-Must be a master of the old school ways of doing things, yet be able to embrace and initiate the ways of new.
-Forward and creative thinking a must.

Please pass this around and get in touch if you or someone you know fits these requirements and are interested. Serious inquires only.

I can be contacted at:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

New pill flyer for March-April

Shot by me with the careful aid of the Fashist Dictator deep within the Brichael House of Possums in Allston Dance City.

Live band links:
the Toothaches
Black Joe Lewis
Age Rings

xo the pill

Ride's Vapour Trail is victorious!

I won! Hells yeah, Ride's "Vapour Trail" beat out an old Lyres punk jam this morning on the FNX Sandbox My Song... battle, showing there are just enough of us suddenly-old UK indie/shoegaze bastards left. So I'm back on next Thursday to defend the title, playing a lost classic by these guys:

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lost Day / Radio Vanya III: Ride

Holy shit, I think I was drugged last night. Spent the day in bed dying, now I'm being cured by Make Me A Supermodel. Sup, Jordan. Uh, sup Jonathan.

Radio appearance alert: Back on 101.7 FNX Radio tomorrow at 8:30 a.m., this time not to slag U2 (the "boring person's Beatles," remember?), but to praise the holy living shit out of Ride's 1990 shoegaze classic, "Vapour Trail." Most people know my thoughts on this song.

FNX's morning show is doing its My Song is Better... segment, where I'll pit "Vapour Trail" again some other dude's selection, and listeners call in to decide which is better. Since "Vapour Trail" is the GREATEST FUCKING SONG EVER CREATED, how can I lose? I mean FFS, right?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Die Young live on Tufts radio -- NOW

Spice up yr Toooooo-sday workday with DJ Die Young, who is streaming live from Tufts University radio WMFO right now and up until 2pm. Hurry up, this is the part where it gets all Gen. Bonkers.

Privus One Year Anniversary

This is next week, but I'm already pretty excited, as the runway show is curated by my other half, Brigid the Fashist Dictator, along with Daniel Hernandez of DH Studios Inc. All legit and shit. Go for the sushi, stay for the badgermilk.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Don Rimini + Bodega + LeNimh = Tuesday Dopeness

There ain't fuckall going on tonight -- well, aside from I Love Money 2 and For the Love of Ray J -- so I'm already under the covers looking ahead to tomorrow. Got a pill flyer photo shoot then sushi double-date, then it's a dance-cap at THROWED. This is a motherfucker of a Tuesday, with crazy French ghettotechman Don Rimini (aural/visual below), Ruff Club NYC resident DJ Denny LeNimh (who killed shit at Circus a while back) and Jay K holding it down. Bodega Girls are even playing live early ons. Yeah, you know, Tuesday night and shit. Jesus H piss. Watch this video.

DON RIMINI - OHOW? from Alex Nebout on Vimeo.

Worst Song of the Year already wrapped up

...with a heavy consideration for Worst Song of the Decade. That's right, I'm talking Third Eye Blind's latest pop abortion, "Non Dairy Creamer." The dude who made this YouTube clip sums it up better than I could. Amazing shit right here.

2009 'BCN Rumble bands announced

Ironically, the list of contenders in the 31st annual BCN Rock N Roll Rumble were announced right after the finale of the Tool Academy last night. What is fairly noteworthy, however, is that after a two year absense the glorified Battle of the Bands moves back to the Middle East in Cambridge. Here are the bands, with dates below. No, I ain't hyperlinking all of them. Do a Google search.

Dead Cats Dead Rats
Apple Betty
Muy Cansado
Anarchy Club
The Fatal Flaw (sorry z)
The Motion Sick
The Mystery Tramps
Thick as Theives
Sarah Rabdau & The Self Employed Assassins
The Luxury
Trucker Mouth
The Lights Out
The Dirty Truckers
The Deal
The Have Nots
The New Alibis
Gene Dante and The Future Starlets
Eksi Ekso
Logan 5 and The Runners
The Minus Scale

Preliminaries - Sun, Mon, Tues – April 5, 6, 7; OFF Weds, April 9, the day of rest; Thurs, Fri, Sat, April 9, 10, 11

Semi-Finals - Thurs, Fri, April 16, 17

Finals - Fri, April 24 downstairs

Friday, March 6, 2009

Song of the Day: Monomen "Drum of Glass"

Props to Zack Info for the tip on Monomen, a Norwegian synthpop act not to be confused with a Washington State garage band of a similiar name. But here's their gem, "Drum of Glass," which sounds like the guy from Stellastarr* singing over an eatrly outtake of Michael Sembello's Flashdance hit, "Maniac." In other words, it's great shit.

Happy Friday

...and if you seen us last Friday we were down at the pill... Another all night dance party at Great Scott tonight, a nice break after the madness that was the Whitest Kids U Know early sketch-show and Giantess' live set last week. Sometimes we need roll old school Upstairs Lounge style. And if I wasn't engaged in Britpop & modern indie (and electro, shhhh) bliss tonight, I'd be jet-setting between Los Angeles and Cambridge. Happy Friday, yo.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Free Eats: UBurger today

One item truly jumps out from my Cheap Thrills column in today's paper: Free food from UBurger...

FREE EATS - Burgers and fries at the new U-Burger joint1022 Commonwealth Ave., Allston ; today from 5:30 to 8 p.m., FREE
One of the worst things about living in New England – aside from being less than a fortnight from St. Patrick’s Day and still being buried in snow – is that we’re 3,000 or so miles away from the closest In-N-Out fast food place. Luckily, we’re getting the next best thing: U-Burger. To celebrate the opening of the new U-Burger spot nestled perfectly between Allston Village and Boston University’s campus, the chain is doling out free burgers, fries and sodas this evening to hungry students and working citizens alike. But be warned: there are already more than 2,800 “guests” on the event's Facebook page, so this free burger time is coming with a heavy side order of BU mustard.
Info: 617-536-0448,

Yeah Yeah Yeahs' early 'Blitz'

From the Hotline blog: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have moved up the release of new disc “It’s Blitz,” perhaps in part to it circulating rather freely around the internet. Both the single “Zero” and second track dance floor stomper “Heads Will Roll” lighting up the blog world and getting heavy spins at local parties (ahem).

"It’s Blitz,” which should show up on more than a few Best of 2009 lists with its Blondie-flavored, heavy synth-looped new wave flair, will now drop digitally on March 10, with hard copies hitting stores on March 31.

While the new disc doesn’t seem to have any jaw-dropping moments like previous releases – see 2003’s Song of the Decade contender “Maps” or its country-boy baby cousin, “Turn Into” from 2006’s underrated sophomore disc “Show Your Bones” – it does hold up as one of the first strong album releases of the year.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

U2 in Davis Square Somerville?

According to my boy Jed Gottlieb at the Herald, U2's secret club show is going down at the Somerville Theatre. Not exactly an intimate club, but whatever.

ITP2: Make Me a Supermodel interview

Last week I chatted with Tyson Beckford and the new chick about tonight's season two premiere of Make Me a Supermodel. I'm super-psyched this shit is back, as there was much fun last year: from the Ben and Ronnie Bromance to a weird photo cameo by Adnon to that Italian kid's hair to Ben's awkward wife interaction to Holly saying weird shit to other stuff Ithought was awesome but forgot 12 minutes later. It was great television.

I thought it was pretty funny that Tyson told me he had "no idea" what Holly was up to lately, even though she won the show. But all the players seemed to have signed on to agencies -- eight signed to New York Model Management -- and the final five or so were fairly intriguing people who show up now and then on catwalks and editorial mag spreads. We'll see what season 2 has in store tonight, and as a teaser, Herald tv editor Mark Perigard has the preview.

In the Papers: Passion Pit and Prince

Today's sterling Hotline column talks briefly about the new Passion Pit album, as well as Prince's new marketing move:

Prince on Target
In a match made in Minnesota heaven, Prince is teaming with Target retail stores to release a new three-disc set for the bargain price of $11.98 on March 29.

Prince’s new troika of albums will arrive with names as ridiculous as his former symbol name: “LOtUSFLOW3R,” “MPLSoUND” and “Elixer.” The latter is actually an album by someone named Bria Valente, which consumers will get as part of the package, like it or not. Word is Valente is the latest Prince protege, following in the uncertain footsteps of Apollonia, Vanity 6 and his ex-wife Mayte.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More important shit -- Ray J's seed

I know, I know -- why am I wasting my precious space on U2 ("boring person's Beatles" was my FNX money shot this morning) when there is more important shit going on. Like Turkey Hair Shawn's motherfucking MELTDOWN on Tool Academy this weekend, the sheer suck-titude of Rock of Love Bus and now the news that Danger was impregnated by Ray J during the first week of taping America's new Best Television Show, For the Love of Ray J. Too much news!

Where will this secret U2 club show be?

So it looks like everyone will have to wait until March 9 to find out where that secret U2 club show will be held.

Even the shitload of radio stations giving away tickets today were kept in the dark about the selected venue for the March 11 gig, and Live Nation repeatedly refuted claims by the Globe that it will go down at the Paradise Rock Club.

Currently, the Wailers have a sold-out show booked that night at the Dise, and if moved, it will be the most notable Wailer relocation since the Hartford hockey team left for Carolina (Ok, that's a better joke spoken than read, fine).

One thing is certain: It’s already a busy night in Boston on March 11, with few venues open to accommodate U2 and their “No Line On The Horizon” publicity push.

So far, the concert calendar includes the Bacon Brothers at the Hard Rock CafĂ©, Eli “Paperboy” Reed & the True Loves at the Middle East, George Thorogood & the Destroyers at House of Blues, Hall & Oates at the Orpheum, Tricky at the Roxy and of course, the Wailers at the Paradise.

A Live Nation source told me (repping the day job) that neither the Wailers show at the Paradise nor the Thorogood show at the House of Blues will be moved or rescheduled. Not that they wouldn't lie about this sort of shit.

“Both bands are 100 percent playing their shows,” the source said.

One venue that has nothing scheduled is the Wilbur Theatre. When asked via email about a possible match between the Wilbur and U2, owner Bill Blummenreich simply responded “no comment.” Speculate as you see fit.

My guess? The Dise or Wilbur. But I'm holding out for PAs Lounge.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Radio Vanya, Part II with U2

I'm back on FNX radio 101.7 FM tomorrow morning around 8:35 a.m., discussing the meh-a-riffic new U2 album with the FNX Sandbox Morning Show crew. I took part in their Jukebox Jury segment back in November with the Killers new album, and this follows the same format: we'll be listening to three tracks from U2's "No Line On The Horizon" and talking ragtime between each. Hating on U2 on the radio in Boston? Get on yr boots, bitches!

Bon Savants live @ New Alliance

The Boston Phoenix and Plus 1 TV joined forces last week to present the Bon Savants live at New Alliance Studios. Yeah, I got the invite and never made it over there, so fuck me. But the Phoenix just posted live footage, downloadable mp3s and all sorts of other ill shit over at On the Download, so redemption is the order of the day! Here's a peek:

Passion Pit album news !!!

The kind folks at Tell All Your Friends make this snowy Monday bearable with some exciting album news on the upcoming Passion Pit debut. "Manners" drops stateside May 26 on Frenchkiss Records and May 18 in the UK through Columbia. "Sleepyhead" is the only EP holdover on the 11-track "Manners," and here's the track listing and cover art:

1. Make Light
2. Little Secrets
3. Moth's Wings
4. The Reeling
5. Eyes As Candles
6. Swimming in the Flood
7. Folds In Your Hands
8. To Kingdom Come
9. Sleepyhead
10. Let Your Love Grow Tall
11. Seaweed Song

Free E-Marce

Yesterday afternoon everyone got word that Throwed's DJ E-Marce got into a bit of trouble with Johnny Law over the secret party at Wheelers Ice Cream. Well, I swiped this image from On That Tip, because it's just So Freaken Awesome. Eric is now a free man, but still, Winona Ryder ain't got shit on our boy!