Friday, October 31, 2008

River Phoenix death 15 years ago today

I just got this weird chest pain in the newsroom, thought about dying on Halloween, and suddenly remembered that 15 years ago this morning River Phoenix OD'd outside the Viper Room in LA. Even more depressing is this anniversary comes a day after his younger choad-smoking brother Joaquin tells the world he's done with Hollywood. Go figure.

RIP River, you were an inspiration to us devastatingly attractive people worldwide. xo. is no joke

The best news this week hasn't gotten much attention, but apparently MTV archived its entire video collection, putting 16,000 videos online for free viewing, in addition to a few thousand other clips and concert footage. It's all at

From today's column: At last it’s possible to watch Toto’s “Africa” and Aphex Twin’s “Windowlicker” with the click of a mouse. Throw in Vanya favorites from Suede to Crystal Castles, and this shit is no joke.

It also should be noted that Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" has crashed both the Top Rated and Top Viewed lists, proving that Rick Rolling is alive and well and more relevant today than "Thriller," "Vogue" or "November Rain."

Last minute Halloween

It's Oct. 31, finally, and in today's Herald I discuss some last-minute ideas on having a fun night out. But more importantly, my Top 5 Costumes for 2008 was cut entirely, and I wonder why... But since it didn't run, I'll post it here:

Showing up as Sarah Palin is the Halloween equivalent to going to the prom and seeing everyone in the same dress. Here are five easy Halloween costume ideas that are sure to turn heads like Linda Blair in “The Exorcist.”
5. Pregnant Gloucester Teen – All you need is a pillow and some bad advice.
4. 8-year-old with an Uzi – No NRA membership card necessary.
3. Ashley Todd – Carve a backwards “B” and blame everyone at the party.
2. Joe the Plumber – More than it’s cracked up to be.
1. Suicidal Wall Street banker – How far has your stock fallen?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Anthrax scare at the Herald

We were evacuated for 90 minutes, and instead of getting on the buses "to keep us warm," we went drinking at Foley's. Aight.



So tomorrow night is my last big-ish event of 2008, as November and December finds me cruising toward Dirty 30 at warped speed. It's been a fun year, but I need a break and this seems deserving as a final sending for the Oh-8.

Set times run something like this: Elastica 10pm, the Kinks 10:45pm, the Strokes 11:30pm. Best Costume wins free admission +1 to the pill for a year, and runner-up gets that prize until New Year's.

I want to dress up as Angelique from Rock of Love 2, but I have no idea how I'll pull this off. I might just go as a Tranny anyway... See you on the floor. "Ahhh'luuuuvee ehht."

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Duff-peche Mode. Nay.

So Hilary Duff has "reworked" Depeche Mode's classic "Personal Jesus," and even altered the lyrics so instead of singing "touch faith" she squeals "touch me." Motherfuck of a musical abortion, right here. I miss the good old days when only half-assed industria-fagatrons like Orgy fucked around with dark 80's synthpop. Ugh City, Pop. Me.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More <3 from That Tip

Nightlife blog That Tip shows some love once again, this time from Sunday night's close-out set at Middlesex. Knight of 77 with the recap in "Michael V banged me":

"Boston electro Djs duck for cover. Micheal V is coming and he is not leaving survivors, organ donors, or widows for that matter."

Very rarely do I like to use the term " banger" in fact the term is an affront to my every sense, including smell.
However, Micheal V's collection of indie rock remixes including a fist pumping, ass fucking ,jaw dropping remix of MGMT's "Kids", had literally everyone left at middlesex dancing like there probably wasn't going to be a tommorow. My stance was this, as long as Micheal keeps this shit up, im looking forward to tommorow as long as he's djing.

So , to sum everything up: Welcome back Micheal V, and Congrats to Barnicle

The Dr. is in... the mail

So Dr. Pepper promised everyone in America a free Dr. Pepper if Guns N' Roses' shitshow of a new album, "Chinese Democracy," was released in 2008. That we know. But here's word that to get that free Dr. Pepper, you gotta register online for a coupon to arrive in the mail. What in the name of a sober Steven Adler is that shit?

Great publicity stunt, shitty execution.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Mad props

As I wipe the crust out me'eye after a killer night making electro love to the Middlesex Lounge sound system, I'm going to let someone else sing my praises (as opposed to me, as usual). From the amazingly awesome local fashion and nitelife blog That Tip:

Oct. 20: This week in particular, I found the Pill to display a larger diversity within its patrons, no longer are we besieged by the harem of black haired ex karen o's, but greeted by a youful swagger of contemporary and old school indie music lovers alike. Which leads us to our next point, that although carving out a niche as Boston's premier true "indie " nights, I'm really into DJ Michael V's willingness to explore some of the more electronic based sounds coming out of the indie underground these days.

Word to that.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Holy shit this rules: Army Navy

I needed to find a cool show to hype in Monday's Herald, and saw Dave Virr/Duncan is throwing a British Accents gig at the Mid-Easy that night. I checked out the headliner and -- holy shit, this is all kinds of amazing, and I HATE HATE HATE guitar-based indie in the ol' 2k8.

Army Navy

From the MySpace, it says they're from Los Angeles/Seattle/Portland, but jesus fuck this is right outta circa '90ish Manchester. All sorts of great shit in here, from baggy influences to my beloved Ride. There's even some early Sunny Day Real Estate vibes thrown in for good measure.

Check out "Saints" and the cover of Maxine Nightengale's lost classiq "Get Right Back" (a song impossible to screw up) then join me in Central Square on Monday. I am loving the holy motherfucking shit out of this. Wow, what a pleasant Friday afternoon surprise.

DJ set @ Middlesex / Barnicle CD release

As we all know, the lovely and talented Miss Lindsey Starr has joined Barnicle, and they are celebrating their CD release party this Sunday at the Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge. They asked me to spin the robo-disko jams, and I was happy to oblige. DJing at Middlesex should be shhhhweeeeeeeet! Doors at 9, $5 cover...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bosstones' Throwdown goes paper-less

So the Mighty Mighty Bosstones are doing their "Hometown Throwdown" thing in December, but check it -- no tickets will be issuesd. It'll be all will call, in an effort to stop scalpers and online resellers from jacking up the price. Last year, tickets went as high as $1,000. Fucking madness.

From my award-winning news report: “The band wanted to make every effort to discourage the insanity that went down last year and keep the tickets out of the hands of scalpers and ticket services,” said Bosstones manager Darren Hill. “It’s the only way to guarantee that all of the tickets will be sold to actual fans, and at face value.”

I couldn't get all opinionated in the Herald today, but honestly I think this is the future of concerts. The Internet has taken the scalper off the street corner and into living rooms, and the Aces and StubHubs are making killings of ticket reselling. The Middle East will open doors earlier than usual to accomodate the Will Call crush, so I think this should be a smooth operation and ensure true fans can hit this up without selling their limited "Someday I Suppose" green-plaid 7-inch.

Also in today's paper: Another sterling Style Calendar, where I assure folks they can put lipstick on a pit bull. But only at Macy's.

Hockey game delayed by "dildo downpour"

All the news that's fit to strap-on. Only in Sweden...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Booze coming to the Wilbur! No way!

We are truly blessed, as the Wilbur Theatre won't be the Arlington of Boston music venues for long! That's right, a liquor license is on the way! The delay was caused by a joint-license tying the Wilbur in with Aria Nightclub -- so if some thug pulls a gun at Aria (like, again), that could bring the Tremont Street concert venue down with it. Go Boston!

Oct. 31

Halloween is less than a fortnight away, and I don't have any costume plans. Bring back Eddie Izzard? Zombie whatever? Sexy whatever? Maybe I should be Brett Anderson since Justine Frischmann is performing... Perhaps DJ Ken as Damon ALbarn, and we can battle it out off-stage?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Best commercial ever <3

I am a hateful, bitter and spiteful person, and yet this commercial brings me to tears. Who knew all it took to break me down was two wayward sock puppets and a great Old 97s lyric?

Friday, October 17, 2008

Tonight: the Dossier at the pill

Back in the day, it was Saintface. Today, it's the Dossier, a sharp lil NYC synthpop duo that has risen from the Smithian ashes of Le Visage de Saint. It has a Erasure-like vibe to it, but with a modernized synthetic sound and, of course, the usually brilliant lyrical play by vocalist Peter Riley.

How we love Mr. Peter Riley... Doors at 10, $5, all that jazz.


And I implore each and everyone to hit up Privus Lounge tomorrow night as I guest DJ at killer electro par-tay Circus. This is, like, a big deal.

Want a Cupcake t-shirt? Get in line

So Johnny Cupcakes is releasing four new Halloween-themed t-shirts tonight at his Newbury Street shop.

If you're finding out about this now, you're shit outta luck, as kids started waiting in line Tuesday at 5am. Yes, Tuesday at 5am, for a $75 t-shirt. Craziness. But Johnny "Cupcakes" Earle is one chill dude, and to think he's pulling in $3.75 million in sales this year after starting the company in 2001 out of his '89 Camry gives hope to everyone. He also now has a Melrose Blvd store in Los Angeles to match his two Boston-area shops.

Recently named Number 1 Young Entrepreneur in America by Business Week, Earle proves that one idea is all is takes, whether it be an Internet search engine or putting a cupcake atop a skull and crossbones and slapping it on a shirt.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

NYTimes: dudes <3 cats

So the NYTimes goes "all the news that's fit to purr" today and tells the world it's OK for a bloke to love his kitty. Naturally, Slate is all over it.

Why wasn't I consulted for this? Or was Lola contacted for a comment and never told me? She's been kinda bitchy lately (and very mouthy) but we think it has to do with the suddenly neon pink bedroom walls and my refusal to let her play with her new friend, Mr Q-Tip.


In a story on arts- and satire-tingled political websites about the candidates, how does the line "Barack and roll all night, and choose a party every day" get edited out of a blurb about musicians supporting Obama?

That shit was GOLD.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

DJ set @ Circus :::: This Saturday!!!!

Holy shit. So this Saturday at Privus Lounge I'm guest spinning at CIRCUS, Boston's best weekly electro dance party. This was/is my Saturday night hang all summer/every week, so I'm psyched as shit to drop some mechanical beats on the Allston masses. Viva la Robo-disko

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Charm School

"Her hair looks like my period."

This is the Greatest Show on Television. I'm so cracked out from painting my apt yesterday then killin it to MSTRKRFT at Estate, so more to come on this... but I will say this could be even more entertaining than I Love Money. Come on, watching LACEY try to rip off RAVEN's wig?!?!?!! WTF. And that drunk girl sent to rehab! This is priceless tv.

And there has never ever been a character who has redeemed herself more than Megan. Bitch is IN CONTROL OF LIFE.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Re-mien-dah: free show 2mrw

Betwen the pill tonight, the dance party tomorrow, Sox-Rays ALCS, the start of the Devils season and MSTRKRFT Monday night at Estate, this has the makings of an EPIC weekend...

So, as a reminder for manana: Run Run Run, the Lie Society and Moi as your electro-robo-disco DJ, all for FREE at O'Brien's Pub in Allston. Be there...

Letters to Cleo have bills to pay

"Here and Now, here and now, and the comfort of a knowledge of a blah blah ya ya sky, and acquisition gygh frfv fcy7hujvcy h..."

Oh shit, Letters to Cleo have reformed, says my column today. Tickets to the two Paradise shows on sale tomorrow at noon, which coincides with the weekly weekend broadcast of "10 Things I Hate About You" on TNT/TBS/VH1/BRAVO/FOX/Spice/Every channel ever...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Keep weapons away from Clint Malarchuk

So former NHL goalie Clint Malarchuk accidentally shot himself in the grillpiece. Aside from the obvious hilarity, it also allows us to revisit the most grusome injury ever to happen in a professional sporting event (after the jump!):

"OCT. 9, 2008 -- An ex-National Hockey League goalie — best known for surviving a skate slice across his jugular during a game — accidentally shot himself in the chin Tuesday with a .22-caliber rifle at his Fish Springs residence.

Clint Malarchuk, 47, was taken to Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno by helicopter for treatment.Douglas County sheriff’s deputies were investigating the incident Wednesday to determine if the shooting was accidental.

According to reports, officers were dispatched to the Malarchuk’s home at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday after his wife reported her husband accidentally shot himself."

And a recap of the throat slash:
On March 22, 1989, one of the most gruesome looking sports injuries ever to happen occured. In an NHL game between the St. Louis Blues and Buffalo Sabres, two playerscolled at the front of the net, and one player's skate catches Sabres goalie Clint Malarchuk on the neck, slicing open his jugular vein.

Blood started pouring from his neck onto the ice--yet amazingly, Malarchuk left the ice under his own power with the assistance of the team's trainer. Seven people in the stands fainted, two had heart attacks, and some of his own teammates threw up on the ice.

Brodeur gets a new goalie mask

I always wondered what the Prince logo would look like while tripping balls on acid. Well, thanks to Martin Brodeur, I now know.

The New Jersey Devils' future HOF-er has a new goalie mask, and naturally, people aren't at all digging it because it ties in with his soon-to-be-launched website,

Come on Marty, why? You have given me much joy over the years, and nothing can undo the three Stanley Cups of which you were the Devils backbone, but to alter your iconic goalie mask after 15 years to pimp out your website is simply upsetting.

There was always something unique about the simple J with the Devils’ tail. For the non-fan, the tail stuck around 1993, when Brodeur didn’t know if he was going back to the Devils minor league affiliate in Utica or sticking with the big club in scenic East Rutherford. (If he went to Utica, he’d add the vertical left-side bar to make it a “U,” and if he stayed up he’d complete the interlocking NJ logo).

But the J stuck, and in a time of chaotically busy, overdone masks (Sup, Rick DiPietro), Brodeur’s stood out for its simplicity and winning pedigree.

But now here he is, pimping his website by throwing its logo on his forehead, and this after getting school-whipped by the Rags last spring. It doesn’t look good. I’m praying there’s no Tom Brady-injury jinx on the horizon, or if this marks the decline of the great Brodeur.

It’s also unsettling that he’s on pace to break the goaltender records for Wins and Shutouts this season, and this will forever be linked to these games (he's 14 wins away). But hey, that much more exposure means that many more hits, right? During the Cup runs from 1995-2003, the only hits this team was concerned with were the ones Scott Stevens leveled against opponents. In addition to the four Vezina trophies, that mask carried him through 536 wins and 96 shutouts.

Yes, the man has earned the right to do what he wants. But on a team where GM Lou Lamoriello doesn’t allow uniform numbers over 35 because its screams individualism, this new media marketing scheme just reeks of stale swampland.

In Marty We Trust, but not when he’s shilling product. Lou, step in, please.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A connection is made.

The best part about our Halloween shows is seeing what each band comes up with. The Cignal as Happy Mondays was a wash of Ecstacy and baloons, Daily Pravda's Bowie last year made sweet love to Mars-spider authenticity and Protokoll's Bauhaus was a haze of white smoke and goth darkness. The list goes on and on...

So I'm psyched to see this year's Britpop wheels are already turning, and score one for the Sun Lee Sunbeam for the best flyer (I hadn't made) since The Information's "He Becomes Him" ode to the Cure in 2003.

Tickets are on sale now.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Free dance party this Caturday

Just a reminder for the 3.7 people who read this thing; Saturday is the night!
Oct. 11 at O'Briens in Allston
Fluevog presents...
Run Run Run (Los Angeles indie super heroes)
The Lie Society (Handsome local rock starz)
DJ Michael V (the Great Electro Swindle)

I need to update more than my status

From the Department of the Obvious comes my "like, totally relevant" article in today's Boston Herald that proclaims people are using Facebook status updates to communicate. No, they are! Come back... !!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Hoopz loves Money, blah blah Real Housewives

First Hoopz wins a crazy as fuck final episode of I Love Money (which set a TV rating for most times "dawg" and "homeboy" were uttered in a 90 minute segment) and last night both Suzanne and Mic won I Want To Work For Diddy, which rules because Kim sucked.

I've lost track of Vivica A. Fox's Glam God, suddenly don't give a fizz titty tuck about Project Runway and never got into Top Design.

And even Tabatha's Salon Takeover is concluding this week, but that's just as well since shit was starting to get redundant. (What isn't redundant? "She's making a mockery of Images!" That will last FOREVER, alongside "You Threw a Whack Party" and "You Look Like a Bunch of Fucking Hillbillies!" in the great pantheon of Vanyalingo.)

So anyway, what's a boy to do without any good crap television? Jump aboard the soul-sista gold-digga party bus that's Real Housewives of Atlanta. Shit premieres tonight, and clearly is more important than any presidential debate.

I have issues.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Justine doesn't need me

Figures. A day after I whip up the Halloween flyer (below) comes visual proof of the wedded bliss of Elastica's Justine Frischmann. Apparently, she married her professor at some Colorado college, and lookie, even MIA was a bride's maid.

I spent many a years obsessing over this woman, and our gentle tap-kiss above Karma Club on Lansdowne Street in October 2000 remains one of my life's highlights. Sigh. Well, at least now I have one thing in common with Brett Anderson and Damon Albarn...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

the pill halloween flyer

C. 2008 Michael V

Oasis hates Boston

So Oasis added 11 more tour dates, with Ryan Freaking Adams, but nothing in Boston. Was that 1994 gig at the Local 186 (now Wonderbar) so terrible?!?!!?

Oh wait, all our venues are shit. That must be the reason. But I'm thinking a show at Agganis Arena at BU would be perfect for them...


wantwantwantwantwantwant, so hard Idon't even care it's a part of Marc Ecko's new collection. I wanna climb out da saarlaac pit too!!!

New Rock of Love -- it's killer, brah

Yeah, I'm an asshole for making fun of this, and it's really sad news that two innocent 19-year-olds were killed, but really, when you think of RoL fatalities, tell me you don't think of Inna the Ukrainian Love Tank rolling over Brandi C.'s droopy tit like in that Tiananmen Square photo.