Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More <3 from That Tip

Nightlife blog That Tip shows some love once again, this time from Sunday night's close-out set at Middlesex. Knight of 77 with the recap in "Michael V banged me":

"Boston electro Djs duck for cover. Micheal V is coming and he is not leaving survivors, organ donors, or widows for that matter."

Very rarely do I like to use the term " banger" in fact the term is an affront to my every sense, including smell.
However, Micheal V's collection of indie rock remixes including a fist pumping, ass fucking ,jaw dropping remix of MGMT's "Kids", had literally everyone left at middlesex dancing like there probably wasn't going to be a tommorow. My stance was this, as long as Micheal keeps this shit up, im looking forward to tommorow as long as he's djing.

So , to sum everything up: Welcome back Micheal V, and Congrats to Barnicle

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