Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bosstones' Throwdown goes paper-less

So the Mighty Mighty Bosstones are doing their "Hometown Throwdown" thing in December, but check it -- no tickets will be issuesd. It'll be all will call, in an effort to stop scalpers and online resellers from jacking up the price. Last year, tickets went as high as $1,000. Fucking madness.

From my award-winning news report: “The band wanted to make every effort to discourage the insanity that went down last year and keep the tickets out of the hands of scalpers and ticket services,” said Bosstones manager Darren Hill. “It’s the only way to guarantee that all of the tickets will be sold to actual fans, and at face value.”

I couldn't get all opinionated in the Herald today, but honestly I think this is the future of concerts. The Internet has taken the scalper off the street corner and into living rooms, and the Aces and StubHubs are making killings of ticket reselling. The Middle East will open doors earlier than usual to accomodate the Will Call crush, so I think this should be a smooth operation and ensure true fans can hit this up without selling their limited "Someday I Suppose" green-plaid 7-inch.

Also in today's paper: Another sterling Style Calendar, where I assure folks they can put lipstick on a pit bull. But only at Macy's.

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