Monday, October 27, 2008

Mad props

As I wipe the crust out me'eye after a killer night making electro love to the Middlesex Lounge sound system, I'm going to let someone else sing my praises (as opposed to me, as usual). From the amazingly awesome local fashion and nitelife blog That Tip:

Oct. 20: This week in particular, I found the Pill to display a larger diversity within its patrons, no longer are we besieged by the harem of black haired ex karen o's, but greeted by a youful swagger of contemporary and old school indie music lovers alike. Which leads us to our next point, that although carving out a niche as Boston's premier true "indie " nights, I'm really into DJ Michael V's willingness to explore some of the more electronic based sounds coming out of the indie underground these days.

Word to that.

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