Thursday, December 31, 2009

:::: Michael V's Top 40 Songs of the Decade ::::

And to close things out, here it is. No snarky commentary*, no hyperbole, no YouTube clips. Just a list of my Top 40 songs of the 2000s, a decade spent mostly in Boston (all but eight displaced months) and a time where I grew into the repressed-but-remarkably dressed person I am today. This is the shit. (*Might add commentary over the weekend, but it's NYE and I have shit to do...)

Top 40 songs of the 2000s,
by Vanyaland's Michael V

1. Kelly Clarkson “Since U Been Gone”

2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Maps”

3. BM Linx “Understanding Orange”

4. The Walkmen “The Rat”

5. VNV Nation “Beloved”

6. The Stills “Still In Love Song”

7. The Killers “Somebody Told Me”

8. The Strokes “The Modern Age”

9. Passion Pit “I’ve Got Your Number”

10. Pela “Lost To The Lonesome”

11. The Knife “Heartbeats”

12. The Rapture “House Of Jealous Lovers”

13. Miley Cyrus “See You Again”

14. Soviet “Candy Girl”

15. The Information “A Simple Plan”

16. Cascada “Everytime We Touch”

17. Franz Ferdinand “Michael”

18. Lady Gaga “Poker Face”

19. The Killers “Smile Like You Mean It”

20. Bloc Party “Banquet”

21. JJ72 “October Swimmer”

22. Adult “Hand To Phone”

23. Protokoll “Moving Forward”

24. Silversun Pickups “Common Reactor”

25. Fischerspooner “Emerge”

26. The Killers “Mr. Brightside”

27. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club “Love Burns”

28. VNV Nation “Standing”

29. Rihanna “SOS (Rescue Me)”

30. My Chemical Romance “Helena”

31. Sigur Ros “Olsen Olsen”

32. Hercules & Love Affair “Blind”

33. The Libertines “Can’t Stand Me Now”

34. Justin Timberlake “Sexyback”

35. Interpol “PDA”

36. Lady Gaga “Bad Romance”

37. Morrissey “Irish Blood English Heart”

38. The Kaiser Chiefs “I Predict A Riot”

39. Doves “The Man Who Told Everything”

40. Pela “Tenement Teeth”


ITP: Last flyer roundup of 2k9

Just posted my final Weekend Nightlife flyer roundup of the year in Hotline, and it lists 20 events going on tonight and a handful of others to round out the weekend. Since the NYE shit I would highlight here has likely already been posted, I'll list four flyers I dig hyping Friday and Sunday. Of course, you'll be at the pill tomorrow night for our FREE "A New Decade" modern indie dance party at Great Scott.

Cheaps: FREE cabs, parties, Frisbys & MFAs

On a night that's expensive as it is disappointing, here's a New Year's Eve-based edition of Cheap Thrills, giving shout outs to free Cambridge cabs, two free alt-nightlife parties, a kid named Heath Frisby and not needing no ducket to hit the Museum of Fine art.

Cambridge safe Ride New Year’s Eve taxi program

Tonight from 10 p.m. until tomorrow at 5 a.m., $35 vouchers available at Cambridge restaurants and bars.
The city of Cambridge deserves a gold star for offering free cab rides home to New Year’s Eve partygoers, and let this Cheap Thrill be a potential life-saver. Don’t take a chance behind the wheel after a debauched night out - grab a $35 voucher from the restaurant or bar and let the cab drivers get you home safe. Besides, Cambridge is where it’s at tonight, anyway. Among the cool parties going down include Porterhouse 2010 with DJ Steve Porter at Flat Top Johnny’s in Kendall Square, Heroes new-wave dance party with DJ Chris Ewen at T.T. the Bear’s Place in Central Square, Indobox (upstairs) and Bim Skala Bim (downstairs) live performances at the Middle East in Central Square, and acclaimed DJ duo Soul Clap at the Middlesex Lounge near Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Ride on, Cambridge.
Info: 627-876-2000,

Free New Year’s Parties: Red Carpet at the Alchemist Lounge and Rescue Nite at the Model Cafe

Tonight at 10 p.m.; 435 South Huntington Ave. in Jamaica Plain and 7 North Beacon St. in Allston, respectively; FREE
New Year’s Eve is awfully expensive. So while some places are charging up to $100 for the privilege of patronizing their establishment this evening, it’s good to see some joints keep it real. The Alchemist in Jamaica Plain holds to its promise of never having a cover, but also enlists some of Boston’s finest DJs to spin the electronic dance party. Robot Revolution’s Damien Paul, Coralcola’s Mikey Lee and a pair of Bittriches, John vs. Nick, levy the glossy beats in a Hollywood-inspired red-carpet bash. Over in Allston Rock City, the owners of the Rescue clothing boutique rep their bi-weekly Rescue Nite punk-and-Morrissey party at the Model with all sorts of new wave and dirty rock countdowns. It’s a celebration on the cheap, but still well worth the investment.
Info:, 617-477-5741;, 617-254-9365

Red Bull Sled Style at City Hall

1 City Hall Plaza, Boston, today at 2 p.m.; all-ages, FREE
If someone asked you if you’d like to spend New Year’s Eve with a guy named Heath Frisby, chances are you’d fire up a few fist pumps, say heck yes and start lining up shots of Patron. Well, a guy named Heath Frisby swings by the Hub today, and not just to party when the ball drops. Idaho-based Frisby - his name is Heath Frisby! - is one of the leaders of competitive snowcross and the booming snowmobile freestyle movement, and he and bunch of Red Bull-fueled extreme-sport bandits will put on a high-flying spectacle show for free this afternoon at City Hall. More than 13 truckloads of snow have been hauled in to shape the course and, really, the only thing cooler than seeing a snowmobile soar through some serious air is the name Heath Frisby. Best name ever.

Free admission to the Museum of Fine Arts

Today from 10 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., 465 Huntington Ave., Boston, all-ages, FREE
Before the heavy drinking begins promptly at dusk, fill your brain with some culture at the MFA, which, like the free parties above, is waiving its admission charge and letting folks get their art on before acting like deranged monkeys at whatever party they end up at around midnight. It’s kind of like filling up the gas tank before a cross-country road trip.
Info:, 617-267-9300

Nee Year's Eve. Fucking A.

Ahhh New Year's Eve, from watching my then-girlfriend Kathleen cheat on me with some blond yup named Josh at a high school party around 1995 to fending off fierce masses and wishing my more recent then-girlfriend was dead while DJing at the CommonGround last year, it's always an event to cherish.

Tonight I'll be spinning at the Distillery in Southie, a needed respite from cunty clubland and faux-poh nightlife promises. But if I were out and about in $25-coverland, I'd be with Steve Porter, Repeat Offenders and the crew bound to kill it at Flat Top Johnny's. This massive Confetti Cannon is a sight to behold. Drink what you wanna drink, playa you hood rich. xoMv.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Foxglove Hunt :: A live "Highrise"

Was bouncing within the Inflatable Castle that is Youtube and found this clip of the Foxglove Hunt playing "A Life Highrise" at a club in Ohio in 2007. Interesting to hear it live after weeks upon weeks of spinning it at the pill. It's strange, I think these guys are based in Arizona, so I wonder if they even realize this has been one of the biggest pill anthems in its 12-year history, causing a packed dance floor to ball out at the first moment of hearing it every single Friday. Still not sick of it.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Yo! Where da party at?!?! Mystery Roar @ Lo-Fi

Tomorrow, at least, shit is right here. This jam is way too hot for the sleepy week between Christmas and New Year's... Hopefully I can get over to this after the Winter Classic Ice Party at the Hotel Commonwealth.

Monday, December 28, 2009

VIDEO: Andre Obin "Cinnamon"

Just as I was about to give up on December 28, 2009, this shit comes along just before midnight and jolts me like a line of Adderoll. No commentary except to say it was directed by Matthew Szcechenyi, features the lovely Liv Hauck and shot (live scenes) at Digital Love earlier this year (of which I DJ, albeit very poorly). More Obin fascination. Enjoy. Kid is good.

TONIGHT: Archelon & Girlfriends @ Mid East

Here's one of the rare shows going on this evening around town, and while the only band I'm familiar with here is the momentum-building garage rock trio Girlfriends (I want their cassette tape release), this flier is all sorts of eye-popping. I'm pretty sure it was done by a fellow in Archelon, because all of their flyers are A Fucking Plus Awesome. I kinda expect to see half the kids in Allston walking around with Archelon flyer design tattoos by 2013...

NYE2010: Let's Go Back in Time at Harper's

A new decade is fast approaching, but we're still ass-deep in '80s nostalgia and throwback tributes. While most NYE parties are rolling out the superstar DJs local and beyond, the kids in Waltham are celebrating another reunion (maybe? I feel like I've seen this before) by turning New Year's Eve into Halloween.

Not a bad idea, really. But it's not a throwback to October, it's a throwback to the days of "Back To The Future," and maybe moreso than the promised live tributes to Pat Benetar and the Ramones, I'm intrigued by turning the Pool Room at Harper's into an "Enchantment Under The Sea" prom setting straight out of the 1985 Michael J Fox flick.

Will the crowd act like the family photograph and disappear over the course of the evening? Will a member of the esteemed Harper's security team play the roll of Biff? Can I make out with Lea Thompson? I guess we'll find out when the ball drops on Brighton Avenue.

Vanyaland's New Year's Eve index:
- Waltham's Back In Time @ Harper's Ferry
- Rezolution @ Privus/Kells
- Porterhouse @ Flat Top Johnny's
- Cash 4 Gold @ the Milky Way
- Thunderdome @ Vila Victoria
- Bodega Girls/Ninjasonik @ Good Life

Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy birthday to me

From an all-night bender of roulette and booze at Foxwoods on Xmas Eve to partying at the pill tonight, this may become my greatest birthday ever. I really don't want it to end... What a fantabulous past 24 hours.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Foxwoods & the pill for my XmasBirthday

Heading down to Foxwoods in a little bit with the lady and some good peoples, intent on gambling my life away at the MGM Grand roulette wheel just as the clock strikes midnight on my birthday (you people call it Christmas). Ever play Roulette? Always bet on black.

Upon hungover return tomw I plan on hanging with Lola & Kay, eating mad Chinese food, watching Ghost World and Killing Zoe and then heading to Great Scott for the pill's I Was Born On Christmas Day holiday dance party. Finally, a birthday party ON my birthday.

And hey, because it's the season of GIVING, here's some other cool shit I have coming up... Happy birthday to me, love you all. Thanks for reading my daily ragtime. xoxox

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Julian Casablancas does 'Christmas' on Fallon

Repost from Hotline: Aaaaaaand this rules, too. Julian Casablancas dropped by "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" last night and passed on promoting "11th Dimension" or any other single off his Phrazes of the Young album in favor of some good ol' fashioned holiday cheer. With the Roots backing him up and getting a running start -- and rousing finish -- from Fallon and Horatio Sanz, the Strokes' frontman-gone-solo covered "Saturday Night Live's" bouncy yule-tide pop number "I Wish It Was Christmas Today."

The Casablancas rendition first made the rounds last month, and appears as a bonus track off his solo album's deluxe release. SO FESTIVE, YULE LUV IT!!!

Pre-Christmas hair metal mayhem? OK.

Gonna swing by the TT's Holiday Party and then quite possibly the Penguin Club over at Zuzu, but I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Spendex's holiday party tonight at the Model in Allston because, well... look at this fucking flyer!!!!!! Makes me wanna put a lil' Santa cap on Sebastian Bach and drink Bailey's with Marq Torien while giving the horns to Tom Keifer.

Nice work, Lo-Wreck. Best holiday flyer of the season!

Dope new jam: Roguewaves' "Ruins"

Really digging the new track from Allston electro duo Roguewaves -- it's called "Ruins," it's apparently the first taste of a new EP, and it has a catchy-as-the-clap female vocal harmony that broke into my head and refused to leave upon first listen. Damn, this is pretty tight, and is certain to immediately crash the club scene (fuck I'm playing it Friday). Quick shout out to Isom Innis from Southern Belle for the ace mastering and production work...

Roguewaves have been known to go hard on the banger tip since their intro to the Boston/Allston dance circuit a few years ago, but this is a really well-paced stutter-step sparkle-eyed synth tune that suggests Justincredible and Zak Broman have eased up on the electro-assault face rape and found a true rhythm to elevate their game. The beat is still heavy enough to suggest they are not abandoning their identity, but this is the sound of sonic evolution. Love it.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

12.22.09: Get Throwed for the holidaze

I'll likely be locked down at the CG party tonight in Allstoned missing my Tennessee-bound ladyfriend, but Throwed gets into the ho-ho-holiday spirit tonight at the Mid Easy with residents Jay K and E-Marce. Had a blast at this last week catching Bearstronaut and part of Southern Belle before getting Trullie'd next door, and I'm surprised how organizers have made the Upstairs room a legit dance spot each Tuesday...

ITP: Freelance Whales @ Fenway Sessions '10

Repost from today's Hotline blog post about some upcoming Fenway Sessions: Fenway Recordings brought the new and tested indie rock to Great Scott in droves in 2009, from Temper Trap to Echo & the Bunnymen to Girls. Now, Fenway owner Mark Kates & crew kick off the New Year with a fresh slate of shows led by Brooklyn’s Freelance Whales on Jan. 19. Also on the bill is Boston rock beacon Faces on Film and Miami's Animal Tropical.

Freelance Whales, one of Stereogum’s “Bands to Watch,” brought their critically-acclaimed folksy dream-pop hug to T.T.’s in Cambridge last week at a sold-out gig with the UK’s Fanfarlo. People are watching, people are curious, people love glockenspiels (it's so true).

Looking past the Whale, Future Fenway sessions in early 2010 include Wild Beasts and Still Life Still (Feb. 24) and Justin Townes Earle and Joe Pug (March 5).

All Fenway shows are at Great Scott in Allston Rock City. Here’s some presser deets and background on the Freelance Whales gig...

Jan. 19: Freelance Whales, Faces on Film and Animal Tropical
Freelance Whales, from Williamsburg, made a huge impression in their first Boston appearance on Sessions 90 supporting The Temper Trap in late October… The band is currently touring in support of its self-released LP, “Weathervanes.” Freelance Whales has earned praise for its rich, layered vocals and unique instrumentation from NME, RCRDLBL and NPR among others. The five-member group uses such varied instruments as glockenspiels, banjos, and harmoniums to produce songs with big group vocals and dynamic rhythms, and is as likely to be spotted playing its fusion orchestra on a New York City street corner or subway stop as in a proper club.

Advance tickets for all Fenway shows are available through Ticketweb or the Great Scott bar box office.

And hey, that press bio wasn’t kidding about the subway-stop performances… Hotline figures these YouTube clips will give you a pretty clear idea whether or not you want to check these cats out (VANYALAND EDIT: We only need to see one of these...)

Monday, December 21, 2009

BM Linx on E! News

Haha, I was fishing around some BM Linx YouTube clips and found this from earlier in the year. Oh yeah, Ryan Seacrest introducing the "Kids on Fire" video. So good!

ITP: Details of 'Together' festival emerge

In Hotline I re-posted some of the first details of "Together: the New England Electronic Music Festival" co-organized by the Weekly Dig's David Day and Mike McKay along with a host of others. It goes down Feb. 8 to 14 throughout Boston and looks like a blast. Check it out...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Storm of the Century: JJ72

In honor of tonight's pending BLIZZARD, I present a classic UK track from the most underrated band of the decade, JJ72. Will spend the evening crunked on Bailey's with my ace gal Kayley, splashing through the window-licked snow watching Bad Santa and designing the new Winter'pop flyer... Saturday nights are for lovers in the Pink Room @ the LTD.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Suede live in concert in Provincetown

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa not THAT Suede, no, it's the folk bitch who forced the greatest rock band in the world to add "The London" to its moniker back in the '90s. There's already been talk of driving down to the Cape and pelting this Robert Plant-lookin' tranny with sealed copies of "Dog Man Star." Jesus H Piss, this is too funny. I almost spit out my Earl Grey when this arrived in the ol' inbox.

LOOK AT THIS SHIT!!! Hahahahahahahahahah, "she rocker, you're wasting your time!" Ohh, one night only -- and thank heavens!

Skating on the Winter Classic ice at Fenway Park

Had the HONOR of skating on the ice at Fenway Park this morning, alongside Bruins greats Bobby Orr, Ray Bourque, Cam Neely and others. (Stop: read that sentence again!) An incredible time all around, despite the Arctic freeze and my car's dead battery. Here are some photos I took, all images are property of Vanyaland's Michael Marotta and cannot be reposted without permission. Yes, the first one is of me and Bobby Orr. Frealz.

Hotline: 'Runaways' bio-pic trailer released

From my Hotline blog: Yesterday saw the release of the first trailer for the new "Runaways" bio-pic, about the '70s all-girl teenage rock band, and it certainly looks promising.

We'll need to be sold on "Twilight's" Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett (although she's got the look), but we're all about a suddenly grown-up Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie. Remember that creepy old dude at the party a few years ago who would never shut up about how Fanning was going to be really hot one day? Turns out he was on to something...

"The Runaways" hits theaters March 19 in the new year.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Twin Berlin digital EP coming :: Winter'pop 2010

From Dec. 20 to Dec. 25, we're letting folks download the new Twin Berlin digital EP, "Youth Scenes," via Vanyaland and the band's Wordpress page. Stay tuned for details, and mark your calendars: Twin Berlin are set to officially release "Youth Scenes" at the first-annural WINTER'POP 2010 festival, going down Jan. 23 at Great Scott in Allston. the lineup::

Freezepop (Boston)
BM Linx (New York City)
Twin Berlin (Boston)
DJ Michael V (the pill, Vanyaland)
DJ Vadum Rankin (Circus, FTW, OMFG)

Tickets are $10 in advance and are on sale here. Fuck yeah.

ITP: Hotline's nightlife flyer roundup

It's Thursday, and on Thursday I post a bunch of flyers on my Hotline blog deep within the gutters of Here are my faves this week:

NYE2010: Red Carpet @ the Alchemist

Been detailing all the New Year's Eve parties around Boston for the past few weeks, but here's something unique: NO COVER. That's always the M.O. at the Alchemist, and for the second year running the Jamaica Plain nightspot has enlisted So Dope's Damien Paul to throw the party on the free.

"Red Carpet 2010" gives the truly broke no excuse to not rage, as alongside DP's electro beats n' treats, they've got Coralcola's Mikey Lee and my boy John Bittrich (ex-Perennials, Black Freighter) in the DJ booth. So Dope photo James Coletta documents the Hollywoods, and performing live during dinner is something called Hedgehog Hodgemony, billed as "a jazzy 4-piece improvisational dance band featuring the music of Daft Punk (and) Radiohead." Cool shit, I always dig what Damien whips up.

Vanyaland's New Year's Eve index:
- Rezolution @ Privus/Kells
- Porterhouse @ Flat Top Johnny's
- Cash 4 Gold @ the Milky Way
- Thunderdome @ Vila Victoria
- Bodega Girls/Ninjasonik @ Good Life

In My Head: Wham's "Last Christmas"

So far in this fairly incredible, finally meaningful and longasfuck holiday season, three Christmas songs have been in my head constantly: King Diamond's "No Presents For Christmas" (tree decorating will never be the same), St. Etienne's "I Was Born On Christmas Day" (in prep for next Friday) and Wham's 1984 hit "Last Christmas." Don't read into the lyrics, they hold no vodka with my mindset, but hot damn this is one great fucking song...

ITP Cheaps: Santacon, Scrooges & Squidz

Oh snap, it's Cheap Thrills column time in the Boston Herald, and this week I address the Santacon jaunt, the Scrooges' holiday rockery and a non-holiday escape to the Museum of Science. You know, for diversity.

Boston Santacon 2009

Starts at the Purple Shamrock, 1 Union St., near Faneuil Hall; 21-plus, 1 p.m., FREE (but bring cash for the bar, T ride to Cambridge and a cab ride home, Ebenezer!)
A fortnight ago we hyped the 12 Bars of Christmas pub crawl, and now that the hangover from that frosty frothy frolic has worn off, it’s time to head back to the Faneuil Hall area for more drunken merriment. This Saturday, it’s Boston Santacon 2009, when a gang of red bellies brings some Kris Kringle chaos to the city’s finest watering holes. It kicks off at the Purple Shamrock around 1 p.m., sleigh rides over to Beacon Hill’s 21st Amendment around 3 p.m., ho-ho-hos through Boston Common and down to Charles Street’s Beacon Hill Pub around 5 p.m., dashes and prances on the Red Line to John Harvard’s in Cambridge by 7 p.m., then wraps a nice big intoxicated felt bow at the Hong Kong for a garland-spun nightcap. Participants must have a costume to take part, even if it’s not of the Santa variety.

The Scrooges at Great Scott

1222 Commonwealth Ave., Allston; Sunday at 9 p.m., 18-plus, $10; with Vagiant and Hot On the Heels
Everyone - from everyday people to musicians to reality television stars - claims they are the best at whatever it is they do. Few of them, however, are accurate in their self-righteous assessment. But when it comes to the Scrooges’ boast that they are the premier Christmas-themed Stooges cover band, can there be any doubt? Allston’s finest holiday-seasoned tribute to influential ’70s garage rock band - and brand new Rock and Roll Hall of Famers - the Stooges has become as vital to the holiday season as midweek eggnog hangovers and acting the fool at your office holiday party (important hint the rest of us all got back in August: She’s not interested). There’s something to be said about a bunch of veteran local rockers dressed as Santa Claus belting out Stooges classics like “TV Eye” and “No Fun” under blurry red and green Christmas lights.
Info:, 617-566-9014

Museum of Science Deep Sea IMAX screening

1 Science Park; today at 2 p.m., Friday and Saturday at 2 and 7 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m.; all ages, $9 for adults, $7 for children
Face it, you need to journey to the bottom on the ocean floor to get away from all this holiday cheer. Tonight at the Museum of Science, venture to depths that jolly carolers, toy-hungry children and the annoying guy in the office who won’t stop wearing that Santa cap with his cat’s name glitter-glued on the side dare not reach. The 50-minutelong “Deep Sea” feature at the Mugar Omni Theatre’s five-story IMAX screen takes you through the underwater worlds of mantis shrimp, manta rays and the glorious Humboldt squid. There’s also an appearance by the fearsome octopus, now in the news after Australian scientists unveiled footage earlier this week of the mysterious creature collecting coconut shells for a unique shelter off the coast of Indonesia. This sudden demonstration of tool use is startling, so consider “Deep Sea” proactive research for mankind’s inevitable battle against the rise of the mighty Kraken and his vicious army of ruthless cephalopods. Or something.
Info:, 617-723-2500

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Friday: Daily Pravda at the Paradise RC

I'm really fucking bummed to be locked into pill preparation and be forced to miss this, buy my OGs in the Daily Pravda break into the Dise this Friday with a gig alongside Stellastarr* and the Postelles. Pravda's sound is always larger than the room they're playing in, so this is a nice jump up from the club circuit and allows one of the best local bands to stretch it out a bit. Very proud of my boys.

Magic Magic to open for Passion Pit 1/6 HoB

Hey remember when I posted that Magic Magic remix a few weeks ago and even earlier than that in the newspaper I said all sorts of ragtime about how they'll blow up in 2010 and shit? Well it starts Jan. 6, when the Salem indie crew opens for Pit de la Passion at the House of Blues. Excellent score, gents, and maybe a bit creepy, as Magic Magic plays Great Scott on New Year's Eve -- just as Passion Pit did earlier this year. Hmmm

(Check out Magic Magic's verry-rad original jams here.)

As for this show, certainly folks will scoff at the $25 ticket price (same as the Mighty Mighty Bosstones shows) but really, this is a pretty epic homecoming (I'm not counting the FNX Show with Spoon/Phoenix) and I hope it sells out. There certainly is fuckall going on that week, anyway. Color me psyched.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tonight: Throwed with Bearstronaut

Central Square has it all tonight -- Lissy Trullie at TTs, the SXSW sesh at the MIddle East down, and my boys in Bearstronaut hitting up the Throwed electro dance party in the ME's upstairs room. Good shit. I have the Bearz at the pill on Jan. 29, and I note them as one of my breakout Boston band picks for 2010. Check out the track "Wire" for a synthy taste-taste.

Also, note the cool "free Second Time Around gift card to everyone who pays" promo. I guess they're given out at random, and some lucky chap could snag a $50er. (I'd say most are just $5). But then again, they have FREE BRAVERY CDS SO WHO NEEDS CLOTHES AMIRITE?!?!

ITP: Lissy Trullie's model sound tonight @ TTs

From my Hotline post: An androgynous, pixie-like former New York City model that covers Hot Chip, has a band ripped straight out of the early-‘80s L.E.S. artsy post-punk scene and once attended the Walnut Hill boarding school in Natick? Hey, sign us up.

That’s the resume of 25-year-old rising star Lissy Trullie, and she and her band hit T.T. The Bear’s Place tonight in Cambridge (9 p.m., $10) in what Hotline believes is her first local show since opening up for the Virgins at Great Scott back in February. Her cover of Hot Chip’s “Ready For the Floor” made its way onto TV’s “Gossip Girl” and the soundtrack to flick “Jennifer’s Body,” but her originals boast a cool stripped-down post-punk bounce that should have her poised for big things in the new year. She’s oh-so-New-York it kind of hurts, but the girl’s apparently got some talent beyond the pretty hipster doll-face, and continues this whole garage rock meets new wave musical evolution that’s about to break.

After this year’s “Self-Taught Learner” EP generated some buzz, Trullie’s upcoming debut album, set for release in 2010, is being produced by former Suede guitarist Bernard Butler (you know, for what it’s worth). And her modeling career, though she plays it down in press interviews, includes a 2002 Ryan McGinley portrait and being the inspiration and model of Moses de la Renta’s debut line. Hey, gotta pay those bills while writing spiky rock-pop ditties somehow.

Here’s some visual and aural evidence of Miss Trullie, as we await tonight to see if there’s some live substance to all this style:

1.17.10: Spacehog live @ Harper's Ferry

Oh boy! Before I break out in a spirited wooo-ooohhhhh-a-ooh-oooohhhhh-oooh-ohhhh-oooooh, let's just note that leftover Britpop casualties Spacehog hits Allston's Harper's Ferry next month, Jan. 17. Tickets are a billion dollars ($15) but that's okay. In the meantime (lulz), let's take a look back at their glory moment, and a bio from the venue is below for educational purposes... and yes, it does mention Liv Tyler.

The rock band Spacehog was founded in New York City in 1994 although all members of the band were originally from Leeds, England. Members included Royston Langdon (bass and vocals), brother Antony Langdon (guitar and vocals), Richard Steel (guitar), and Jonny Cragg (drums).

Heavily influenced by David Bowie and Queen, Spacehog signed with Sire Records in 1994. Their debut album, Resident Alien, was released in late 1995 and went gold on the Billboard charts, selling over half a million copies. The album had a hit single and video “In the Meantime” as well as the single “Cruel to be Kind.” “In the Meantime” was also selected as the background music for the BBC’s Match of the Day football program.

The band’s second album, The Chinese Album was released in 1998, but not to as much popularity as their first. However, their fan base increased as they opened for acts like Pearl Jam and Supergrass. Spacehog’s third album, The Hogyssey released in 2001 on Artemis Records. This album featured such singles as “I Want to Live” and “At Least I Got Laid” as well as a funk version of Richard Strauss’ “Also spach Zarathustra.” During the promotion of this album, Spacehog joined The Black Crowes and Oasis on the Tour of Brotherly Love, which proved to be their final tour.

In 2002, the band quietly broke up and went their separate ways. Royston married Liv Tyler in 2003 and teamed up with former Blind Melon members Roger Stevens and Rene Lopez to form the band, The Quick, later renamed The Tender Trio. This band broke up in 2006.

The Langdon brothers, along with another – Christian – form Arckid and recorded eight songs at Trout Studios in Brooklyn. Jonny Cragg later joined this new band as well. Antony left Arckid to pursue other interests – including an homage to his wife, Victoria, and an album with Joaquin Phoenix.

Antony was briefly replaced by guitarist Mat Steel and Pete Denton, but both ended up leaving the band. Arckid performed at the Hilfiger Sessions NY and in the 2007 Lollapalooza shows.

Monday, December 14, 2009

In my head: Hazy shade of holidaze

This holiday season is killing me. And when a piece of me dies on the inside during the great month of December, I refer to the Bangles' "Hazy Shade of Winter" from the Less Than Zero soundtrack.

12.15: SXSW Info Session @ Middle East

I'm making my first trip to SXSW in March -- got the flight booked, the hotel secured and I'm working on acquiring more wristbands than a trendy hipster crackhead. Now I need to figure out what to do when I get there, you know, beyond getting shitpissed on Lone Star and seeing Amazing Baby 15 times. Good thing the Middle East is here to help my wanderlust ways, as tomorrow night it teams with the Musebox to host a SXSW Info Session.

This is mad convenient too, as I also wanted to catch Bearstronaut performing at Throwed upstairs and Lissy Trullie at TTs the Bear's next door. God save the Central Square rock hat trick!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

'2009: That Really Happened' by Steve Porter

DJ Steve Porter, who headlines my boy Vadum Rankin's New Years Eve party at Flat Top Johnnies, has a new all-ace dance jam to remind us how redonkulous this past year was. "2009: That Really Happened" rounds up all the gossip fodder and blogporn suspects, from Queen Gaga to Balloon Boy to creepy flesh colored beard guy and auto-tunes it straight to dance floor glory. This is even better than his Slap Chop remix. I'd rock out to this at the club. Frealz

I first heard this on VH1 the other day and have had it in my head since... You'll be singing Balloon Boy's "We did it for a show" line all day, I dare you not to.

Friday, December 11, 2009

12.12.09: The Honors @ the Middle East

Ahhh yes, those charming men in the Honors. In pill circles they are known as the band who DESTROYED as the Smiths at my recent Halloween Show, laying down maybe -- maybe! -- the best cover performance in out seven year old franchise. But the boys are more than a dress-up Mozzifier, and they take on the Middle East tomorrow night (Saturday) to unveil some new material. Expect a new EP from the Honors sometime around March, and a return to the pill sometime after St. Patrick's Day.

Now, I've heard one new track, and lemme tell you, those sweaty late-night practices as the Smiths in the late-summer/early-fall certainly had an influence on their emerging sound.

Also on the hi-fi indie melodica bill are This Blue Heaven, Vary Lumar, and The Highway. No Videodrome this week, so I'll try to riverhop away from Allstonia for one evening...

ITP: Top 10 songs of 2009

As published in today's Boston Herald, here is my Best of 2k9 "Top 10" list. Big fucking shock as to what sits perched at Number 1 (The only question is where it fits in my "Best of the 2000s" list).

We’re living in the iPod generation, so it’s fitting that 2009 was a year of the individual song. Not many albums held my attention longer than a month, but I can come up with one awesome synthpop-electro-pop-rock playlist:

1. Lady Gaga, “Bad Romance” (Streamline/Konlive/Cherrytree/Interscope)
2. Passion Pit, “Little Secrets” (Columbia/DMZ)
3. Amazing Baby, “Headdress” (Artist First)
4. Lies in Disguise, “Meet Your Replacement” (Always Never/So Sweet)
5. Yes Giantess, “Demons” (Self-released/tour EP)
6. We Were Promised Jetpacks, “Quiet Little Voices” (Fat Cat)
7. Little Boots, “Remedy” (Warner, import)
8. The Big Pink, “Velvet” (4AD)
9. Yeah Yeah Yeahs, “Zero” (Interscope)
10. Phoenix, “1901” (Glass Note)

Bonus picks: Passion Pit’s “Manners”; Canadian electro-pop singer Lights; every single thing about Lady Gaga

Other songs that I loved this year include: Amazing Baby “Supreme Being”; La Roux “Bulletproof”; Passion Pit “The Reeling”; Twin Berlin "Fake It Well"; Handsome Furs “All We Want Baby Is Everything”; Cold Cave “Love Comes Close”; Taxpayer “We Have Arrived”; Andre Obin “Gazelle”; Toxic Avenger “Toxic Is Dead”; The Daily Pravda “Dead House”; Ladyhawke “Magic”; Flosstradamus "Big Bills"...

Also, lists are stupid so don't take this so seriously...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

TONIGHT: Fashionably Late @ the Liberty

Very excited for this... last minute add along with Texas Mike... breaking out Traktor for this special occasion!

We've lost Muse: March 6 @ TD Garden

Re-post from Hotline, which notes Muse hits the TD Garden on March 6 and has some other press-release tidbits and shit:

Remember when Muse was kind of your little secret and you ignored those early “Sounds-Like-Radiohead” disses and put “Unintended” on a mix tape for the girl you crushed on (it worked) and then had to buy “Origin Of Symmetry” on import because it wasn’t properly released in the US and then you lost your mind at Axis a few years back because they closed with “Time Is Running Out” and “Plug In Baby” and it was epic and through it all you had a feeling they’d get popular and but probably not really even though they played Agganis and that made you uneasy but you just rolled with it because you <3'd Muse ever since "Muscle Museum" made you spaz out in your dad's Lincoln Continental?

Remember all that? That was fun, right? Muse ruled. Well, we've lost Muse.

...At the TD Garden March 6, tickets on sale Saturday via Ticketmaster. Insanity. (Good for them. We're just selfish.)

ITP Cheaps: Elf, Puma's remix party & SoWa market

It's Thursday's Cheap Thrills time in le Herald, this week highlighting an 'Elf' quote-along, Puma's party REMIX and the SoWa Holiday Market, where my bold prediction of ladies fashion morphing into Princess Leia's look on Endor in "Return of the Jedi" finally makes it to newsprint. This are the Thrills you're looking for...

“Elf” quote-along and “Home Alone” screening at Coolidge Corner Theatre

290 Harvard St., Brookline; “Elf” Friday at 11:55 p.m., $10 ($8 for members), all ages
With the holidays around the corner and significant-other gift-giving obligations staring you in the face, Cheap Thrills is here with a helpful guide to ensure your partner is right for you. Simply look him or her in the eye, tell her you’ve made plans for Friday night and gently whisper: “First we’ll make snow angels for two hours, then we’ll go ice skating, then we’ll eat an entire roll of Toll House cookie dough as fast as we can and then to finish, we’ll snuggle!” If he or she screams “Elf!” while running around the house like a mad person, well, you have yourself a keeper. The 2003 Will Ferrell comedy and all its quotable feel-good holiday goodness gets the quote-along treatment Friday night at the Coolidge, proving once again why the tale of a lonely and zany elf canvassing New York City in search of his family is the best holiday-themed movie this decade not named “Bad Santa.” Take it from Ferrell’s elf character Buddy: “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.”
(“Home Alone” screens at 11:55 p.m. Saturday. Info:, 617-734-2500.)

The Puma Store’s Holiday Party Remix

333 Newbury St. (Back Bay); today, from 6 to 10 p.m. FREE
Anyone can throw a holiday party, but like that almost-slamming album track that sags just a tiny bit, sometimes a remix is in order to shake things up. The Puma Store on Newbury is throwing some extra thump into the holiday party circuit, decking its halls with DJ Hero, kiosks, a 20-percent discount throughout the store and enlisting some local beat-makers to turn this (almost but not entirely a) shopping event into a full-fledged dance party. According to organizers, the music will be holiday themed, but not the kind you heard at gramdma’s house down in Stoughton all those years growing up. May we suggest St. Etienne’s “I Was Born on Christmas Day” or King Diamond’s “No Presents For Christmas.” This holly-bowed get-together already has more than 200 Facebook R.S.V.P.s, so it’s not only a chance to cross some names off your shopping list, but to maybe add a few as well. Mistletoe optional.
Info: or R.S.V.P. at

The sixth annual SoWa Holiday Market

Cathedral High School gymnasium, 74 Union Park St. (South End); Saturday and Sunday; all ages; $5 admission, children younger than 12 FREE
In this last space, Cheap Thrills was going to suggest the 10th annual Santa Speedo Run down Boylston Street on Saturday, but registration is now closed and getting skeeved by skivvies has been relegated to a spectator sport. So let’s all head down to the South End and go shopping instead. The sixth annual SoWa Holiday Market has enlisted more than 80 New England artists and designers, offering unique and one-of-a-kind items that are both fashionably chic and cutting-edge. Shopping for homemade goods always leaves a lasting impression, and the SoWa vendors have it covered, from clothing to handbags to jewelry. And since women’s fashion entering 2010 combines elements of ancient druid garb (but in color!) with what Princess Leia wore after landing on Endor in “Return of the Jedi,” this could be the place to find that perfect New Year’s Eve get-up for your exclusive artists loft party in that dingy, once-abandoned warehouse in Fort Point. You won’t find that look in the mall, kids.