Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Magic Magic to open for Passion Pit 1/6 HoB

Hey remember when I posted that Magic Magic remix a few weeks ago and even earlier than that in the newspaper I said all sorts of ragtime about how they'll blow up in 2010 and shit? Well it starts Jan. 6, when the Salem indie crew opens for Pit de la Passion at the House of Blues. Excellent score, gents, and maybe a bit creepy, as Magic Magic plays Great Scott on New Year's Eve -- just as Passion Pit did earlier this year. Hmmm

(Check out Magic Magic's verry-rad original jams here.)

As for this show, certainly folks will scoff at the $25 ticket price (same as the Mighty Mighty Bosstones shows) but really, this is a pretty epic homecoming (I'm not counting the FNX Show with Spoon/Phoenix) and I hope it sells out. There certainly is fuckall going on that week, anyway. Color me psyched.

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