Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tonight: Throwed with Bearstronaut

Central Square has it all tonight -- Lissy Trullie at TTs, the SXSW sesh at the MIddle East down, and my boys in Bearstronaut hitting up the Throwed electro dance party in the ME's upstairs room. Good shit. I have the Bearz at the pill on Jan. 29, and I note them as one of my breakout Boston band picks for 2010. Check out the track "Wire" for a synthy taste-taste.

Also, note the cool "free Second Time Around gift card to everyone who pays" promo. I guess they're given out at random, and some lucky chap could snag a $50er. (I'd say most are just $5). But then again, they have FREE BRAVERY CDS SO WHO NEEDS CLOTHES AMIRITE?!?!

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