Saturday, February 28, 2009


On the go, Devils look unbeatable, Giantess killed last night, Caturdays are the best days, the new Yeah Yeahs Yeahs doesn't even have a "Cheated Hearts" let alone a "Maps," but I like it anyway, see you in March, but not before this, dancing in the best of times...

Friday, February 27, 2009

Called out by Puck Daddy of Yahoo

Got a nice shoutout on yesterday's Yahoo Sports' Puck Daddy blog over my punch-the-TV comment regarding Brodeur's MB30 mask. Well, the mask remains, and so does the television -- amazing what a shutout can do for electronics' lifespan. But obviously I was talking ragtime. Geez, if anything I'd scrape off my Devils logo tattoo on my forearm with Kevin Todd's old rusty skateblade. Here's the text and link:

Preview: Colorado Avalanche at New Jersey Devils (7 p.m. EST; TV: ALT, MSG2). What the hell is Marty thinking by wearing his evil injurious voodoo mask instead of going back to the three-Stanley Cup lid? Vanyaland bought a TV for Brodeur's return tonight; now it's getting punched. Thanks, Marty.

For the record, I still hate the MB30 mask, in part because it's promo for his website, and also because the J paintjob was just so damn cool and a staple of those Cup teams. But Brodeur is still the Greatest, so I suppose I need to cut him some slack.

GIANTESS' dance craze tonight at the pill

Ok, back to regular programming, even though I have a blazing case of turbocock after Brodeur's return last night. Good thing, too, as I don't plan on going limp waiting for Boston's new synth-disco kings GIANTESS to throw down at the pill tonight at GS. Jed Gottlieb at the Herald showed the love in today's edition.

Doors at 10, band at 11, and don't get there later than that, because this will pack out early. $5/21+

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Brodeur shutout

Not to make this a NJ Devils blog (despite the tagline on the header) but I've been waiting for tonight since Nov. 1: Martin Brodeur stops all 24 shots faced en route to a 4-0 Devils victory.

I had a feeling those 4-2 and 5-3 Ws the past few months would become 4-1 and 4-0 games. Clemmer and Weekes did a solid job holding it down while Brodeur was away, but having Marty in net (I'll deal with the mask, I suppose) elevates us even higher and readies us for the playoffs. The big offensive guns showed up (Parise, Zajac, Langs, Eli) and Brodeur showed little rust, controlling his rebounds and aiding the transition game. It's impossible to not get overly excited for the playoffs come spring. I... am... psyched! 95, 00, 03... ?


Oh shit, I now have my own profile on Internet Movie Data Base. I gotta go edit that shit and get some juicy deets on there.

Randomness: Brodeur, music and television

Some scattered thoughts in a scattered head on a scattered Thursday...

- Devils goalie and future Hall-of-Famer Marty Brodeur returns tonight, and amazingly, we’re not positioned in the draft lottery after he missed four months of games. I can’t believe how this team responded to his injury, especially on offense (credit Parise's career year and Zajac's unreal development), and now Stanley Cup dreams are dancing through my head. But if Brodeur wears that god damn "MB30" mask tonight I’m going to punch the 46-inch LCD television I bought just for this occasion.

- Stefan simply couldn’t win Top Chef, even though he’s maybe the franchise’s greatest overall talent. Maybe he got bored, maybe he got overconfident, maybe he was too perfect as the villainous runner-up, who knows. But he was the best part about TC:NY by an alligator mile, and Hosea makes kittens cry. What a crap finish.

- I just booked these shows for the pill: Black Joe Lewis April 3, the Daily Pravda June 29 and Pretty & Nice July 3.

- Tony from BM LINX recommended I check out NYC post-punk band Freshkills, and “I Know I Know” sounds pretty sweet on the first few listens. Promising shit right here in the Fugazi vein.

- Designer Drugs is at Circus in May, along with Hot Pink Delorean for the dance party’s One Year Anniversary. Mark your calendars, that shit will blow minds.

- I thought it was interesting that when I interviewed Tyson Beckford yesterday to advance next week's Make Me A Supermodel 2 premiere, he responded “no idea” when I asked what season one winner Holly has been up to. So I guess you didn’t make her a supermodel, then? Full story to run in Wednesday’s Herald.

- Former Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn is playing Charlie’s Kitchen in Harvard Square on March 16. Charlie's. This guy couldn't bring 40 people to PAs or some shit?

- No Doubt is touring again and playing Mohegan Sun Casino on June 24. Somehow, I’m not terribly bothered by this, and if tickets cost less than $67.50 I might hit it up. Ok, not really, but I support a music world with No Doubt in it.

- I hate the Real Housewives of New York City. Like, a lot.

Get Televandals to SXSW

The fine lads in Televandals are up for a spot at SXSW, but only with the people's vote. There's a few dozen bands in the running for this prize, courtesy of something called Platform 1 or whatever, and most bands listed look like bigger chumps than Hosea from Top Chef (WTF City). So let's vote Televandals in, let's also get them that Best Rock Band nod in the Phoenix poll. We'll then all party at their April 17 pill show like nobody's bidness.

Cast your SXSW vote here, and to make shit all official, here's word from Televandal J Restless:

We are currently in competition to play the prestigious South By Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas this March. Again, we need your vote so we can be selected to play as part of the Festival's Emerging Artist Showcase.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Amanda Palmer banned in the UK!

Outside of filming a 6-year-old doing Kittens Inspired By Kittens, what's the fastest way to get 100,000 views on YouTube? Have Britain ban your video, of course!

That's the recent good furtune of half-Dresden Doll Amanda Palmer, as the UK has banned her "Oasis" video for "mak(ing) light of rape, religion and abortion." Surely writing to Oasis in 2009 is reason enough for banishment! I mean, did you hear the second half of "Dig Out Your Soul"? Made "Little James" seem like Def Maybe era!

Palmer, who I confess to being a huge fan of from the moment I saw the Dolls' second or third show ever at the Lizard Lounge around 2002, defended her autographical lyrics about a teen girl in denial/distress by saying: "When you cannot joke about the darkness of life, that's when the darkness takes over." Frealz, yo! (Even the Huffington Post jumped onthis schizz)

Here's the vid:

New Le Castle Vania jam

(Edit: lolz at me for the name gaffe) Mad busy today, but there's a fresh new Le Castle Vania jam up on Dylan's MySpace called "Back Up In This." Don't know much about it other than it's a sumo banger collab with Designer Drugs and Computer Club, and chances are you'll hear it in LA next week at THIS:

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Faith No More to reunite!!!

Holy fuck! Pitchfork is reporting that Tripwire is reporting that Faith No More will reunite (sans guitarist Jim Martin) for a few European shows later this year. Everyone from me to the guy with "The Real Thing" flame-drip tattoo behind the Subway counter rejoice!

I consider "The Real Thing" a part of my Album Troika that set the tone for the 1990s (along with Jane's "Ritual de lo Habitual" and Nine Inch Nails' "Pretty Hate Machine") and it remains one of my fav discs (check the extended rap on the title track). I got into FNM at a very early age, loved everything from "As The Worm Turns" to the Brixton Academy live tape and vividly remember seeing them at age 14 at Roseland NYC for the "King For a Day Fool For a Lifetime" tour, which blew my pretty little metal-loving mind. "Angel Dust" sounds like it could have come out yesterday, and "The Real Thing," while now pretty dated, was so different from anything in 1989's ready-to-burst bubble of rock. Faith No More also don't get nearly enough credit for bringing rap into rock, even though that was just one small layer of their sound. It spawned legions of horrific copycats, but that ain't their problem.

I'd pay top dollar to see this band live again. Awesome fucking news.

Wednesday: Bodega Girls vs Top Chef

First World Problem come tomorrow night: Stay in and watch the conclusion of the Top Chef finale (on my new 46-inch HD-TV, no less; hit up Circuit City for wikkid discountz!!!) or roll to Middlesex for Bodega Girls' Lo-Fi Hedonistic Dance Party.

Ain't gonna lie: I've been sleeping on this shit for a few months now and the morning-after reports are always glowing, with King EvRock spinning funk hits and the band playing two sets. Maybe this will be the week I finally hit this shit up.

Or maybe I laze it up and watch Stefan and his arsenal of Urban Outfitters t-shirts take his rightful place in the annals of reality show start-to-finish Hall-of-Fame ass-kicking. (Just kidding, everyone knows Carla will win this shit, make goofy Bill Cosby faces for 10 minutes straight and "hootie-hoo" herself to internet GIF infamy. Guh. At least I'll always have Padma.)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Giantess @ the pill this Friday

So Giantess is playing the pill this Friday, and I'm already counting down the days. My show-hype bio is up at the pill boston dot com, and here's video of their Neon Gold showcase gig in NY a few weeks ago (crap quality but you get the idea):


New party: Disco-nnection Tuesday

With July's 30th anniversary of the legendary Disco Demolition night in Chicago, it's only fitting that the party genre is back in full force from coast to coast through sub-revivals in indie, electro and pop music. Boston jumps into the disco mix tomorrow night at Middlesex with Disco-nnection, a new monthly night from Brendan Wesley of A-Kult/GoodLife.

This should be a better party than "Color" (Oof, remember that?) Here's word from Wesley:

This Tuesday, Feb 24th. Disco-nnection w/ Myself & DJ Supreme One (You may know him as Serge)-Free-. You all know me and that I am a disco junkie and my style is strongly influenced by all those grimy, lost underground tracks that time forgot... We will be playing mostly organic sounding underground disco boogie/funk and some classics as well.

Come on Boston, I know there are some real disco/house heads that know how important this night is for the scene. It's not all about Electro, Hip-Hop and minimal techno is it? We get deeper than that don't we? Let's make New York proud ;)

House of Blues opening party recap

While the new House of Blues is essentially Avalon on Human Growth Hormone and the grand opening party on Saturday was Cougarpalooza 2009, the new venue is just what Boston needs and should be mega successful as a mid- to large-scale concert facility. I’m sold, even though I’ll pick my spots when attending.

Morrissey's March show there is sold out, and that's a great place for him. But I wonder if the place will feel cavernous a la Harper's Ferry when a smaller band like Cut Copy is in there. You can close off the balconies, but it's still a huge room and shit like Matt & Kim has no business being on a stage that size. But we'll see, and I hope it retains a club vibe for club-sized bands.

As for the bash, Saturday’s party was better than I ever expected it could be, and while I didn’t pay attention to a lick of the snooze-inducing music, the combination of open bar, tasty-ass hors d’oeuvres and the right “scene” folk made it the party to be at. When the main room – which, honestly, is just Avalon with an elevated ceiling, balconies and a fancy paint job – got stuffy, the side restaurant party was a needed escape.

In there, the young fuck-ups and Boston alt-media seemed to hide, with people from the Weekly Dig, Phoenix, ‘FNX, ‘BCN and other joints all carousing and getting their drink on. I’m sure the Aerosmiths and Whalbergs and Jasper Whites were holed up in the VIP room and balconies, but who gives a shit?

As expected, my lady Brigid was the Belle of the Ball with her weird ass bird-feather head piece and Yves gown, which drew the rapt attention of everyone in each room and drew drooling photogs from Boston Magazine, Boston Common, and a host of others. So, uh, look for the Brangelina of Boston indie in next month’s issues, lolz, and a fashion review of Saturday on That Tip later this week.

So yeah, good times all around Saturday, with a nightcap at Circus that started with hearing Cascade’s “Every Time We Touch” in the cab ride over and concluded with chow-down on BonChon when arriving home. Seriously, life is just the Best Shit Ever.

Friday, February 20, 2009

New U2 / FNX radio appearance

MySpace is streaming the new U2 album, "No Line On The Horizon," today and possibly beyond. Why do I give a shit? Because I'll be on FNX Radio's Jukebox Jury come Tuesday March 3 around 9am talking ragtime about it.

Bashing U2 on the radio in Boston? This could very well be my last stand.

the pill up for three Boston Phoenix awards

Aww yeah, the nominations for the Boston Phoenix's Best of 2009 poll are in, and das pill is up for three awards:
Best Dance Night
Best Rock Venue/Night
Best DJ (Ken)

Vote early, vote often. As for this weekend, it's another action packed affair, with the pill tonight, the House of Blues VIP Grand Opening reception tomorrow then the usual Saturday nightcap at Circus. Sunday I sleep.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bloody Beetroots in Boston

More on this as the date nears, but in the meantime, it's the Bloody Fucking Beetroots!!!! This will rule. And my old stomping grounds, as well. Should be interesting...

Cheap Thrills, Feb. 19-22

From my Cheap Thrills column in today's Herald, where I set a record for cheap pop culture references...

Coralcola EP release party at Alchemist Lounge
435 S. Huntington Ave., Jamaica Plain; Saturday, 10 p.m. FREE
Last year duos were the new bands and this year solo artists are the new duos. Boston is becoming a breeding ground for one-man live-electronic-music producers, and now joining the likes of Andre Obin and Sunrise Swords is Worcester’s Mikey Lee, performing as Coralcola. Lee’s new “747” EP - released through digital download and at Saturday’s Robot Revolution electro dance party on cassette - has enough big-beat techno and ambient flavor to keep the strobe lights going way past after-hours. Download the EP for free at, then pick up the cassette at the party and rave on like it’s 1993. That old tape deck finally gets love, too.
Info:, 617-477-5741

R. Crumb’s Underground at Massachusetts College of Art
Stephen D. Paine Gallery, 621 Huntington Ave.
Thursday/Friday: 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Saturday: 11 a.m.-5 p.m., FREE

Philadelphia-born illustrator R. Crumb may be one of the most controversial cartoonists of our time, and this ongoing exhibit spans four decades of work, from his influence in the ’60s Zap Comix counterculture to his frequently satirical and critical view on American life. Acknowledged as the founder of the underground comics scene and pop culture icon through his “Keep On Truckin’ ” comic, Crumb knows a thing or two about “Cheap Thrills”: He designed the cover art for the 1968 album of that name by Big Brother & the Holding Company. If he’s good enough for Janis, he’s good enough for us.
Info:, 617-879-7333

$20 tickets to the Boston Symphony Orchestra
301 Massachusetts Ave., Boston; most BSO concerts until May
The great Diana Ross once sang with the Supremes, “Whenever you’re near/I hear a symphony/A tender melody/Pulling me closer, closer to your arms.” Clearly, date night at the symphony connects a direct line to a lover’s heart, but now the BSO lets you do it on the cheap. For a majority of the remaining BSO programs through May, concertgoers younger than 40 can score best-available tickets, normally priced $29 to $115, for just $20 each. Included in the promotion is tonight’s Project Mozart fashion event, where local designers create dresses inspired by the composer’s music, as well as this weekend’s all-Mozart program. When your flame thinks of you, make him or her hear a symphony. It’ll work better than reggaeton.
Info:, 617-CONCERT

Dave Matthews at Fenway this spring?

I’m more interested in this because of the Fenway Park aspect, but Dave Matthews released his 8,000-date North American tour itinerary for this summer, which includes two TBA dates in Boston May 29 and 30.

A quick look at the Red Sox schedule shows they’re in Minnesota and Toronto that week, opening up the field for this summer’s yearly Fenway mega-concert. And the ballfield’s wiki page has even confirmed it. Can you say "citation needed"?

With Matthews tapping Eli “Paperboy” Reed & the True Loves to open at least one date on tour – the Izod Center in New Jersey’s Meadowlands – we can only hope he brings the Brookline native up here for a sweet Boston homecoming. Wiki said the candidates to open the Fenway shows are Robert Randolph & the Family Band, Jason Mraz and Willie Nelson.

Previous Fenway Park summer concerts have featured the Rolling Stones, Jimmy Buffett, the Police, Neil Diamond and Matthews in 2006. U2 was originally rumored for this summer’s Fenway slate, but talks apparently never got serious.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Franki Chan mixtape

Download it through Fairtilizer or listen below. Fight Hump day.

1. Intro
2. Virtualmismo – Mismoplastico (Serge Santiago Maxi Edit)
3. Designer Drugs – Back Up In This (Nadastrom Remix)
4. HEARTSREVOLUTION – Switchblade (Designer Drugs Remix)
5. Nadastrom – Pussy
6. AC Slater – Banger (Drop The Lime Remix)
7. N.A.S.A. feat. Method Man, E40 & DJ Swamp – NASA Music (L.A. Riots Remix)
8. Joachim Garraud – Are You Ready (Roman Salzger Mix)
9. Totally Michael – Casual Satisfaction (Flosstradamus Remix feat. Gantman)
10. Radioclit – Secousse (All Stars Mix feat Afrikan Boy, Mimitah, Mo Laudi, BLK JKS, Marina, Kudaushe, Esau Mwamwaya, ISA GT & Jose Hendrix)
11. Mr. Oizo – Gay Dentists (JFK Edit)
12. DJ Mehdi – Pocket Piano (Brodinski Remix)
13. Apaloosa – The Day (Acid Girls Wept Remix)
14. Futurecop! -Tonight’s Hero
15. Kaos – Feelin’ Love
16. Outro
If I lived in Los Angeles, this is where I'd be. Instead, Boston gives me Top Chef

Toothaches release party Feb. 19

After being not all that impressed with Operahouse last night, I think I’m going to spend this evening curled up in a ball listening to the Supremes while Lola licks ice cream off my forehead. Which
should recharge the battletank a bit and give me spunk for tomorrow night, when the motherfucking Toothaches drop indie pop 7-inch glory at Great Scott. The fan-fucking-tabulous bill also includes Pretty & Nice, who I really should get at the pill, as well as Math the Band and the Bynars. Sweetness. Literally.

Anyway, the Toothaches rule, they’re at the pill next month, and this flyer is so colorful it should be a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Limelight update

As I mentioned two posts below, Limelight Stage & Studios is hosting an all-ages show tonight. Here's official word from its founder, Marti Speranza, who chimed in for a Herald piece I was working on:

"You are correct – this show is part of a brand-new ‘Emerging Artist Concert Series.’ Limelight does open mic and karaoke Thursday through Saturday, but we are now booking artists as part of this concert series for Sunday through Wednesday slots. The venue is all-ages until 11pm, so yes, minors are indeed welcome! Our capacity is 125 and we do have a bar and kitchen for food/drinks."

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Anyone want a B-Side Lounge host stand?

Some dude on Craig's list is tossing the host stand at the old B-Side Lounge in Cambridge. Why isn't this shit on eBay? What if Bennifer sneezed on it? Damn. And get ready: there's a "weird ass" B-Side Lounge table coming tomorrow! I'd be all over this if I ever went there. I'm still holding out for a vintage Reef Cafe toilet seat (Lebanese garlic not included). <3

Potential all-ages venue: Limelight?

Outside the Middle East on random weekends and the occasional Hollywood electro-crunk teen-rock show at Harper’s Ferry, there aren’t many all-ages options in Boston that don’t involve churches, VFW Halls or some dude’s sketch-city basement. So I’m kinda intrigued at this show tomorrow night at Limelight Stage & Studios on Tremont Street, which from my knowledge usually pays its rent by catering to the karaoke crowd.

On tap is a fairly solid bill featuring Battle House, Piles (who replaced Amoroso like 5 minutes ago) and Hot Box (A noisy boy-girl quartet who I think will have a great 2009, starting with their EP release party at GS March 29). Not coincidentally, this is the type of lineup found at an Allston house show.

There is already skeptical talk on Lemmingtrail about no dancing being allowed and other silly contract-bound rules, so who knows if this will take off as a viable space or not (the bands even seem miffed). But it’s worth a shot, especially with its proximity to Emerson College and being in the heart of the city. I definitely don’t expect it to become like the Smell in Los Angeles, but at least it’s... uh, something, right?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Operahouse in Allston tomw (Feb. 17)

While tonight I’m locked into Taco Night with VH1's I Love Money 2 and For the Love of Ray J -– which breeds a double entendre not initially intended -– my socialitic musical brain is looking forward to tomorrow night, when UK indie lads Operahouse hit Great Scott.

The show is presented by Stranded in Stereo, which has my deepest affection for turning me on to Arizona synthpop duo and current pill superstars the Foxglove Hunt though its CD series last year. I didn’t even know Operahouse, a breezy London-based modern rock quintet, even existed until a few hours ago but this could be one of those “I saw them with a dozen people in February, where were you?” kinda gigs.

The songs posted online, especially “Genius Child,” have a cool Charlatans UK /Bowie type vibe to it, with squealing synthesizer loops to ensure that vintage 2008 sound. There’s some Cool Britannia DNA at work here, and the blogosphere is already ripe with Radiohead, Muse (“Change in Nature”) and even Jeff Buckley (“Criminals”) comparisons, all of which are fair upon first listen. When's the NME cover shoot?

In any event, it looks like Operahouse is doing the eastern-US swing in prep for SXSW next month, so kudos to GS for directing them to Boston. As the internet tells me, Operahouse’s “Change in Nature” EP drops stateside Feb. 21, so it should be available at the show. Bring extra cabbage.

RIP Jeanne Sheehy of TTs

Just a quick note on the passing of longtime TT The Bear's bartender Jeanne Sheehy (Connolly) who spent the past year battling cancer. Here's the note I just got from Randi Millman:

hi everyone,
it's with a very heavy heart i tell you that our beloved jeanne passed away this morning... by all accounts, she seemed peaceful last night after a very agitated day. it's my hope that she just drifted off to sleep with thoughts of the cape, warmth and sun (that we all know she loved so much). i will send the wake and funeral information when i get it. please let anyone know you think should know...i'm sure bonney and i will inadvertently forget somebody.

House of Fame kicks off tonight

From my piece on today's Herald, a new DJ industry and house night kicks off this evening, dubbed House of Fame. Here's the Facebook invite.

It’s only fitting that the week the new House of Blues opens up on Lansdowne Street in the space of the old Avalon nightclub, one of the most recognizable DJs and promoters of the long-gone dance utopia is resurfacing across the river.

Erik “Beast R” Brown, long a fixture at Avalon’s myriad techno, house and dance parties, is taking over All Asia Café Monday night for the launch of his new bi-weekly night, “House of Fame.”

So while the building that sits atop the old Avalon space is fast-forward new and all neon glitzy, Beast R is kicking it old school in Cambridge. Don’t expect to see any laptop DJs sporting Serrato.

"It's paying homage to vinyl and the way DJing started out,” Brown said.

House of Fame is geared as a DJ industry night for vinyl purists looking to hear everything from house and trace to classic club tracks to electro bangers all on wax. Also part of the vision for House of Fame, which ties into the industry night tip, includes a “DJ co-operative,” where all DJs who support the night will be booked for a future party.

Monday’s launch party features Justin Carr and Tommy P and residents Erik Beast R, Keith Kene and Driftski. Legendary Boston house DJ Bruno rolls up on March 19, so mark your calendars. All Asia Café, 332 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, 9 p.m., $5, 21-plus,

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day, 2009

Shot by Lara Callahan at Circus, Valentine's Day 2k9. Me and my girl.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Lola turns 2 on Sunday!

We're celebrating the birth of my little kitty-cat, Lolabear "Beanz" Stringbean, who just turned 2 years old. Sunday's party will involve traditional Whole Foods tuna steak, a new scratching post and PediPaws. I'm 30 years old, by the way.

Valentine's Day: Fantastaprom @ Circus

Not to look beyond tonight's bash at le pill, but clearly the Valentine's Day party to be at tomorrow night is at Privus Lounge (suprise suprise), when Circus hosts its Fantastaoprom party with electro/house DJ Fantasatdon. What's up with all the prom themes this year? Is Facebook making us all high school nostalgic? I don't even remember my prom, but I'm sure it sucked. In any event, this shit will be crazytown, and it's even Disco Dust approved.

Black Prom with the Sun Lee Sunbeam

Tonight we at the pill host out very-first Black Prom party, coloring the Hallmark Holiday in lovely shades of dark and raising a pint to the jilted lovers across the land. The Sun Lee Sunbeam performs live, Billy Blanco shoots the pics and Linsey Riera films the documentary. Shoud be a dope night, and here's official word from the pill mailer:

the.pill.02.13.09 -- This one is for the lovers,

Valentines Day is not even here yet, and already we are sick to death of all this lovey dovey bullshit.

So the pill is here to salute the broken hearted, raise a pint to the jilted lovers and quietly mock the naïve in love. Leave the pink at home and don your finest black attire for our first ever Black Prom party, a night of modern indie love songs performed live on stage and thrown down on the dance floor with the eased arc of a cigarette flicked at a guilty ex.

The Sun Lee Sunbeam will visibly narrate their set through the relationship themes of love and hate, offering tiaras and crowns to the itchy boys and girls leaving a careful eye on post-pill bedtime treats. And of course, DJs Ken & I spin the best in Britpop, Modern Indie & Beyond, with a heavy emphasis on a soundtrack mindful of everyones favorite Hallmark Holiday, Valentines Day.

Look sharp. Dress as dark as your emotionless black pit of a heart. Love will tear you apart, so dance with tears in your eyes.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Puma mp3 recap and Throwed 2nite

Last night’s Puma mp3 battle was much fun – thanks to all who came out. Unfortunately, I was bounced in Round 1 by the Middlesex Lounge team, by a score of
109 decibels to 108 decibels. Maybe I would have gotten that extra two points had I had four dudes on stage with me like Middlesex, or if the bass didn’t give out during my track, Lies in Disguise’ Meet Your Replacement.

But I did get to live out my long-standing 8 Mile final battle fantasy, as when I won the coin toss to decide who starts, I got all Popa Doc and shouted “Let this bitch go first.” Seriously, it made my night. I wanted to turn to my enemy like B. Rabbit and spit, “but-I-know some-thing a-bout you.”

I think Allston boutique LAB Boston and Tuesday dance party Hearthrob ended up battling in the final, but I was crunked by then and ghosted early. Many gimmicks throughout the night – from RickRolling to Venga Boys – but I played it straight and got served. The Pill got a strong reception and it was fun to rep the Night Society kids after my ouster, so all is well. Lara Callahan’s photos should be up soon.

Anyway, if I was capable of doing anything tonight other than watching the return of Patti in the Millionaire Matchmaker, I’d be at this, below. B. Rich of Palms Out Sounds might be the hottest DJ in Boston right now, and E-Marce’s Throwed is always off the chain.

In the Papers: Thursday bits & fits

Quick roundup of my Herald stuff published Thursday, Feb. 12:

1. Shepard Fairey's propaganda posters could remain up after his ICA exhibit ends in August, as some consider it an honor to boast his work. (Check the comments: Mr. Pickles thinks I'm "a tool.")
2. Cheap Thrills for the Val-Day weekend: 80s sing along at the Coolidge, the opening of the BUtterfly Place and Ms. Valentine's Soul party at Ryles.
3. Style Calendar: Rescue's sale is designed to doll up dance party patrons, Topaz is having a trunk show and other sale-stuff around Boston.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Globe article on Click/Clash

Danielle Dreilinger has a cool piece in tomorrow's Boston Globe about Susie G's Click/Clash blog. Susie (her street style blog is linked to the right, as it has been for about a year) has shot at the pill several times, so it's to see her getting mainstream props. And look at the accompanying Aram Boghosian photo below -- yes, that's my lady with some sort of tentacle in her eye, shot at Privus' Hellauxx party.

Free shit Wednesday: Eastbound & Battlez

While I'm disaapointed those rumors about pill-hate showing up in this week's Weekly Dig were unfounded -- wonder why the publisher was on-site apologizing to Great Scott yesterday? -- we are still battling them and six other parties/brands/whatevers tonight at Enormous Room. There is an OPEN BAR (srsly) and things get started around 10. E-Room is mad small, so roll up early and help rep the pill. There's now no need to get all B. Rabbit on Boston's pesky lil alt-weekly, but fun is still in order.

Earlier on this evening, HBO is tossing up the premiere episode of Eastbound & Down, the Will Ferrell-produced show that stars some washed up ex-pro ballplayer named Ken Powers. I shit you not. This one has no cover/free food/free drinx, but you need to RSVP. Plus it's at McGreevey's Pub, so uhhhh, I dunno. But the show looks like a winner and DJ MIstaker of the Thunderdome parties brings the beats.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

MTV <3s Giantess, as do we

MTVu recently sat down with local synthpop rocket-lads Giantess, asking about their name, their dance sound and blossoming relationship (and recent NYC showcase gig) with Neon Gold Records. Good shit. Catch Giantess at the pill Feb. 27.

I spun Giantess' synth-beast of a single, "You Were Young" at the pill on Friday, which worked flawlessly with Passion Pit's "Better Things." White-hot disko, drive me craaaaaaa-zy.

Zak Broman's "Dirty Lovers" electro remixxx

Great way to start this shit-lick Tuesday: I have dubbed Zak Broman, one-half of Rogue Waves and contrib to On That Tip, the new Mayor of Allston, and he has stepped up to the throne after remixing the fuck out of Televandals new jam, "Dirty Lovers." Break glass and flip desks on the rape-kit elekkkktro tip:

Download and dance: Televandals' "Dirty Lovers (Zak Broman Remixxxxxxxxx)"

Monday, February 9, 2009

Beat sleaze on Lansdowne

Show that no one will admit to buying tickets for, and yet you'll see everyone you know at: The Faint and Ladytron co-headline the House of Blues on April 8. Tickets on sale this Friday through Live Nation.

Taxpayer starts "Night Vision" hype

Much news in the glorious land of local indie quintet Taxpayer! The band is readying a new album, titled “Don’t Steal My Night Vision,” and will celebrate the release of said album three days after it drops at the Paradise RC on March 13 alongside fellow local luminaries the Bon Savants and Age Rings.

If there ever was a show approved by The Pill:Live!, this is it (they just gotta work on that Friday night nonsense) and tickets are on sale now through the Dise website.

Taxpayer, you may recall, had the raucously unrelenting single “When They Were Young” break into FNX rotation a few years ago, and this new jam could be the launching pad for national attention. Shit, everyone else in Boston is blowing up, why not these dudes? Clearly deserving.

Anyway, to help hype “Don’t Steal My Night Vision,” Taxpayer is also throwing two news songs up on the ol’ MySpace every Monday until the album’s release. Posted right now is lead single “We Have Arrived,” which hits iTunes Feb. 24, and Hum-like album cut “Night Vision.” The single has a really catchy Replacements vibe going on, and I’ve always appreciated Taxpayer’s very careful use of forceful guitar riffs. Everything is so deliberate on their songs, they translate well from FM dial to stage.

Week ahead: From Pumas to Black Proms

It’s Monday and the beginning of what appears to be a very slow week – only the Puma mp3 battle Wednesday at Enormous Room makes my weekday cal look interesting. But after the LIGHTS experience last night, which was augmented by Andre Obin’s Wax Trax-era-inducing industrial solo set and catching the final few minutes of Sunrise Swords heavy compu-glitch pop nu-disko rauncher, I could use some low(er)-key evenings. Outside of B.Rich throwing down at Throwed/GS on Thursday, not much going on this week.

Which drags us straight to Friday at Great Scott, as we’re hosting a Black Prom party at the pill. The Sun Lee Sunbeam performs an hour of love songs/break up numbers while the resident DJs stick to a jilted-lover modern indie soundtrack. There’s a fuckton of Valentine’s Day events the following day, but I think a super-romo evening of St Petersburg Café and the standard Circus nightcap will be all she wrote for me. And nope, I ain’t going to fucking Jared.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Morrissey is Squeezing my Skull

...and here I thought it was the bass last night at Circus. I missed out on the Virgins last night; kinda felt like high school all over again. But a bout of Sunday laziness brings us Moz's new jam, live from Jimmy Kimmel last week, with a well-placed shout-out to Lux Interior at the end. Song's OK, meh, our Lord & Savior has done better.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Lights & Andre Obin on Sunday

With the exception of the entire Maple Leafs organization and those horrendous black Blue Jays uniforms, I pretty much love everything that comes out of North America’s finest city, Toronto.

So I’m fairy intrigued by the Sunday night lineup at the Middle East this weekend, as Ontario-based synthpop project Lights and ex-Matters & Dunaway half Andre Obin help extend the weekend with some dreamy, atmos-lectronic musical flair. (9pm, $9)

First off, Obin is one of the best musical minds this city has to offer, and I’m excited to hear his techno-shoegaze-y solo work and how he translates it to a live setting. But then there’s this Lights band, which isn’t so much a band as a one-woman wonder-show surrounded by two helping stage hands and an army of synthesizers, key-tars and computers.

Lights, born Valerie Poxleitner, describes her music as “nervous sheep straddling a rocket to bring a daisy to a wolf in stilettos waiting lonely on the moon.” I’d also say it’s ballad-y electronic dream-pop that’s frighteningly radio ready.

Thirty seconds into “February Air” – which must be cold as fuck being from the T.O. – and I’m convinced this ridiculously beautiful and talented woman (creepy old man alert!) will be the Next Big ThingTM by year’s end. I don’t want to start saying silly things like synthpop version of (*insert Top 40 female piano-playing pop star here*), but uhhh... this stuff is pretty amazing. <3

Dan Shea to take over Church?

From my Herald HOTLINE blog: Just got word that Dan Shea, local DIY/all-ages show kingpin and booking agent of the Milky Way in Jamaica Plain, is going to take over live booking at Church, the fairly new club in the old Linwood Grill space not far from Fenway Park.

The switch takes effect on March 1, though sources say it's not "official" yet.

The move makes sense with the Milky Way closing next month. But I thought current booking guy Nick Blakey, who also plays with the In Out, was doing a good job over in the Fens, bringing in a lot of the garage rock stuff that was displaced with the Abbey Lounge closing. In an email, Blakey said it was his decision to depart, though not without some reservation.

After opening about two years ago, Church has been hosting a mix of dance parties and rock shows, recently booking Kill Rock Stars' Marnie Stern and partnering with FNX Radio for a Ting Tings show. More to come...

I've found the hangover cure, euree-KUH!

So many years of rolling into the newsroom crunked out my dome piece, and all this time, I was simply just hanging in the wrong spots. Turns out all you need to avoid weekday hangovers are watered-down screwdrivers that cost $12! That'll learns-ya. While DJ Paparazzi kicked ass and the So Dope relaunch lived up to it's moniker in immediate sights, faces and sounds... damn, I just can't roll with the downtown nightlife scene. What a deplorable area riddled with musclehead bouncers, date-rape kits du jour and overpriced drix.

Yeah, Vanya newsflash 1998!, I know, but still. Tough area, that Theatre District. Give me the dirty cultured villages of Allston or Central Square any day of the week. And bring back those famed newsroom hangovers. They weren't shit to begin with.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

LA Weekly: Is Google deleting blog posts?

LA Weekly talked to Boston blogger Ryan Spauling of Ryan's Smashing Life over the issue of Google possibly deleting his music blog posts that contain mp3s. It's a good read and even has jumped in on the issue. Check it.

Lydon's butter face saves UK company

From my Herald blog: Never mind the butter, here's a Sex Pistol.

British newspaper the Guardian reported this week that sales of the UK's Country Life butter saw a sales increase of 85 percent after hiring former Pistol mouth and punk icon John Lydon to appear in the company's television ads.

"Lydon, once better known for sending chills down the spine of middle Englanders, now appears adept at sending them to the chiller cabinet," wrote Guardian scribe David Teather in Tuesday's edition.

The spiky-haired Lydon appears dressed in tweeds and goes on about how he loves the butter not because it's British, but "because (he) thinks it tastes the best."

Who needs a holiday in the sun when you have Rotten butter in the morning? Last year, Lydon defended his appearance in the $10 million ad campaign to the Guardian.

"People know I only do things that I want to or that I believe in and I have to do it my way," Lydon told the paper. "I've never done anything like this before and never thought I would, but this Country Life ad was made for me and I couldn't resist the opportunity."

File it under "God save the cow."

Saturday night: Circus vs Virgins

Looking beyond tonight's sure-to-be-epic So Dope throwdown at Venu, Saturday night we have another weekender's Slate of Great, this time in the hood now known as Allston Dance City.

Circus, the best party in Boston I don't put together, brings the electro once again, though I might not be allowed to reveal that Chris Crisis and MC Incite is actually secret code for Hot Pink Delorean, or at least 2/3 of it, but hey, there it is. Providence's Knowlton Walsh always brings his own flavor, so once again Privus Lounge is the place to dance.

Adroitly countering the beats with indie rock treats is Great Scott, who welcome NYC kids the Virgins to the Abbot Square joint just down the street. I loved the post-punk cocaine-comedown disco vibe to the Virgins debut album -- a lot -- especially tracks "Rich Girls" and "Teen Lovers," so I'll be doing the Harvard Avenue Shuttle once again.

So to recap: tonight we're at So Dope, tomorrow we have an all night dance party at the pill then Saturday we're splitting dance atoms between Privus and GS. The great times of 2k9 roll on...