Monday, February 23, 2009

New party: Disco-nnection Tuesday

With July's 30th anniversary of the legendary Disco Demolition night in Chicago, it's only fitting that the party genre is back in full force from coast to coast through sub-revivals in indie, electro and pop music. Boston jumps into the disco mix tomorrow night at Middlesex with Disco-nnection, a new monthly night from Brendan Wesley of A-Kult/GoodLife.

This should be a better party than "Color" (Oof, remember that?) Here's word from Wesley:

This Tuesday, Feb 24th. Disco-nnection w/ Myself & DJ Supreme One (You may know him as Serge)-Free-. You all know me and that I am a disco junkie and my style is strongly influenced by all those grimy, lost underground tracks that time forgot... We will be playing mostly organic sounding underground disco boogie/funk and some classics as well.

Come on Boston, I know there are some real disco/house heads that know how important this night is for the scene. It's not all about Electro, Hip-Hop and minimal techno is it? We get deeper than that don't we? Let's make New York proud ;)

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