Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wednesday: Bodega Girls vs Top Chef

First World Problem come tomorrow night: Stay in and watch the conclusion of the Top Chef finale (on my new 46-inch HD-TV, no less; hit up Circuit City for wikkid discountz!!!) or roll to Middlesex for Bodega Girls' Lo-Fi Hedonistic Dance Party.

Ain't gonna lie: I've been sleeping on this shit for a few months now and the morning-after reports are always glowing, with King EvRock spinning funk hits and the band playing two sets. Maybe this will be the week I finally hit this shit up.

Or maybe I laze it up and watch Stefan and his arsenal of Urban Outfitters t-shirts take his rightful place in the annals of reality show start-to-finish Hall-of-Fame ass-kicking. (Just kidding, everyone knows Carla will win this shit, make goofy Bill Cosby faces for 10 minutes straight and "hootie-hoo" herself to internet GIF infamy. Guh. At least I'll always have Padma.)

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