Friday, February 6, 2009

Lights & Andre Obin on Sunday

With the exception of the entire Maple Leafs organization and those horrendous black Blue Jays uniforms, I pretty much love everything that comes out of North America’s finest city, Toronto.

So I’m fairy intrigued by the Sunday night lineup at the Middle East this weekend, as Ontario-based synthpop project Lights and ex-Matters & Dunaway half Andre Obin help extend the weekend with some dreamy, atmos-lectronic musical flair. (9pm, $9)

First off, Obin is one of the best musical minds this city has to offer, and I’m excited to hear his techno-shoegaze-y solo work and how he translates it to a live setting. But then there’s this Lights band, which isn’t so much a band as a one-woman wonder-show surrounded by two helping stage hands and an army of synthesizers, key-tars and computers.

Lights, born Valerie Poxleitner, describes her music as “nervous sheep straddling a rocket to bring a daisy to a wolf in stilettos waiting lonely on the moon.” I’d also say it’s ballad-y electronic dream-pop that’s frighteningly radio ready.

Thirty seconds into “February Air” – which must be cold as fuck being from the T.O. – and I’m convinced this ridiculously beautiful and talented woman (creepy old man alert!) will be the Next Big ThingTM by year’s end. I don’t want to start saying silly things like synthpop version of (*insert Top 40 female piano-playing pop star here*), but uhhh... this stuff is pretty amazing. <3

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