Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Potential all-ages venue: Limelight?

Outside the Middle East on random weekends and the occasional Hollywood electro-crunk teen-rock show at Harper’s Ferry, there aren’t many all-ages options in Boston that don’t involve churches, VFW Halls or some dude’s sketch-city basement. So I’m kinda intrigued at this show tomorrow night at Limelight Stage & Studios on Tremont Street, which from my knowledge usually pays its rent by catering to the karaoke crowd.

On tap is a fairly solid bill featuring Battle House, Piles (who replaced Amoroso like 5 minutes ago) and Hot Box (A noisy boy-girl quartet who I think will have a great 2009, starting with their EP release party at GS March 29). Not coincidentally, this is the type of lineup found at an Allston house show.

There is already skeptical talk on Lemmingtrail about no dancing being allowed and other silly contract-bound rules, so who knows if this will take off as a viable space or not (the bands even seem miffed). But it’s worth a shot, especially with its proximity to Emerson College and being in the heart of the city. I definitely don’t expect it to become like the Smell in Los Angeles, but at least it’s... uh, something, right?

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