Friday, February 27, 2009

Called out by Puck Daddy of Yahoo

Got a nice shoutout on yesterday's Yahoo Sports' Puck Daddy blog over my punch-the-TV comment regarding Brodeur's MB30 mask. Well, the mask remains, and so does the television -- amazing what a shutout can do for electronics' lifespan. But obviously I was talking ragtime. Geez, if anything I'd scrape off my Devils logo tattoo on my forearm with Kevin Todd's old rusty skateblade. Here's the text and link:

Preview: Colorado Avalanche at New Jersey Devils (7 p.m. EST; TV: ALT, MSG2). What the hell is Marty thinking by wearing his evil injurious voodoo mask instead of going back to the three-Stanley Cup lid? Vanyaland bought a TV for Brodeur's return tonight; now it's getting punched. Thanks, Marty.

For the record, I still hate the MB30 mask, in part because it's promo for his website, and also because the J paintjob was just so damn cool and a staple of those Cup teams. But Brodeur is still the Greatest, so I suppose I need to cut him some slack.

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