Wednesday, February 4, 2009

DJ Paparazzi hits So Dope (02.05)

Another week, another LA DJ takes over a Boston party. This time, it's DJ Paparazzi, who hits the So Dope relaunch tomorrow night at Venue, according to today's Hotline column.

The 24-year-old DJ Paparazzi, who hit his handle from his background as a portrait phototog, spins at the Dance party in LA each Tuesday, and was a part of the Check Yo Ponytail crew and pretty much every other vital West Coast party, working with the likes of Le Castle Vania, Franki Chan, Acid Girls and Guns N' Bombs, all of whom I'm blown Vanyaloads over on this blog.

Pretty cool to have him in Boston, though as he told me by phone yesterday, he's never DJ'd in a sub-frigid climate. Hope he brings a parka.

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