Monday, February 16, 2009

Operahouse in Allston tomw (Feb. 17)

While tonight I’m locked into Taco Night with VH1's I Love Money 2 and For the Love of Ray J -– which breeds a double entendre not initially intended -– my socialitic musical brain is looking forward to tomorrow night, when UK indie lads Operahouse hit Great Scott.

The show is presented by Stranded in Stereo, which has my deepest affection for turning me on to Arizona synthpop duo and current pill superstars the Foxglove Hunt though its CD series last year. I didn’t even know Operahouse, a breezy London-based modern rock quintet, even existed until a few hours ago but this could be one of those “I saw them with a dozen people in February, where were you?” kinda gigs.

The songs posted online, especially “Genius Child,” have a cool Charlatans UK /Bowie type vibe to it, with squealing synthesizer loops to ensure that vintage 2008 sound. There’s some Cool Britannia DNA at work here, and the blogosphere is already ripe with Radiohead, Muse (“Change in Nature”) and even Jeff Buckley (“Criminals”) comparisons, all of which are fair upon first listen. When's the NME cover shoot?

In any event, it looks like Operahouse is doing the eastern-US swing in prep for SXSW next month, so kudos to GS for directing them to Boston. As the internet tells me, Operahouse’s “Change in Nature” EP drops stateside Feb. 21, so it should be available at the show. Bring extra cabbage.

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