Sunday, January 31, 2010

Buddha resurfaces in a McDonalds ad!

So I'm sitting here watching the Kings-Devils game on MSG (finally ordered Center Ice) and up comes some shitty McDonalds commercial, and -- HOLY SHIT IT'S BUDDHA from "I Love New York 2" and "I Love Money 2"!!!! Oh, Ezra, we missed you so! But damn, marketing fail, they really shoulda gotten Tailor Made to play the cocky white athlete. Let's keep that battle going!

Gotta get $$$ where you can find it. What's next, Feisty from "For The Love of Ray J" in a University of Phoenix ad?! Hm.

Mooninite hoax 3 year anniversary

Where were you when Aqua Teen Hunger Force was blowing Boston to bits? Can't believe this was three years ago... Free Zebbler, or something.

Wednesday: KEM PA SOTE Haiti benefit

I'm DJing the Kem Pa Sote benefit for Haiti Wednesday night at the Middle East in Cambridge. I asked to spin the early set, so I can cut out for a bit for the Armory's opening party in Somerville, but if you're around Central on Wednesday, do drop by -- four great bands and three great DJs (well, OK, two great DJs and then my sorry ass) all for a great cause.

"Kem Pa Sote" means "I'm not afraid," or something similar to that sentiment. Word.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lola, Eddie Izzard & the NJ Devils

Well this pretty much sums up my life. The whole "Doppleganger Profile Pic" trend on Facebook began as me posting a glam shot of Eddie Izzard, who I've been known to closely resemble ( I grew out of Sebastian Bach in high school when I stopped growing vertically and bulked up horizontally). Then Mikey Lee threw on the Devils jersey, and T3 added my cat, Lola. All I need is a Suede block-letter necklace and a copy of Less Than Zero and 30 long years are summed up in one shot. Amazing.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Hot shit: Penguin Prison's "A Funny Thing"

The day started off with a hodgepodge of weird shit -- Moody Blues, Cascada, Tesla, Girls -- but was ultimately owned by Penguin Prison, a New York City bloke who is correctly described as a cross between Hall & Oates and Hot Chip.

Alexandra from High Rise PR tipped me off to this, and word is it's another Neon Gold Records release. After pimping dope new shit from Yes Giantess, Marina & the Diamonds and Ellie Goulding (more on her in a day or two), Neon Gold has struck... erm, well... neon gold once again. Talk about a WHITE HOT label. Play this at some party over the weekend. Shit kills.

The gospel from High Rise PR: Penguin Prison’s irresistibly quirky sound resides somewhere between the likes of Hot Chip, Hall and Oates, Ultravox, Wham and the Jackson 5. Born and raised in Manhattan, the mecca of musical endeavors, Chris Glover aka Penguin Prison has never been short of inspiration. Raised on a healthy diet of Michael Jackson, Prince, A Tribe Called Quest, Nat King Cole, Nirvana and Weezer, he soon began to channel such influences, and feeding them into his own musical meanderings, that led him toward a sound that combines classic influences of pop, soul and rock and roll.

Bearstronaut live @ the pill TONIGHT

Quick hit: Boston dance-pop quartet Bearstronaut swings by le pill tonight in our first live gig of the New Year. Fuck yeah. They may or may not hit the stage to the Happy Mondays' "Good Cop."

And to celebrate, I had the boys come up with a Top 5 Playlist for the weekly pill mailer last night...

Bearstronaut's Top 5 Northern Soul jams

1. The Contours - "Just a Little Misunderstanding"
2. The Orlons - "Spinning Top"
3. Arthur Alexander - "Soldier of Love"
4. Brenda Holloway - "Every Little Bit Hurts"
5. Dee Dee Sharp - "What Kind Of Lady"

01.30: Hot Pink Delorean @ Great Scott

As I look back on the last few years and attempt to wrangle up any positive experiences I've had, I get all warm and tingly when I reflect on days spent at the first chapter of 435 Cambridge listening to Hot Pink Delorean demos and mixes. Those were some good times, and while I'm not drinking straight from the bottle anymore, I think I'll hit up Great Scott tomorrow night to catch my buds get all electro sleazy in the Allston Rock City. It's everyone's birthday, apparently. Happy birthday.

Hot Pink Delorean usually play the downtown circuit and save their juice for gigs with MSTRKRFT and Steve Aoki and shit, so it'll be sweet to see them headline a smaller bar a few blocks away from my space. I need some Saturday night electro throw down in my life, even though hearing these jams carry some emotional weight from yesterdaze (kinda but not really but maybe I dunno everything is weird). This should be quite a party, regardless of my mental state.

Hotline: The Roxy to relaunch as Royale

Talked to DJ Dave Ralph yesterday about his vision for the new Royale nightclub, which officially replaces the Roxy in March. Ralph really has his shit together, and is trying to create a sort-of Avalon 2.0, which Boston has missed since the Lansdowne Street club shuttered in 2007. Some great quotes from him in here, and I'll have an update in the next few weeks, detailing what Royale will look like...

By Michael Marotta / Hotline
Friday, January 29, 2010 - Added 17h ago

The Roxy is getting the Royale treatment.

The defunct Tremont Street nightclub will reopen in March as Royale under the direction of Dave Ralph, the former DJ and music director of Avalon (now the House of Blues). Ralph will oversee the operation of the renovated, 800-person room.

“The Roxy is closed. It doesn’t exist anymore,” Ralph said yesterday. “It’s a new day, a new face and a new attitude.”

After Avalon shuttered in 2007, Ralph, a staple in the house and dance scene for more than 20 years, relocated to New York and became music director of the Webster Hall nightclub. After returning to Boston a year later he began booking international DJ acts into the Roxy including David Guetta, Carl Cox and Benny Benassi. But with Royale, Ralph sees the chance to re-create what he liked about Avalon.

“We’ll do everything we used to do at Avalon,” Ralph said. “It was a great business model.”

Ralph says he plans to emulate Avalon’s blend of DJ dance nights and live concerts.

Royale will remain under the Roxy’s ownership of Lou Delpidio’s Boston Ballroom Corp. But Ralph will have free reign to reshape and run the space. He says he’s already spent a significant amount of money on the renovation.

“Structurally, yes, you’ll recognize it, but you’ll feel very different being there,” Ralph said. “It’s very cool what we’re doing. Our goal is to not come across with a South Beach vibe. We want to celebrate the antiquity of the room” (which in a previous era was known as the Bradford Ballroom).

Ralph hopes to see Royale unify a dance scene rooted in house and techno that has exploded in Boston in recent years, despite the loss of Avalon.

“When Avalon closed, the dance scene dissipated into small pockets,” Ralph said. “Avalon was a melting pot, a massive room with an 1,800 capacity. After that, this crystallized club of Boston didn’t exist. It all went away with Avalon and, to be honest, not everyone wanted to come to the Roxy. When we had MSTRKRFT here last year, people who had never been here before said this place is amazing.”

Ralph praised the weekly parties at the Good Life, Middlesex Lounge and Wonderbar for keeping the dance music culture afloat locally, but he has his eyes on a bigger prize.

“In Boston, it’s great to see all these micro scenes,” he said. “But for the most part it’s dead. Bringing it all together is something we’ll explore.”
E-mail your nightlife news or event listings to mmarotta@boston

La Roux la neux date this weekend

Oh shit, I completely spaced on the re-scheduled La Roux date at the Paradise RC this Sunday. Was debating heading to Jersey for the Kings-Devils game, but I'll stick around to get all sweaty with La Roux and Yes Giantess. The weekend just got BRIGHTER.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hotline: Weekend Flyer Roundup (bringin it)

Every Thursday my Hotline elves help me round up some choice-ass nightlife options around Boston for the weekend, and I end up posting them all gallery-blasted here. This is a sampling:

And since I never hype my own parties in this space, I'll do it here. Bearstronaut @ the pill tomorrow night:

Listen to The Knife's 'Tomorrow, In A Year'

EDIT: And now a Hotline cross-post: A fitting treat on this cold and dreary Thursday in a post JD Salinger world -- Swedish experimental electro duo the Knife has posted its new album "Tomorrow In A Year" for our listening pleasure at

Sounds all kinds of spooky a few songs in... And no, doubtful we'll find a "Heartbeats" on this offering. Fans can also use the website to purchase the album.

Official word: The Knife, in collaboration with Mt. Sims and Planningtorock - "Tomorrow, In A Year," is now available to buy directly from the Rabid Records store below as a download or pre-order a CD copy and receive the download instantly.

To read more about the project visit the "Tomorrow, In A Year" website:, where you can also hear "A roundtable conversation on Tomorrow, In A Year" featuring The Knife (Olof and Karin), Planningtorock and Mt. Sims

Cheaps: Snuggie drunk, Urban Outfiters opening & [regular] skanks

Oh Thursday, you are so kind to me with your Boston Herald Cheap Thrills column. On tap this week: A Snuggie Pub Crawl in SVL, Appreciation Post opening the Allston Urban Outfitters and Maxim hosting a "Hottie Search" at Splash. LOLzers!

Union Square Snuggie Pub Crawl

Saturday from 8 to 11 p.m., starting at the Independent, 75 Union Square, Somerville; 21-plus, $5 (with a percentage of proceeds going to local youth program)
After more than 60 organized events nationwide, Boston finally gets fuzz-buzzed this weekend as the first Snuggie Pub Crawl launches at the Independent in Somerville. While the pros of this event include comfort, warmth and not having to make a last-minute run to Chess King to score some hot new club duds, the cons are obvious: Everyone’s wearing the same outfit and things can get ugly if someone decides to go commando. This piece-o-fleece pub crawl makes its way through Union Square watering holes - from Precinct to Sally O’Brien’s to P.A.’s Lounge - and participants will eventually crown a Snuggie king and queen. There’s also a Snuggie Clown Car feature, where as many people as possible will attempt to squeeze into one oversized Snuggie. Let’s hope someone brings some ShamWows in case of spills, and anyone who steps out of line searching for a hidden Booty Pop gets a Slap Chop to the noggin. Walk it off like you were still on the couch.
Info: 617-440-6022, e-mail;

The Appreciation Post performs Urban Outfitters’ Allston grand opening

Tonight from 6 to 8, 226 Harvard Ave. Allston; all-ages, FREE
A few weeks ago under the cover of night, some hipster ninja - or angry punk kid, who knows? - spray painted “Get the (expletive) out of Allston” across the front door of the new Urban Outfitters on Harvard Avenue near the Brookline border. Well, the trendy clothing chain didn’t take the free advice (or was it just brilliant marketing?), and tonight celebrates the grand opening of its fourth area location. Keeping true to the charm of Allston Rock City, Urban Outfitters has invited synth-fueled popsters the Appreciation Post to christen the fancy new joint with a free all-ages concert. Whether the band will be placed in housewares or near the giant pile of black hoodies emblazoned with the Misfits’ Fiend logo is anyone’s guess, but awkward rock shows in sparkling new retail stores are always a good time. DJ Taylor Walker spins the hits before and after the band.
Info:, 617-232-0321


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Download: Yes Giantess' "The Ruins"

Oh snap. A few days ago I posted a note about the new Yes Giantess single, "The Ruins," and the dance-pop quartet's upcoming tour with La Roux (which hits the Paradise on Sunday!). Well, just as I'm getting ready to ghost into some night time adventures, Mangum PR people have passed along an mp3 of the track. Sweet.

Fuck yeah, take that Hump Day!(NOTE: A slightly edited version of this post appears on my Hotline blog.)

Throwed (Mid East) moves to Thursday nights

Props to DJ E-Marce and the gang who put on Throwed, the Middle East's 18-plus electro dance party, for a seismic shift down the calendar to Thursday nights. The change begins this week -- oops if you rolled up last night -- and as a bonus Vanyaland plug, jet down there early on Feb. 4 when Twin Berlin perform live. The move from Tuesday to Thursday also allows the party stay open an extra hour, blasting its way to 1:30am each week. Solid upgrade all around.

Radio Clash: Sandboxers mount protest

Repost from my Herald Hotline blog: Remember the Sandbox? It was a pretty sweet weekday morning show on FNX Radio 101.7 FM until those pesky Men in Suits axed half the staff and reshaped the program into something slightly different called the “No Nonsense Breakfast.”

Well, now “Sandboxers Unite - Bring back The Sandbox” is launching a “formal, peaceful protest” tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. in front of the Phoenix Communications headquarters at 126 Brookline Ave. in hopes of getting the Sandbox back on the air.

Naturally, Hotline is down with this cause, and after all the Conan O’Brien protests the past few weeks, it’s nice to see people up in arms over something. (Full disclosure: I was an occasional guest on the Sandbox, and appeared on the No Nonsense Breakfast two days after its inception.)

Since their abrupt firing several weeks ago, the two Sandbox on-air casualties, Charlie & Special Ed, have taken to the Internet, launching “The Empire” daily radio podcast. Their supporters have amassed almost 2,300 fans for the “Sandboxers Unite” Facebook page and fans have allegedly been bombarding the Phoenix higher-ups with emails demanding the Sandbox be restored. So far, it doesn’t appear likely, though that could change with a strong showing on the street tomorrow morning.

Go ahead, protest away. Do it for Conan.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In My Head: Girls' "Lust For Life"

Ok, totes missed the Party Van on this shit, but I've been all about this Girls "Lust For Life" jam since about Friday. Despite blogasms from here to their hometown of San Francisco -- including like a 9.1 album review from P-Fork -- and the dude WEARING A SUEDE SHIRT IN THEIR PROMO -- maybe I was blinded, I should have listened -- I just didn't latch on like I am now. So pissed I missed the Great Scott show in November.

Here's the "Lust For Life" video, and no it's not the NSFW one where the dude uses the other guy's cockrocket as a microphone. This is a Family BlogTM.

Boston Phoenix Best 2010 -- vote the pill

Hey, it's that time of year -- vote for the pill in the Boston Phoenix' "Best 2010 Readers Poll". We won this in '09, as well as another PHX nod late last year, so it'd be GREAT to win again, but if not, there are many other great parties around Boston just as deserving.

I mean, we can't win every year, can we? Well, maybe. xo Michael V/thepill

Leisure -- EP release @ Great Scott 1.27

It's truly a week of Band Roulette! Tonight I'll somewhat blindly check out Black Light Dinner Party at All Asia (kinda excited), then tomorrow I'm going to give this Allston band called Leisure a shake. They're at Great Scott for an EP release party.

Hell, I'm shallow -- Leisure is my fav Blur album, the one dude is wearing an Ian Curtis t-shirt in the promo pics and their songs, while not immediately captivating, didn't entirely turn me off either. So we'll hit their show and see what's good. Vanyaland -- rolling the dice on Rock since 1978.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Video: Winter'pop 2010 :: live on stage

Ahh, good ol' Mick Murray, coming through with some visual evidence of the weekend's Winter'pop 2010 at Great Scott. He captured all three bands on stage -- Freezepop, BM Linx and Twin Berlin -- but thankfully did not record the 5am arm-wrestling tournament launched by those ass-kickers from NYC. Still searching for Vadum Rankin video, but here's the rock juice. Cheers Mick!

Yes Giantess drop 'Ruins,' tour w/ La Roux

More Hotline action, whatever, I am just one man and today sucks:

The Yes Giantess world domination plan is starting to gain some traction, as the local dance-pop quartet releases a new single next month off Neon Gold Records just after hitting the northeast road with UK electro duo La Roux. The band will also have a Feb. 12 showcase gig at the Middle East as part of Together.

Yes Giantess’ new single, “The Ruins” (not to be confused with local DJ duo Roguewaves’ equally sterling track “Ruins”) drops Feb. 22 via Neon Gold, the New York indie-cool tastemaker label that first offered us stuff from Passion Pit and Marina & the Diamonds.

Here are the La Roux tour dates, which begin with Sunday’s re-scheduled show from last year at the Paradise Rock Club, followed by some Yes Giantess presser deets from the Magnum PR folks:

Tour Dates w/ La Roux:
1/31/10 Boston, MA @ Paradise Rock Club
2/1/10 Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall
2/3/10 Quebec City, QC @ Imperial
2/5/10 Montreal, QC @ Metropolis
2/6/10 Ottawa, ON @ Capital
2/10/10 Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
2/11/10 New York, NY @ Webster Hall

Yes Giantess Announce US debut single and tour supporting La Roux

The Boston foursome Yes Giantess is ready to become a household name in 2010. They're unleashing some of the biggest jams you'll hear all year, starting off with their US debut single “The Ruins.”

Produced by Starsmith -- the acclaimed British beatmaker lurking behind Ellie Goulding's shadow --“The Ruins” veers towards the darker end of the pop spectrum. With a gut-rumbling bassline, pulsing and hypnotic synth wizardry, and an undeniable hook, this one may very well call for repeat listens. The 7-inch is backed by b-side “Call My Name,” a light R&B jam to a forlorn lady.

The video for “The Ruins” is directed by the Brooklyn duo of Ben McIntire and Danny Abel. The 1930s-sci-fi-inspired epic features femme fatale robots, a kidnapping, and heavy fog; all of which perfectly compliment “The Ruins’” insistent, throbbing brand of pop. Also keep an eye out for a slew of remixes coming from some of the hottest new young players about. The band will be providing unique video content to complement each remix - all of which will be available online.

IMH: Black Light Dinner Party 'Older Together'

So hey look, apparently there is this band from the "East Coast" called Black Light Dinner Party. Here is all I know about them:

- They have but one song on their MySpace, the fantastically shimmering synth-pop tune "Older Together." It has only 39 plays, and I'd bet more than half of those came from the LTD over the weekend. It's got a nice little sparkle ride to it, and I'm curious to hear more. It's quite a song.

- They are playing tomorrow night at All Asia Cafe in Cambridge. Other bands are probably playing. I doubt I will enjoy the others.

- Apparently one of the BLDP dudes is DJ Fantastadon, according to my sleuthing roommate. The others are from New York. They may or may not DJ.

Well, these three tidbits of knowledge add up to me making plans on a Tuesday night and stepping foot inside All Asia for the first time ever. Really, listen to "Older Together" and tell me it's not dope. U wont / U can't.

Listening to 'Together' artists on

Re-post from the Hotz: The week-long Together Electronic Music Festival kicks off a fortnight from today, and in addition to this pretty as a kitty flier just released a few moments ago, organizers have also created a library where folks can listen to some of the artists that are performing.

Right now there are 45 tracks from everyone from Neon Indian (Feb. 11 @ Great Scott) to Steed Lord (Feb. 14 @ Thunderdome), and it's certain to put some bounce in this dreary Monday afternoon. We are particularly enjoying the Congorock samples. Catch Congrorock along with Klever and a host of local celebrities at the "We The People" mega party Feb. 10 at Estate. There's also a free download offer of the Mystery Roar track "Fantasies" and Coralcola's "Egggirl," so get on those as well.

A cat with a cat-shaped spot. No, really.

This morning I saw this on Lemmingtrail, and felt it was worth stealing. I mean re-posting.

Thanks -- Winter'pop aftermath

What a weekend. The Pill was balls out packed out on Friday, then Winter'pop 2010 was a total success the following night. From Twin Berlin destroying early on to BM Linx holding arm-wrestling court at the Freezepop afterparty -- and all in between, from their live performances to Vadum Rankin melting indie faces with electro paces -- the whole shebang was a fucking blast.

Stay tuned for Spring'pop 2010, coming sometime in early May, then Summer'pop 2010 in July, perhaps my final non-pill party in Boston. In the meantime, here's a BM Linx fan sketch whipped up during their set.

Friday, January 22, 2010

02.04.10 - 02.05.10 :: the pill - 5 years @ Great Scott

When Technoir MA releases its new EP with us at the pill on Feb. 5, the night will hold another fine distinction -- our 5th year anniversary at Great Scott. Where does the time go?

To celebrate, I created a pill MBTA flyer (with the aid of Photoshop and mad izm), detailing every band to have ever played the pill in the Allston Era. Obviously, it's more readable when blown up poster-size, but you get the idea.

TOMORROW: Winter'pop 2010 @ Great Scott

After months of planning, Winter'pop 2010 hits Great Scott in Allston Dance City tomorrow night. Doors open at 9pm with Michael V (the pill) firing up the indie dance party, and closes out at 2am with an electro banger assault from Vadum Rankin (Circus, FTW, Sweat, the LTD).

In between are three of Michael V and the pill's favorite sons and daughters: Freezepop, BM Linx and Twin Berlin, merging indie and dance in a fluid steam of party decadence.

Details are below. Let's kill it.

: Vanyaland presents the first-annual :

Saturday, Jan. 23 at Great Scott in Allston Dance City

FREEZEPOP ::: Boston synthpop heroes

BM LINX ::: NYC dance floor mayhem

TWIN BERLIN ::: "pitch-perfect 3-minute indie rock" - the Phoenix

VADUM RANKIN ::: Sleep with him or dance to him

MICHAEL V ::: Vanyaland's golden boy

9pm 21+ $12
Advance tickets for only $10 available through Ticketweb

Great Scott Boston

Dance it up. xo

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hotline: Weekend Flyer Roundup (like whoa)

More crossover from my daytime efforts at Boston's best tab, this time my Thursday flyer series, offering up 32 visual options for your weekend pleasure. Here are my faves...

Cheaps: Findlay, Surrealists & Haiti Help

Hey there Miss Thursday, looking pretty good over there in the corner with your ass in the air and your mind on the weekend. Got some Cheap Thrills? Well I do. I gotz Findlay tonight, Roger Miller's Surrealist Nite on Satz and Good Life going ALL DAY for Haiti on Sunday.

UK crooner Findlay Brown at T.T. the Bear’s Place

Doors open tonight at 9, 10 Brookline St., Cambridge; 18-plus, $7
So what of this Findlay Brown character? The 30-year-old British crooner has a voice that has been compared to Roy Orbison (quite a distinction), a pompadour erected straight from Morrissey’s youth (equally impressive) and an air of cool normally reserved for your grandmother’s opinion of Michael Buble (unthinkable). Now, Brown’s lush, ballroom-inspired ’60s pop is ready for its own close-up, leaving the easy comparisons in a wake of ace songwriting craftsmanship and old-school showman chops. The latest in the increasing line of UK soul revivalists, the arresting current single “Love Will Find You” is best described as the spiritual sequel to Orbison’s “I Drove All Night” and is destined to be the soundtrack to more than a few broken hearts come Valentine’s Day. Brown has even gotten a push from former Suede guitarist Bernard Butler, who knows a thing about retro sounds after producing Brit soul siren Duffy’s critically acclaimed 2008 album “Rockferry.” Now on a short jaunt stateside, Brown’s cool croon seems poised for stardom. The gig is quite a steal at $7, even if the bill wasn’t buoyed by local luminaries Marc Pinansky of Township, Rick Berlin and Sodafrog. Grab your girl and twirl.
Info: 617-492-0082,

Roger Miller’s Surrealist Night at the Arts at the Armory Cafe

Saturday at 7 p.m., 191 Highland Ave., Somerville; all-ages, $8
Roger Miller is sending out the signals, calls and marches for the area’s mentalists. The guitarist for legendary post-punk band Mission of Burma, fresh off a double-dip at the Paradise Rock Club last weekend, is hosting a surrealist game night at the Armory Saturday. In addition to DJ’ing and offering his hand-picked selection of microbrews, Miller will preside as master of ceremonies over several tables of word and drawing games tucked neatly within the internal shadow of the 107-year-old Armory’s stucco turreted cafe. The mind-bending game experiences, developed by French surrealist writer Andre Breton in the ’20s and ’30s, will be explained and led by Miller, ensuring everyone works collectively (the games require groups of three to six people) and there’s all sorts of unexpected juxtaposes and synchronistic sequencing going on.
Info: 617-718-2191,

13 hours of fund-raising dance parties at the Good Life

Sunday: Aid to Haiti from 1 to 9 p.m., For the People from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.; 28 Kingston St.; 21-plus, $5 suggested donation for each party
Each week the Good Life hosts some of the best electronic-flavored dance parties in the city, from OMFG to Visions to Evolution. But as the masses dance the nights away in the venue’s downstairs lounge, the name of the space reaffirms one thing: We’re living the Good Life. With the recent earthquake in Haiti, many folks can’t share that sentiment, so it’s only fitting the Kingston Street nightspot opens its doors all-day Sunday in a 13-hour charity crusade. At 1 p.m., Aid to Haiti becomes a haven for techno, hip-hop and dance rock with more than 10 top local DJs - from Soul Clap to Ryan Foley to Mistaker to Frank White - bringing the nonstop dance party action. Then at 9 p.m., For the People takes over with Brek.One, Bladerunners and Devlin lead the urban sonic charge with more than 15 local businesses chipping in raffle items. Both parties are asking just $5, and all proceeds are marked for Haiti relief efforts. Fund-raisers don’t have to be stuffy events - the word fun is in there for a reason, and the Good Life has it down.
Info: 617-451-2622,

Tonight: Central Square shuffle: a Findlay Roar

Fun times galore out in Central tonight, as the On A Friday Mixer at the Mid Easy features Mystery Roar and Pretty & Nice, then next door my new boyfriend Findlay Brown is gonna dampen up every eyeball in the house with some croon-a-riffic Orbisonrock at TTs. The weekend begins NOW!

Boston Phoenix Editor Pick: Winter'pop 2010

Nice one, Phoenix.

We were salivating when we found what Great Scott's "Winter'pop 2010" has lined up. First up, the ass-kicking New York band BM Linx, a trio of tough guys with a fetish for electro flourishes. Then there's Twin Berlin, who play such pitch-perfect three-minute indie rock, you have to wonder why they haven't found a label. And finally, Freezepop. Whatever these sexy freaks are on - we suspect they knock back sugar packets before their hyperactive shows - it's working for them.

Great Scott, 1222 Comm Ave, Allston | 9 pm | $10 | Filed under: MUSIC

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

4/28: Little Boots & Dragonette @ the Mid East

With a nod over at Hotline, because, well, hot damn! (And yes, that's me and Martina Dragonette on the right, ahem, taken after my DJ set at their GS show a few months ago): Perhaps the hottest dance show of the year hits the Middle East on April 28 when Canadian electro-pop group Dragonette teams with UK dance siren Little Boots.

That is correct: Dragonette’s devilishly sultry front woman Martina Sorbata and Little Boots, a.k.a. Victoria Christina Hesketh, on the same stage on the same night in Cambridge’s Central Square. Sweet mother of Mary, Hotline needs a cocktail.

Now if anyone can give Dragonette’s epic gazillion-light stage show a run for its electro-diva money, it’s Hesketh, who before destroying dance floors around the globe with mainstream-pushing hits like “Remedy” and “New In Town” supplied the vocal-purr for all-female synth-punk dancers Dead Disco.


Sure, this show is still several months away, but it’s never too early to get acquainted. And ticket on-sale info will be posted when it becomes available, because this one might be tough to get into day-of-show. In the meantime:

Here are the full Dragonette tour dates, courtesy of High Rise PR:


March 6 - Neumos, Seattle, WA *
March 9 - The Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA *
March 7 - Hawthorne Theater, Portland, OR*
March 10 - El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, CA *
March 12 - The Glass House, Pomona, CA *
March 13 - Casbah, San Diego,CA *
April 22 - Masquerade Hell Stage, Atlanta, GA
April 23 - 9:30 Club, Washington, DC
April 24 - Pure (Making Time), Philadelphia, PA
April 28 - Middle East, Boston, MA
April 29 - SAT, Montreal
April 30 - Phoenix Concert Hall, Toronto **
May 01 - Metro?, Chicago, IL

* with Fan Death
** Co Headline with Little Boot

Tonight: Girlfriends @ the Alchemist JP

Hotline repost: Earlier this month I listed 10 local bands to look out for in 2010, and one of them, Girlfriends, hits the Alchemist Lounge in Jamaica Plain tonight for a gig that's free as the air we breathe.

Here's what we said in our "10 in '10" picks: Boston loves a garage rock jangle. Fast, agile and all sorts of gritty, Girlfriends dirty up ’60s melodies with brash buzzsaw guitars and already appears destined to be the band that breaks up way before its time.

Hotline can totally see blokes digging through dusty record shops ten years from now looking to find that old rare Girlfriends release. So swing by the Alchemist and buy everything they have. NOW.

Findlay Brown on Letterman

I am ob-fucking-SESSed with this song... "Love Will Find You" is pretty much the spiritual sequel to Roy Orbison's "I Drove All Night." He's at TT The Bear's tomorrow night, and I'll have something about it in tomorrow's Herald. Do. Not. Miss.

'Chinatown' showing tonight at Brattle

the 1974 Roman Polanski classic "Chinatown" is playing at the Brattle Theatre in Harvard Square tonight at 7pm. Jack Nicholson is a motherfucking BEAST in this... WANT.

Somerville Armory aims for all-ages superiority

The Somerville Armory is looking to become a major destination for all ages concerts and events next month, even hiring MassConcerts booking agent Josh Smith to fill the sked. I met with Smith and the Armory last week to discuss the plan, and the piece ran in today's Herald.

Somerville Armory brings in big gun to book all-ages shows
By Michael Marotta
Wednesday, January 20, 2010 - Updated 2h ago

Forget Boston and Cambridge. Somerville is vying to be the region’s prime destination for all-ages shows.

Earlier this month, the Center for the Arts at the Armory hired MassConcerts booking agent Josh Smith to help bring all-ages events to the 395-person capacity performance space - everything from indie rock concerts to theater.

“We’re not trying to turn this into a nightclub,” Smith said. “We have a really good idea of what is appropriate for this space.”

Since scoring an entertainment license a year ago, the Armory has hosted the occasional live music concert - Jack’s Mannequin, Freedy Johnston, and Fran Healy and Andy Dunlop of Travis - to augment its theater, dance and community presentations. But with Smith’s participation, the nighttime entertainment lineup will be accelerated and amplified.

But don’t expect the Armory - a 107-year-old former National Guard building at 191 Highland Ave. purchased in 2004 by Joseph Sater, owner of the Middle East restaurant and nightclub in Cambridge - to become a full-scale rock club.

“There’s a real perception that just because Joseph Sater bought the Armory, it’s going to be another Middle East, only bigger,” said Leila Shulman, the Armory’s director of public relations and marketing. “We’re working with neighborhood groups to assuage some concerns, and while we’re still young, we’re still learning to adapt. Folks who are excited about what we are doing far outweigh the detractors, but we’re very sensitive to their needs.”

Shulman and Smith said the Armory has addressed issues raised by neighborhood groups concerned about late-night noise, rowdy crowds and parking.Sater has invested more than $60,000 to sound-proof the building and, Smith said, shows will conclude by 10:30 p.m. on weeknights and 11 on Fridays and Saturdays. Shulman noted there are 50 free-parking spaces behind the Armory, with two nearby overflow lots if needed.

“We’re not doing dance parties and we’re not going to 2 a.m. in a residential neighborhood,” Smith said.

Shulman said the Armory has yet to have a parking issue. “We have not had any trouble with parking here, including Harvest Fest when 1,000 people walked through the door,” she said.

Upcoming events include Surrealist game night with Mission of Burma’s Roger Miller (Saturday), Boston Symphony Orchestra’s Community Chamber Concert (Sunday), the family-friendly concert series Rock-n-Romp (Feb. 28) and Tyrone Wells (March 15). But expect much more soon.

“It’s a community center, so we want to have diverse programming, from theater to dance to pop music,” Shulman said. “Having Josh here connects us to possibilities we wouldn’t otherwise have.”

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Eli 'Paperboy' Reed track posted online

From Hotline: Listen to the new Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed joint

Quick hit: Rising soul sensation Eli “Paperboy” Reed has posted the first track from his upcoming major label debut for listening pleasures over on

It’s called “Come And Get It,” its got quite the flamboyant hustle in its groove and suggests some sweet hip-shakin’ vibes are on the way from the Brookline native gone international. Reed’s album of the same title is expected to drop in April on Capitol Records, and the lead track is expected to hit iTunes next month.

01.29.10 @ the pill :: Bearstronaut

Ok, back to our regularly scheduled Vanya Masturbation... We have another all night dance party at the pill this week, but next Friday we kick off the 2010 live slate with one of my fave fav fav local acts, Bearstronaut. The Lowell-based synth-rock band is ready for big things after the recent release of the "Broken Handsclaps" album, and I'm pumped to have them at the pill Jan. 29. Sweet flyer after the video jump... (Facebook RSVP here)

Election Day: Vote Martha

Yeah yeah, politics. But we must defeat the beast that is Scott Brown, so I'm taking a break from important issues like Britpop and VH1 programming to show some Martha Coakley love. I used to love watching her hold shit down in the Woburn District Courthouse many years ago, and hope she pulls through today in the Senate race. My boy Jesse Duquette sums it all up quite nicely...

Coachella 2010 lineup announced

Relayed from Hotline: Not a bad haul for this year's Coachella Music & Arts Festival way out in World Famous Indio, California. On first glance, Day 2 is the time to shine bright in the desert sun, with great headliners (Muse, Faith No More) and some buzz worthy fancy-pants small-stage acts (The xx, Girls, Beach House, Temper Trap).

We dig the opening day slate (and love a world where Passion Pit gets equal font-size billing as Echo & the Bunnymen) but figure most should beat the traffic on Day 3 after Sunny Day, the Big Pink and Little Boots wrap up on the outskirts. But overall, a pretty great lineup.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Feb. 10: 'We The People' @ Estate

Fun times guaranteed. More deets coming as it draws near...

Steve Porter remixes Pants On The Ground

Of course he did! Another sterling effort from one of the best... Shit is smoooooooth.

Buy these: Dahlias for Haiti Project

Here's another way to support the earthquake relief efforts in Haiti without blindly texting your money away to some weird, unknown location -- Laura Bee Designs' "Dahlias For Haiti Project." I already bought the charcoal gray flower from the Seattle boutique (the owner is the sister of a friend of mine here in Boston) and can't wait to rock it on my peacoat.

Yes, I'm shallow -- I'll pledge to a cause if it aligns with my fashion sense, but hey, I kinda love these and everyone has their own way of showing support for a unified cause. I'm not one to make bold statements like these, but like Canada's striking red poppy lapel, the dahlias reflect a specific gesture for a worthy cause. And the gray will blend in with my usual black attire, so I'm not going to be that loud about it.

Hopefully these catch on -- it's $12 well spent.

From Laura Bee: Help us raise money to help those most in need in Haiti. Our goal is to sell 200 flowers by February 14th, 2010.

We will donate $10 from the sale of each felt dahlia pin to Mercy Corps, a Northwest based relief organization, for their Haiti efforts.

We'll use the $2 left to cover our shipping and credit card fees costs. We are donating our labor, materials, and design to the effort.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

TOMW: Haiti benefit show at Great Scott

Great lineup pulled together very quickly for a benefit gig at Great Scott tomorrow night, led by the ultra-awesome DJ Die Young, pill veterans the New Collisions and indie-electro upstarts Southern Belle.

Good shit. Tea Party Boston dot com has additional details...

Tonight: Daily Pravda with Spacehog @ HF

While a Johnny Marr-enhanced Cribs are down at the Dise tonight (Men's needs? How about my needs?) I might stay low-cale and hit Spacehog at Harper's Ferry. Not entirely because I'm fancying me some "In The Meantime" retro-'90s glory, but because the fine lads in the Daily Pravda warm things up. Actually, I could probably hit Pravda at 9 then the Cribs down the road, but we'll see. It is Sunday, and all. Here's the Spacehog/Pravda invite, and look for the Daily Pravda's return to the pill -- first since Radiohead Halloween -- in early April.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Britpop Los Angeles: Underground

While we here in Boston will be shaking out bits to the hits reveling at the Suede reunion news down at the pill, 3,000 miles away will find another Britpop dance party -- Underground in Los Angeles. It looks like the famed dance party is back for another round, and while I've only ever been to the old Club Bang, I've known of Underground's existence for several years. Maybe if this picks back up on the regs I'll drop by in the summertime.

Ahhhh, Britpop 2010, get into it. We should do a live webcast or some shit... See you locals tonight at the pill.

Boston Band Crush: Win tix to Winter'pop!

Winter'pop 2010 is just over a week away, and the mighty fine folks at Boston Band Crush are giving away some tickets! You don't even need to answer some weird ass trivia question, like "Where did Michael and Casey first make out?" or "Which member of Twin Berlin has a 12-inch penis?" -- Nope, just enter via email and the winners will be drawn at random. Hit the link for deets. NEXT SATURDAY!!!

NME: Suede to reunite for Teen Cancer Trust gig

Well, this is some fun Friday news: The NME is reporting Suede, era 1996+, will reunite for a one-off gig March 24 (Note: I had an incorrect date previously) at the London Royal Albert Hall for the Teenage Cancer Trust concert.

It's Richard Oakes on guitar, not Bernard Butler, who is busy winning Grammys and producing Lissy Trullie, but I'm okay with that. While my dream of seeing the band in 1993 form will never materialize -- Brett neither has the hair, stature or grandmother's wardrobe any more -- this is still good enough and I'm already on Orbitz trying to get to London next month.

I've seen Suede three times -- twice on the 1997 Coming Up tour and in 2000 at the Iceland Airwaves festival, where they premiered Head Music. Both were religious experiences. Stay tuned...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

01.15 :: the pill :: dance party :: flyer launch

First pill flyer of 2010, featuring Ali CO and shot at the LTD Allston. Deets on this week's party after the image jump...

friday january 15:

all night dance party

britpop.modern indie.beyond

There is an arctic chill in the air, and a growing distance between friendly passerby pushing unspoken boundaries on the strength of exhaled vapor, a scene only finding fleeting solace hung over in a snowbank haze. But along the frozen streets of Allston burns a hidden fire torn across her dark spaces and empty places, blowing soft kisses towards a metallic sheen of winter delight that coats the pill in white light lure.

The city limits and this force within it gravitates cold acts of passion to Great Scott, where the pill fires high another all-night dance party in a disheveled attempt to find meaning in something. This week’s all-nighter may already be the third of young January, but it’s core runs pure by lacking the amplified promotional belles and whistles of the previous fortnight.

Answering the frigid flame knocking upon our weekend, DJ Ken & Michael V push aside the stale birthday cake and lonely empty bottles of Andre for an illuminatingly sterling mixture of Britpop, Modern Indie & Beyond, clearing the stage for the raised-glass immediate need of now before the synth-shined indie beat parade of Bearstronaut joins us on Jan. 29, the first of back-to-back weeks of live performances capped by Somerville post-punk duo Technoir MA’s highly-anticipated EP release party on Feb. 5.

Though may be cultural times lower than the reading on outdoor thermometer, but there is indeed a light that never goes out. The Pill is now. The Pill is forever. And this is a modern world. Look sharp.

Jersey Shore Jr. Jesus H.

Wow. This. A bunch of kids reenact "Jersey Shore." I long for yesterday, when life was all about "Bad Romance" and was so much easier. Found this on Babelgum via BLT.

ITP: Weekend flyer roundup, via teh Hotline

Another Thursday, another weekend flyer roundup posted over at the ol Hotline. Here are some of my favorites, aesthetically speaking...