Friday, January 29, 2010

01.30: Hot Pink Delorean @ Great Scott

As I look back on the last few years and attempt to wrangle up any positive experiences I've had, I get all warm and tingly when I reflect on days spent at the first chapter of 435 Cambridge listening to Hot Pink Delorean demos and mixes. Those were some good times, and while I'm not drinking straight from the bottle anymore, I think I'll hit up Great Scott tomorrow night to catch my buds get all electro sleazy in the Allston Rock City. It's everyone's birthday, apparently. Happy birthday.

Hot Pink Delorean usually play the downtown circuit and save their juice for gigs with MSTRKRFT and Steve Aoki and shit, so it'll be sweet to see them headline a smaller bar a few blocks away from my space. I need some Saturday night electro throw down in my life, even though hearing these jams carry some emotional weight from yesterdaze (kinda but not really but maybe I dunno everything is weird). This should be quite a party, regardless of my mental state.

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