Monday, January 25, 2010

IMH: Black Light Dinner Party 'Older Together'

So hey look, apparently there is this band from the "East Coast" called Black Light Dinner Party. Here is all I know about them:

- They have but one song on their MySpace, the fantastically shimmering synth-pop tune "Older Together." It has only 39 plays, and I'd bet more than half of those came from the LTD over the weekend. It's got a nice little sparkle ride to it, and I'm curious to hear more. It's quite a song.

- They are playing tomorrow night at All Asia Cafe in Cambridge. Other bands are probably playing. I doubt I will enjoy the others.

- Apparently one of the BLDP dudes is DJ Fantastadon, according to my sleuthing roommate. The others are from New York. They may or may not DJ.

Well, these three tidbits of knowledge add up to me making plans on a Tuesday night and stepping foot inside All Asia for the first time ever. Really, listen to "Older Together" and tell me it's not dope. U wont / U can't.