Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Radio Clash: Sandboxers mount protest

Repost from my Herald Hotline blog: Remember the Sandbox? It was a pretty sweet weekday morning show on FNX Radio 101.7 FM until those pesky Men in Suits axed half the staff and reshaped the program into something slightly different called the “No Nonsense Breakfast.”

Well, now “Sandboxers Unite - Bring back The Sandbox” is launching a “formal, peaceful protest” tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. in front of the Phoenix Communications headquarters at 126 Brookline Ave. in hopes of getting the Sandbox back on the air.

Naturally, Hotline is down with this cause, and after all the Conan O’Brien protests the past few weeks, it’s nice to see people up in arms over something. (Full disclosure: I was an occasional guest on the Sandbox, and appeared on the No Nonsense Breakfast two days after its inception.)

Since their abrupt firing several weeks ago, the two Sandbox on-air casualties, Charlie & Special Ed, have taken to the Internet, launching “The Empire” daily radio podcast. Their supporters have amassed almost 2,300 fans for the “Sandboxers Unite” Facebook page and fans have allegedly been bombarding the Phoenix higher-ups with emails demanding the Sandbox be restored. So far, it doesn’t appear likely, though that could change with a strong showing on the street tomorrow morning.

Go ahead, protest away. Do it for Conan.

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