Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tuesday: DJ gig in NYC @ Arrow

Well I haven't been back home to New York in several years, but Tuesday I make a rare appearance when I spin the launch party for Rock Candy, a new electro rock bash going down at Arrow on Ave A in the LES. Jonathan from BM Linx joins me on the decks. So excited.

Mission of Burma select EULA to open free show

Yeah yeah, more Hotline re-posts, whatever: New Haven noisy post-rock trio Eula has won the Battle for Burma contest and will open Mission of Burma’s free show this Sunday at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s East Campus Courtyard. The winner was announced this morning via the the Matador Records blog.

Hotline can’t say it was familiar with Eula before they were Burma-plucked, but hey, this sounds pretty rad. The free, all-ages gig is to promote Mission of Burma’s new album, “The Sound The Speed The Light,” which drops Tuesday. The show starts at 2 p.m. and is all-ages. Good times.

Sunny Day Real Estate on Fallon

I'm such a ripe cunt for not going to this Monday night at the House of Blues (Red Sox game, new roommie getting sorted, actually cooking my first meal in like ever) but now I regret it more after seeing this clip. How I loved this band in high school...

Televandals & New Collisions get FNX Diso nod

From the ol Hotline: Local bands are rounding out the lineup for the week-long FNX Radio Disorientation 2009 concert series, which on Monday kicks off a five night run at the Lansdowne Pub. Cambridge new wave comet The New Collisions will warm it up for synth-pop lad Owl City on Tuesday night, while Allston electro punks Televandals.comhave been tapped to open for Brooklyn hipster duo Matt & Kim on Wednesday.

One remaining slot, a support gig for UK post-punk gloomers White Lies on Thursday, should be announced today. The Diso-’09 series already had some local flavor, as New Hampshire’s Wild Light start it up proper on the launch night.

All the shows start at 7 p.m. and are free, but you have to hit up and get on the guest list to enter. Each night should be a tough ticket in the House Formerly Known as Karma Club.

The oh-so-sweet complete lineup features:

Oct. 5: Dearly Beloved and Wild Light
Oct. 6: Owl City and The New Collisions
Oct. 7: Matt & Kim and
Oct. 8: White Lies
Oct. 9: Black Joe Lewis and White Rabbits

Here’s some promotional words from FNX:

You came to Boston for an education. In times like these, that means you don't have cash for anything else. No problem: WFNX is throwing a week's worth of exclusive FREE concerts at the Lansdowne Pub. You MUST RSVP for each individual concert you want to attend. (RSVP is not a guarantee of admission: all shows are subject to club capacity, so get there early to guarantee your spot.) Tweet #DisO if you go!

ALL SHOWS are 21+ and take place at the Lansdowne Pub, 9 Lansdowne Street in Boston, across the street from Fenway Park. Doors open at 7 pm.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blur's "Song 2" gets electro shock treatment

Yeah, I know, WAY late to this party, but I hadn't heard this before and it's rare my two true loves of Britpop and electro intersect. Been loving the work Trash Yourself has done with El Paso Hot Button lately ("Rubies & Pearls KILLED at the pill last week), so stumbling upon this collab with the always-vicious Toxic Avenger has made Tuesday tolerable. WWDJKT? (What Would DJ Ken Think?) Woohoo, kidz.

Free Marc Jacobs? Is he in prison?

Oh snap, well for those not on the 'Throb this evening, E-Marce is laying down another Throwed party at the Mid Easy. Now on a weekly sked, Throwed tonight promises "hundreds of dollars worth" of Marc Jacobs handbags and accessories for all on the dance floor. Yeah yeah, we all know how these promotions turn out, but I'm trying to not be such a Negative Nancy all the time. Maybe you'll get something. And plus, I wanted badly to make that joke in the headline.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Hello, Traktor

Oh fuck, it is ON in the L T D (the space formerly known as the House of Possums).

Slick Idiot at TTs, Provocateur to upstage them

From today's Hotline on the Slick Idiot / Provocateur gig at TTs tomorrow: So you caught KMFDM over the weekend at the House of Blues and just can’t get enough of that German-craze boot-stomp industrial noise we all knew and loved in tenth grade? Well, in a stroke of booking coincidence, former KMFDMers and Pigface members En Esch and Guenter Schulz hit T.T. The Bear’s Place in Cambridge tomorrow night with their punk-dustrial band, Slick Idiot.

Esch has come a long way from 1993 solo album “Cheesy,” and… ok, well maybe not. But hey, it’s En Esch. That’s got to count for something, right? As the lyric of “Light” went, what KMFDM did for you, was so good for you.

But anyway, give T.T.’s heavy props for setting this gig up with some fantastic local live and dance party support. DJ Chris Ewen of the Heroes new wave party spins before, between and after the bands, and Boston-based dark-pop quartet Provocateur gets things started live in a set-up that’s ripe for upstaging.

After a few years of figuring out their sound, mixing darker elements of glossy electro-pop with a newer wave of Electronic Body Music flair, Provocateur is now poised to break out beyond the underground music circles. They even caught the attention of Los Angeles-based electro tastemakers IHEARTCOMIX, who posted this tidbit regarding the band and singer Matthew Connor to its blog earlier this month: “By chance I came upon this band from Boston called Provocateur and this boy has some sexy damn vocals. They just finished their debut album and I can definitely see some great dance remixes coming out of their work in the future.”

Hotline would love to see the band hook up with the I<3C crew, in any capacity. Listen to two Provocateur tracks, “All Your Friends Are Naked” and “Boy’s Gotta Do” on the IHEARTCOMIX blog, or go the MySpace route and get acquainted there.

Laidback Luke @ Hearthrob tomorrow

Will likely steer clear of this for obvious reasons (Read: Female Problemz), but it's worth a mention that Dutch superstar DJ Laidback Luke helps the Hearthrob kids celebrate three years of Mad Cambridge dance parties tomorrow night at the Middlesex. Kinda dope that a dude who rips it in front of thousands plays the tiny ass MS, but that's what <3throb has always been about: Packing crazy shit out and blowing the roof off Mass Ave Awesome Factory. Advance tix info here, deets on the flyer...

New 'Nightmare on Elm Street' trailer

Got tipped off on this MySpace premiere via the dudes from Boston-based All Things Horror blog, and while I'm a bit remaked-ed out at the moment (don't get me started on "Where The Wild Things Are") the re-up of "Nightmare on Elm Street" looks creepy as fuck. Michael Bay has tapped Jackie Earle Haley to replace the seemingly irreplaceable Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger, and it hits theatres April 30. One, two...
A Nightmare on Elm Street in HD

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wavves tonight at Great Scott. "No Bored!"

Sunday is the new Saturday down in Allstontown, when San Diego ocean-fearer Wavves hits Great Scott. Here's what I spewed on the GS mailer earlier this week... SUNDAY 09.27.09: Wavves with Ganglians presented by MassConcerts

By now we all know about the MASSIVE on-stage breakdown Wavves' Nathan Williams had at Spain's Primavera Sound Festival in May. (If not, YouTube it). Dude just lost his marbles, and everyone with a computer weighed in on the Barca shit-fit. Williams later apologized, but here's the thing: Wavves are fucking sick. Check out "So Bored," which sounds like the Pixies filtered through Hooray For Earth's distorted rumble-strip sonic hard drive designed to solely to upset the chick from Stellastarr*. If that ain't worth 10 bones to see live, then I don't know what is. Hell, it's a Sunday night, and this California band seems to have a career of controversy and great music ahead, so get in on the ground floor and check out this rock n' roll bake shake. Goodness gracious "So Bored" is an ace tune. 18+ 9pm $10.00 tickets

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Turn around bright eyes, it's Saturday

Why do I wake up all fucktrip'd hung over singing Bonnie Tyler? These are the things I'd love to know... Best song.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Morrissey b-sides album cover revealed

Props over to Pitchfork for the deets on the Mozzer's new b-sides album, Swords. And now the album cover art has been revealed on the site, as well. Kinda just whatever, and makes "Years of Refusal" look like the "Queen Is Dead."

"Swords" track listing, from Girlie Action:
SWORDS will be released in the UK on October 26th and November 3rd in the US.
Good Looking Man About Town
Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice
If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me
My Dearest Love
The Never-Played Symphonies
Christian Dior
Shame Is The Name
Munich Air Disaster 1958
I Knew I Was Next
It's Hard To Walk Tall When You're Small
Teenage Dad On His Estate
Children In Pieces
Friday Mourning
My Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye
Drive-In Saturday
Because Of My Poor Education

ITP: Listen: the Ladies of Electropop

From today's "Gotta Love It" page in le Herald: LISTEN: LADIES OF ELECTRO-POP

Love Lady Gaga? Get ready for more of where that came from. A tidal wave of female-fronted electro-pop is crashing our shores this fall. Leading the charge are UK duo La Roux (at the Paradise Oct. 27), British femme fatale Little Boots (formerly of Death Disco) and New Zealand’s playful pop princess Ladyhawke (who recently hit the House of Blues). Entrenched in glossy ’80s synth-pop and modern-era dance beats, electro-pop could be the defining sound of 2010. Check out La Roux’s “Bulletproof,” Little Boots’ “Remedy” and Ladyhawke’s “My Delirium” for an instant dance party, wherever you are. - MICHAEL MAROTTA

ITP: Poster children: rock n roll flyer art

Did today's Boston Herald A&E cover story some of the designers behind the local scene's coolest rock show posters. Was a fun story to do...
Poster Children: Artists Help Promote Local Music Scene
By Michael Marotta
Friday, Sept. 25

Call it art for rock’s sake.

From street poles and bulletin boards in Allston and Cambridge to listings on Facebook, rock concert poster art - which gained traction in the San Francisco psychedelic music scene of the ’60s and developed a cultlike following in years since - is as vibrant and prevalent as ever.

In the 2000s, the art form has exploded on the scene in a fit of amateur and professional creativity. In an age where anyone can get into graphic design using Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator on a home computer, the culture of rock poster art has mushroomed.

“The most important thing is creating art,” said Tom Gallo, a 28-year-old Somerville graphic designer who plays in the rock band Violet Nine and creates the visual identity of the Ryan’s Smashing Life music blog.

It seems that in Boston - a city with thriving art, design and music scenes - there are as many graphic designers as musicians. And every clique has its own idea of what makes a great concert poster - one that fans will hang in rehearsal spaces or bedroom walls and keep looking at long after the show it’s promoting has passed.

“You walk the line between a cool piece of artwork and advertising,” said 38-year-old Ian Adams of Allston, who designs ghoulish rockabilly-themed posters for his band, 8-Ball Shifter, as well as for shows at O’Brien’s Pub. “People need to be able to read it. The art is great, but ultimately the idea is to communicate properly.”

Nicole Anguish, 39, started making artwork for her punk band, the Decals, because she had skills that extended beyond music.

“I was the only graphic designer in the band,” said Anguish, who now does design full-time, including developing iPhone applications for kids. She displays her work on her Web site,

“I was friends with a lot of people who were in bands,” Anguish said, “and I went from there.”

Neal Cadogan, owner of Somerville’s T-shirt design and printing company Hemlock Ink, started out working in copy shops, where he would create fliers for his roots rock band, the Johnny Come Latelies.

“Lots of time left alone with photocopiers, X-acto knives and gum paste,” Cadogan, 35, said to explain the genesis of his poster work. When not printing T-shirts, he now designs about 70 concert fliers a year for local and national bands. He believes that the increase of new designers is directly related to the increased availability of design software.

“You could tell Illustrator is making an impact,” Cadogan said. “There’s a whole generation of designers out there who don’t design anything. The key is trying to mix it with other media and make it your own.”

One measure of the growth of music poster art is, an online archive for followers and creators of rock concert art. The Web site currently features more than 109,000 examples of poster art, close to 100,000 bands and some 8,500 designers.

Like Cadogan, Gallo thinks the accessibility of tech tools is driving the influx of new designers. That so much of their work is unoriginal does not detract from the excitement of witnessing so much activity and interest.

“It’s like with Pro Tools and music,” said Gallo, who showcases his work on “Everyone has Photoshop. There is an overload of work that is not authentic and not high quality, but I welcome all of it.”

Adams names Austin, Texas, designer Frank Kozik, who helped spark the poster art revival in the ’80s, and Sub Pop Records illustrator/cartoonist Charles Burns as influences. He draws most of his art by hand, then incorporates the text into his design as he finds the balance between being true to his art and pleasing a client.

“Visual language has gotten pretty intricate,” he said. “You’ll see themes repeated over and over. But I get psyched when I see people challenge the medium.”

Are posters art or advertising? It seems that in the case of rock posters, beauty is in the location as well as the eye of the beholder.

“When a poster gets framed in a basement somewhere, that’s art,” Anguish said. “The whole purpose (of a design) is to get it stuck in your head, like a song. Rock posters don’t pay the bills, but that’s the fun stuff.”

To see each week’s Boston nightlife posters, go to Michael Marotta’s Hotline blog every Thursday at

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Upon This Tidal Wave Of... memories

Waiting for the Uniform party to start at 6pm, I was going through some old songs on my iPod I've long forgotten about. Came across this jam from 2006ish (?), "Upon This Tidal Wave Of Young Blood" by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah... So weird to think this was at one point in my life the Most Important Song in the World and was slated to be played at my (since called off) wedding's first dance. The memory dancing at the pill to this is intense, and I miss that whole scene and those Barrows afterparty times. Life is really strange... (Yes I know this isn't Livejournal evs city it's still music-related)

Advanced notice: Sun Lee Sunbeam @ the pill

They played last year's Halloween gig as Elastica, they throw a tiara-drunk Black Prom with us earlier this year, and now the Sun Lee Sunbeam close out a remarkable year-long run at the pill with the Oct. 16 release of new album "Beneath The Burning Sky." Haven't heard any cuts from it just yet, but I'm sure it will rule. Mark it down, and here's the flyer-look:

Cheaps: Fluff, college parties & free Chipotle

Thursday bring a slew of weekend Cheap Thrills, courtesy of my weekly column in the Boston Herald. On tap this week: Somerville's What the Fluff fest, dueling college bashes and free Chipotle for the kiddies on Sunday. Yom Kippur? More like YUM KIPPUR AMIRITE?!?!

College Night at the Museum [trailer] of Fine Arts and College Fest: Back to School Party

Tonight at the MFA, 7 p.m. to midnight, FREE; Saturday , noon to 7 p.m., and Sunday, noon to 6 p.m., at Hynes Convention Center, $10. All events require college ID.
Not like we need reminders that school is back in session, but any weekend slate of events that round up a bunch of college students and get them out of our way for a few hours is well worth a Cheap Thrills mention. And it doesn’t hurt when the events are solid, and make college life seem cool again despite the efforts of pop doofus Asher Roth and his inane “I Love College” song. Tonight, the Museum of Fine Arts (where students are always admitted free) kicks things off with its fifth annual College Night, featuring gallery exhibits and performances by the funk-rock party band Love In Stockholm, coffeehouse-circuit singer/songwriter Liz Longley and the electro-hop styling of DJ Ghostdad. Then College Fest takes over Hynes Convention Center on Saturday and Sunday with a motherlode of appearances (from actor Woody Harrelson to the Red Sox [team stats] World Series trophies), as well as live do-ups from singer Jeremih (“Birthday Sex”), emo-poppers Hellogoodbye, intellectual alt-hip-hop artist Talib Kweli and local rising rockers Lansdowne. Peep the link below for the schedules at both events.

What the Fluff Festival

Union Square, Somerville; Saturday from 4 to 7 p.m., FREE
As it turns out, something magical was invented in Somerville’s bustling Union Square, and we’re not talking about unicorns, wookies or the false promise of an MBTA rail station. No, way back in 1917 Archibald Query whipped up gooey edible goodness called Marshmallow Fluff, and in 2006 the insatiably hungry folks in the ’Ville decided to honor the man with a celebration of all things Fluff. Presented by Union Square Main Streets, the annual What the Fluff festival is perhaps the only safe-for-work WTF acronym , offering up live performances by Jordan Valentine & the Sunday Saints, Rex Complex and Los Sugar Kings as well as cooking contests, games and prizes. Last year there was a fierce tug-of-war, and the losing side got pulled into a giant kiddie pool of Fluff. Maybe the college parties listed above should take note on how the adults roll. Bring a towel and your appetite, Fluffers.
Info:, 617-955-0080

Free Food for Kids at Chipotle

Every Sunday through Oct. 11 at all 18 Boston-area Chipotle locations
There’s a burrito chain war brewing in Beantown. Between Boloco, Anna’s Taqueria, Qdoba, Boca Grande and a host of others popping up like guacamole, the potential destinations are as plentiful as the contents wrapped tightly inside a warm, soft tortilla. Now Chipotle is vying for your attention with its Free Food for Kids Sunday program that runs weekly through Oct. 11. To participate, purchase a burrito, salad or burrito bowl for yourself and the tot in tow gets to chow down on a kid’s meal, taco or quesadilla for free. The little lads select their own ingredients, preparing them for life’s great choices, such as where to go for lunch.

Echo tix on sale this morning

In about 20 minutes or so, around 10am, tickets to the Oct. 18 Echo & the Bunnymen show at Great Scott go on sale via Ticketweb. This will be one hot ticket, so get n this shit. I won't have any guest list action. Here's the presser from Fenway Recordings:


BOSTON – On Sunday, October 18th, The Fenway Recordings Sessions will host the truly legendary Echo & The Bunnymen, at Great Scott in Allston, MA.

The Fenway Recordings Sessions launched in early 2003 by Fenway Recordings founder Mark Kates to help brand the label and its artists, and offer a great Boston night for friends and intriguing new artists to play. Since then, the Fenway Sessions have brought some of the best new acts from around the world to the heart of Allston. Dozens of significant artists like Editors, The Ting Tings, MGMT, Klaxons, Diplo, Bat for Lashes, The Cribs, Hot Chip, CSS, Cold War Kids, and Grammy Award winners Wolfmother have all come through the doors of Great Scott for Fenway Sessions. Most of these were New England debuts.

On October 18th, Echo & The Bunnymen will make an exclusive stop on their international tour to play a rare and intimate Fenway Sessions concert. Already this year, the band has played amazing sets everywhere from Glastonbury to All Points West to Hyde Park and SXSW.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Echo & the Bunnymen @ Great Scott Oct. 18

Echo & the Bunnymen are taking to the clubs. Despite a show in November at the House of Blues, the famed British post-punk band today announced an intimate club gig at Allston’s Great Scott on Sunday, Oct. 18. Tickets are $35, limited to two per customer and are on sale tomorrow at 10 a.m. through and Seeing as Great Scott holds 240 people, this should sell out fairly quickly.

The show is a part of Mark Kates’ ongoing Fenway Recording Sessions series, which has brought the likes of Ting Tings, MGMT, the Horrors, Cold War Kids, Wolfmother, Annie and Stellastarr* to the Allston club.

Echo & the Bunnymen’s 11th studio album, “The Fountain,” will be released Oct. 12. One track features a collaboration with Coldplay’s Chris Martin.

In 2006, Allston-based indie band the 8mm Fuzz performed a Halloween night cover set at Great Scott as Echo & the Bunnymen. And now it’s come full circle. “The Killing Moon,” indeed.

Tickets to the Pill Halloween show on sale


We just put a limited number of advanced tickets to the Halloween Show for sale at greatscottboston. Guarantee your place at the pill for a gloriously debauched night of Radiohead, the Clash, the Smiths and the Sounds, with DJs Ken and Michael V spinning the modern indie dance party before, between and after.

This is our 7th year of Halloween tribute shows, so by now you know how we roll. We're opening the gates early for this one (8pm) to accomodate the four live acts, then the dance party commences sometime around midnight. Costumes encouraged; look bloody sharp. xothepill

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Toxic Avenger: "Toxic is Dead" EP

What a week for new music. Just read on the IHEARTCOMIX mailer (always a must read), that the new Toxic Avenger EP "Toxic Is Dead" drops digitally on Sept. 29. Toxic has KILLED IT once again. Damn. Listen to this brutal mechanical motherfucker here, and word from Franki Chan follows the jump.

From the mailer: The first (of two Toxic releases, the other a Scion CD with Acid Girls, Designer Drugs etc remixing him) is the follow up to his hugely successful debut EP called 'TOXIC IS DEAD.' This release will be released digitally on SEPT 29 and on vinyl on OCT 27!! The vinyl comes with a die-cut cover and blood red vinyl! The release features remixes by DROP THE LIME, FRANKI CHAN, CYBERPUNKERS and SOUTH CENTRAL and is every bit as ground breaking. This is the start of a whole new era for THE TOXIC AVENGER!

Crazy announcement from Great Scott

Check in here around 4pm tomorrow for a very awesome concert announcement from Great Scott. I'm keeping quiet up against my will, but through the thick and thin if you read this blog on the frequent and share my musical tastes, you will wait until and be interested in this once-in-a-lifetime show...

Hotline: The Penguin Club launches @ ZuZu

Another Hotline pull this time on the Penguin Club party starting tomorrow night. Yes, I know there are WAY too many hockey references in here. Whatever. At least I didn't make a Kevin Stevens smoking crack joke...

While there's certainly no shortage of dance parties making the rounds these days, another pops up tomorrow night at ZuZu that is light on the electro and heavy on the indie rock.

Organized by Middle East booking agent David Virr and perhaps the finest mix CD-maker in the city, Jeff Sullivan, the night is dubbed The Penguin Club -- because, as they say, if you've ever danced at one of the various soul or house nights at Zuzu, space is so tight you look like a penguin doing so.

Hotline has already exhausted jokes about drinking Jaromir Jager shots and dancing to "Malkin' Time," but feel free to drop your own Tom Barasso or Wendell Young joke down below. And hey, if the night has one great party, a few mediocre ones and then disappears completely, we'll call it the Rob Brown of dance nights.

Or maybe Virr and Sullivan will tank the first few parties and draft the top DJ out of junior to save the franchise. Twice.

Either way, they'll be a "Fleury" of dancing, and perhaps someone will fall down and whine like Sidney Crosby the second someone bumps into him/her. (Ok, enough hockey jokes, sorry.) Here's the official invite from DJs Mario Lemieux (don't tell Cam Neely about this!) and Infinite Jeff, along with a selection from the promised playlist:

This Wednesday, ZuZu's latest new night debuts - come join DJ's Mario Lemieux & Infinite Jeff for a night of indie, dance rock, retro and much more. Nothing against the other dance nights in town, but we feel there's an under-served group of folks out there who just want to dance to good music and avoid cover charges, overpriced drinks and "fotoboofs" (Hotline Note: OH NO YOU DIDNT!").

If that's you, please join us! Mark your calendars because we'll be going every Wednesday this fall (with the exception of the last Wed. of each month), with a rotating group of guest DJ's!

Eli Reed gets Basement Jaxx'd

From the Hotline blog posted a few moments ago: Hey Eli “Paperboy” Reed, where’s your head at? Kicking it with UK dance duo Basement Jaxx, apparently.

The Brookline-born soul singer, now a resident of New York and a member of the Virgin Records roster, appears on Basement Jaxx’s new album, “Scars.” The track, slotted third on the album, is called “She’s No Good” and takes Reed’s retro Southern Delta soul vibe and updates it with a fuzzed out electronic dance-pop sound. While “She” might be no good, the track certainly is and this should expose Reed’s massive talents to the club land dance circuit.

“This was a cool thing to do,” Reed posted earlier this week on local message board Lemmingtrail when the song leaked online. “We actually recorded the track with the whole band and they took pieces of it, then I did more vocals for them at their studio. Really nice guys.”

Reed also wrote that the song is in contention to be the next single, following “Raindrops,” which features Jaxx-man Felix Buxton on vocals. “Raindrops” is already a Top-20 hit in the UK, so if Reed’s jam gets the next single nod, it should get massive attention. And deservedly so.

Reed joins a host of guests on “Scars,” the UK electronica outfit’s latest album and first since 2006, joining featured guest drops by Santigold, Sam Sparro, Kelis, Lightspeed Champion, Yo Majesty, Yoko Ono and others.

“Scars” was released today in a digital format. (Don’t mess with that owl on the cover.)

New Editors tune, "Papillon." It's great.

Well look at this, a new jam from Editors (Thanks to Peter for the head's up). A bit taken aback by the synth beat and late 80s darkpop vibe here, but huh, this is pretty fucking dope. Editors will always remind me of a raven barcoded beauty from a few years prior (another wasted opportunity in the vast Vanya sea of regret), but time has eroded the bad and hearing things like this make me center on what remains.

So in listening to this, there is warmth. Between the new Golden Filter song yesterday and now this today, it's becoming a nice week of musical suprises. Editors' new album "In This Light And On This Evening" drops in October, and I think I'll love it instantly if this track is any indication.

Monday, September 21, 2009

New Golden Filter download: Thunderbird

It's been a year since The Golden Filter's legendary discosynth romp "Solid Gold" first cast a hypnotic spell over the pill dance floor, and after a pretty lackluster performance opening for the Presets a few months ago and some meh-alicious remixes, we were wondering what was up with the blog-hyped NYC duo. Well, the Golden Filter is back, and Dummy Mag has their new jam, "Thunderbird," available for free download. Instant verdict: Fuck yeah.

Expect to hear this, and the remixes sure to follow, in every indie/electro club across the globe from now until eternity. Shit is white hot.

Here are some tour dates, courtesy of Dummy:

You can see them play at the below dates–
24 Sep 2009 at Proud Galleries, London
25 Sep 2009 at O2 Academy, Liverpool
26 Sep 2009 at Start The Bus, Bristol
28 Sep 2009 on Diesel U Radio, London
1 Oct 2009 at Concorde 2, Brighton
2 Oct 2009 at Nude, Helsinki, Finland
3 Oct 2009 at Cargo, London
6 Oct 2009 Hudson Terrace, NYC
16 Oct 2009 at Icelandic Airwaves Festival, Reykjavik, Iceland
24 Oct 2009 at Santos, NYC
14 Nov 2009 Bugged Out / Boots Camp, London
17 Nov 2009 Levi’s Ones To Watch, Hoxton B+K, London
19 Nov 2009 The Pyramid Club, Manchester
20 Nov 2009 Kill Em All @ The Queen Of Hoxton, London
21 Nov 2009 Erste Liga Munich Germany
5 Dec 2009 at Poplife, Miami
18 Dec 2009 at Music Hall of Williamsburg, New York

Sunday, September 20, 2009

the pill turns 12 on October 9. Crazy.

Where were you in 1997? Insane we've kept this party bsnging for so long, and on Oct. 9, we celebrate 12 years of the pill, with VERY special guests, the Dossier, New York's finest synthpop duo that emerged from the beautiful ashes of Saintface. Take note.

The badges down the left side are all bands we frequently play at the night, or live acts that have played our party over the years...

Friday, September 18, 2009

RIP Pela, a band like few others

The weekend, for me at least, starts on a somber note, as I just learned that Pela, a Brooklyn based indie band that will be forever etched among my all-time favorites, has called it a day.

I booked Pela a few times at the pill, and despite always pulling off a fercious live show, it's the songs and songwriting that made Pela so amazing. My friend Jenny Applebaum tipped me off to their early demo years ago, and the first time I ever listened to them I was driving to my girlfriend's house in Somerville from the Lansdowne Street club I was managing, around 3am, when "Lost to the Lonesome" came on. Somehow, as I drove I listened to the lyrics and for the first time in my life, envisioned a conversation with the ghost of my biological mother, a person I have never met nor ever think about. The lyrics became our conversation. While the song is about leaving a town behind a hitting the road, learning the songwriter, Billy McCarthy, was also adopted struck a nerve. These songs, they just resonated. Few things have ever pulled these types of emotions from the depths in which they're buried. But that's what Pela songs did to me.

Musically, I could never explain why Pela songs struck so hard -- they were sometimes simple but never kitschy, always sincere and never trendy. No synthesizers or gadgets. Just four dudes playing the straight up modern indie rock n roll. (A better critic could better describe their sound, draw parallels to influences and contemporaries.) But by god, the music was incredible. "Waiting On The Stairs." "Tenement Teeth." "Trouble With River Cities." "Rooftops." I could go on... This is quite the ramble I got going on here, and my trite words could never do them justice, but this was such a force of a band, such amazing people with fame seemingly inescapable.

But hey, life isn't always fair. In the years I've known Pela personally and professionally, they gave me some of my favorite music ever. And I'm certainly grateful. What a band. What a motherfucking band. Here are some videos, and their "goodbye note" posted down below.

Thank you... and Goodnight
It is with great sadness that we write you today. Pela's collective journey has come to an end.

Over the past 2 years we've faced tremendous obstacles. We recorded an album twice, had a falling out/legal battle with our old label, fired 2 managers, had a big record deal fall through, and Billy had a hand injury followed by a foot injury.

We've worked tirelessly to get our music out of ourselves and into your ears. We worked endlessly to make the music and our live show the best we could. At the end of the day we had to start dealing with some realizations.

We will never be able to thank you enough for your support. For those of you that drove and flew hours just to see a show, we thank you. For those of you who wrote us and gave us the opportunity to get to know you, we thank you. For those of you who told us to keep soldiering on, we thank you. Words can't really describe how we're feeling about this difficult decision, but we want you to know that it's the healthiest decision we could make.

Your lovely faces are etched into our memories. Looking at the Crowd Project videos says it all.

Please keep in touch, we'll promise to do the same.

xoxo- Nate, Billy, Tom, and Eric

Owl City flying high: tonight @ the Paradise

Another thing going on tonight, this time a sold out Owl City show at the Dise RC. I caught up with Adam Young earlier this week for a Herald feature on his online phenom project. Read up.

Young upstart is a wise Owl
By Michael Marotta / Boston Herald

Owl City isn’t a bird-lover’s destination in the Pacific Northwest. Nor is it the subtitle of a new “Grand Theft Auto” video game.

Technically, Owl City isn’t even a band. It’s Adam Young, a 23-year-old from Minnesota who started making music in his parents’ basement in 2007. Two years later, he’s playing a sold-out show at the Paradise Rock Club tonight, and returning to Boston on Oct. 6 for ’FNX Radio’s Disorientation 2009.

Not bad for a bubblegum-synth project that began as a way to deal with a bout of insomnia.

“I started making music partially out of boredom, something to keep me busy,” Young said via e-mail. “I started working with this program called ‘Reason’ and recording with an old condenser microphone. I remember starting to work on an electronic song and the ideas just started flowing.”

Owl City’s dreamy synth-pop soon became an online phenomenon. Young’s songs have been played almost 48 million times on the Owl City MySpace [website] page, with the Postal Service-esque single “Hello Seattle” getting nearly 7 million hits alone. Owl City has pulled more than 270,000 streams on AOL Music and sold more than 310,000 tracks and 33,000 albums online. Young’s first two self-released albums both cracked the iTunes Top 10 electronic albums chart, and last year’s “Maybe I’m Dreaming” penetrated the Top 20 of the Billboard Electronic Music album chart.

With a cult following planted, the major labels took notice. Young signed a deal with Universal Republic, which issued his major-label debut, “Ocean Eyes,” in July. The album made its debut at No. 27 on Billboard’s Top 200.

Did the already successful Owl City need the major-label muscle?

“I kept asking myself that same question,” Young said, “and at the end of the day, the answer was the same. I want to share my music with as many people as are willing to listen and I wouldn’t be able to do that without Universal Republic.”

Young describes the major-label experience as a blessing - no flippant remark given his strong Christian faith. He said he’s still shocked at how Owl City took off.

“Never in my wildest dreams,” he said, “did I think the effort would result in anything other than a handful of songs sitting on my computer, unheard by everyone but my closest friends. I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Hooray For Earth @ the pill tonight

My bio-blurb from the pill boston dot com on tonight's party at GS:

Friday September 18: Hooray For Earth
a jittery display of dirty-pop celebrations
The last time Hooray For Earth played the pill, they were called Raymond, we were in our first year at Great Scott and they busted out a pretty dope Placebo cover that had us all whacked out. Well, we figured it was high time to do another dance with the infamous Boston-NYC dirty-pop dudes, and together we aim to slay Allston Dance City in a fiery display of know-better rock this Friday night at the pill. The jittery, loud lo-fi buzz-rock of Hooray For Earth has always defied categorization and labeling (see?), but New York blog rounded up a few recent praises all tidy-like: Says NPR: "With an ear for both '80s-inspired synth pop and contemporary indie rock sensibilities, Hooray For Earth falls somewhere between The Magnetic Fields and Voxtrot." Check. Says Bostonist: "With their self-titled debut, the members of Hooray For Earth sought a middle ground between Nine Inch Nail’s industrial thrash and the grunge force of Nirvana." Check again. Says RCRD LBL: "Think Joy Division plus Guided By Voices plus a lot of narcoleptic visions." Check City, population: you, Hooray For Earth and the pill. Do it up nice and look sharp.

Catch a preview of Hooray For Earth, including the delicious jam “Take Care,” over at, and while you’re digging, try to find their Christmas song from last year, “I Hope You Get Coal.” Before and after the band, DJs Ken & Michael V spin Britpop, Modern Indie & Beyond at Boston’s best dance party, 12 years running this October.

BBC presents What's Your Major

Another bit of weekend goodness, brought to us by the lovable Boston Band Crush peoples. I'll let the syllabus do the talking... words, words, words, ROCK!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A billion things going on this weekend.

Here's some shit on my radar:

Cheaps: Thunderdome 3D on Friday

Another slice from my Cheap Thrills column, but Thunderdome should stand alone on its own merit. I'm bullshit (as always) this falls on a Friday (I wanna go!!!), but I cannot deny this sheer awesomeness going down tomorrow night. It's cool though, we got Hooray For Earth down at the pill, so everone wins. As written...

Thunderdome 3-D dance party

Villa Victoria Center for the Arts, 85 West Newton St. (South End); Friday, from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., 21-plus, $10 (free 3-D glasses with admission)
People have every right to be skeptical of things billed as three-dimensional experiences - after all, we’re still livid about the cultural short-shrift of “Jaws 3-D” in 1983. And don’t get us started on “The Final Destination.” But now, along come the Thunderdome kids, who have been known to throw some of the biggest hipster dance parties Boston has ever seen. For their first bash in 10 months, Thunderdome slides from Central Square to the South End with the gentle ease of a crossfader nudge in their most ambitious project yet. It’s four hours of a 3-D multimedia landscape, augmenting the techno sonics of DJs Baltimoroder, DevNull and Mistaker with the constant visual experience along five projector screens of VJ Robotkid, who, when not in the clubs, spends his days as Josh Randall, the creative director for Harmonix. And making their live debut is fellow Thunderdome organizer Michael Potvin’s new electro duo, #1 Dad & DJ Fred Mertz. Stops? Consider them all pulled out. In 3-D, of course.
Info:; search Thunderdome 3D on Facebook

Cheaps: Fashionably Late & Allston Fair

From today's Cheap Thrills column in the Boston Herald is a nod to tonight's Fashionably Late party, Sunday's Allston street fair and one giddy little "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reference. How do I get away with this?

Fashionably Late at the Liberty Hotel

215 Charles St. (Beacon Hill); today from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m., 21-plus. FREE with R.S.V.P. to
The weekly Fashionably Late fashion show and dance party series has been a frequent item of the Herald’s Style Calendar, but this week it fiercely sashays over to Cheap Thrills with a mega fashion event at the Liberty Hotel. In a room that was once the Charles Street jail, Boston Ballet teams with local streetwear retailer Karmaloop for a night that blends fashion, dance and music, as the Ballet’s performers rock the runway intertwining style and art. Harvard U. pop duo Chester French performs after the runway show, DJ Clinton Sparks joins resident Michael Savant on the decks before and after the style segment, and Boston Ballet unveils its edgy new brand identity from creative partner Korn Design. And even though the event is called Fashionably Late, let Cheap Thrills quote Kim Zolciak from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” for one stern warning: “Don’t be tardy for the party. ”
Info: 617-224-4004,

Allston Village Street Fair: Urban Mardi Gras

Harvard Avenue between Brighton Avenue and Cambridge Street. Sunday from noon to 6 p.m., all-ages. FREE
For a neighborhood so youthfully vibrant and culturally diverse, Allston gets a bad rap. Sure, the student population can be at times burdensome (and rowdy), but it breeds creativity and a modern bohemia rarely seen in other areas of the Hub. Sunday, the Parents and Community Build Group’s Allston Village Street Fair shows off exactly what Allston offers year-round: a litany of live performances, several local businesses taking to the streets and thousands of people coming together in one giant party. “American Idol’s” Ayla Brown, Three Day Threshold and Casey Desmond highlight more than 30 live performers on three stages; local vendors, artists and craftspeople show off their wares; and Harvard Avenue morphs into Bourbon Street for this year’s Mardi Gras theme. Grab some beads, rock out and have some fun, Allston-style. And if things get too overwhelming, just stroll to the nearby Sports Depot and catch the Patriots game.
Info: 617-254-0632,

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yes Giantess + La Roux = <3

This just in from a source at Live Nation: Yes Giantess were given the opening slot at the Oct. 27 La Roux show at the Paradise. Tickets are on sale now. Fuck YES Gi-an-tess!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"I'mma let you finish" Kanye tumblr blog

Fucking GOLD right here, re-posted from Hotline: And here's something to kill off the rest of your day: The Kanyegate tumblr blog, "Imma Let You Finish". Some posts are NSFW, so scroll at your own risk, and of course, some are funnier than othrs. But let's milk this for all it's worth until we're sick of the whole situation by sunrise.

And the eternal question is buried a few pages deep: "If Kanye can steal the mic, how can Taylor be Swift?"

Remembering the Horrors, Great Scott and Elvis Presley's shattered bust: 03.14.07

So I'm going to see the Horrors tonight (local Asian-influenced neo-shoegazers 28 Degrees Taurus opening!! Fuck yeah!) and I waltzed down memory lane, recalling when the band were booted from Great Scott after smashing a ceramic bust of Elvis Preseley. The bust still has not been replaced, and everytime I peer out to the empry shelf near the Keno screen, I shed a single tear for the King.

Anyway, here's what I wrote the day after the "incident," appearing in one of my first Hotline blog posts, dated March 14, 2007. Where does the time go...

The Horrors get booted from Great Scott

Last night at Great Scott in Allston, UK buzz band the Horrors came in with a bang and went out with a break.

What was initially a pretty mesmerizing 30-minute Bauhaus-worshipping set came to a crashing halt about three-quarters through, when spooktacular singer Faris Badwan decided to climb up onto a ledge (at the other end of the venue, mind you) and grab a two-foot tall porcelain Elvis Presley bust from high atop Great Scott. For those familiar with the venue, the bust was near the ceiling next to the Keno TV screen, by the entranceway.

Badwan (who must have graduated with honors from the Nikki Six Aesthetic Academy) carried the bust back towards the stage, and smashed it into a hundred pieces onto the crowded dance floor. No one was seemingly hurt, but this action caused the set to be instantly aborted and the UK neo-goths were told to evacuate the venue immediately.

They did, and the night was over. All before midnight.

Badwan left Great Scott in a huff, claiming he was spit on by one of venue’s staff. I wouldn’t doubt it happened, as there was a brief scuffle once the bust was destroyed, though I didn’t see it occur.

It was a shame, because while you won’t be humming the band’s songs in your head anytime soon, the creepy five-piece sure know how to put on a show. But Badwan’s frequent jumping down onto the dance floor, where he practically lassoed crowd-goers and at one point appeared to punch a female onlooker in the chest, grew pretty stale. It did, however, get the crowd dancing, even if the invitation brought on one bald-headed buffoon who tried to mosh with the all-female front rows. Peter Murphy must be proud.

It seems Badwan’s aim is to shock, and well, they are called the Horrors. (Even Spin magazine reported he sparked a melee at CMJ last October after claiming to be spit on – seems like a trend here.) But his antics last night added nothing extraordinary to the evening, which, until his lame-o shtick took over, was maybe the Show of the Year in this early 2007. The Horrors, indeed.

This entry was posted on Wednesday, March 14th, 2007 at 11:26 am and is filed under General. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can skip to the end and leave a response. Pinging is currently not allowed.

Peep the Pixies' 'Minotaur' mega-editions

Who got $500 to spend on a Pixies box set?

Monday, September 14, 2009

RIP Patrick Swayze

The sadness never ends. Sigh. Red Dawn. Roadhouse. Dirty Dancing. Point Break. Patrick Swayze was the fucking man, and held shit down like few hunks before or after him. I'm really bummed by this, even though we all saw it coming. RIP, Patrick. Lead us through moonlight, only to burn me with the sun... Or, to quote Roadhouse, "I used to fuck guys like you in prison."

Ladyhawke lands on Lansdowne tonight, HoB

Once again, pulled from my Hotline blog (I swear I'll get more original content up here eventually, but I'd be writing about this here anyway and the Herald pays my bills and Vanyaland doesn't haha): Hotline concert love: Perez Hilton presents Ida Maria, Ladyhawke, Semi-Precious Weapons and Frankmusik, House of Blues, 7pm, $27

Love or hate Perez Hilton, the man has decent taste in music. And tonight he brings a pretty sterling dance-centric bill to the House of Blues on Lansdowne Street, which is safe for concert-goers as the Boston Red Sox have the night off (whew!).

Leading the “Perez Hilton Presents” gig is New Zealand electro-pop princess Ladyhawke, who has joined the likes of La Roux and Little Boots in leading a new wave of female fronted dance music that appears ready for mainstream takeover. Her cuts “My Delirium,” “Paris Is Burning” and “Back Of The Van” are already dance party staples in Boston and beyond, and word on the street is her live show is just as impressive as her eponymous 2008 debut album. There’s a heavy ‘80s synth-pop and underground rock influence here, drawing from the likes of OMD, Kim Wilde and Til Tuesday, but the songs sound fresh and have their own personality.

Born Pip Brown and recently having done time in the UK music scene, Ladyhawke cites her ‘80s upbringing against the backdrop of Stevie Nicks and Joan Jett as heavy influences. But it’s a keen sense of new wave allegiance that’s putting her on the musical map, and tonight we get to see just how legit she is. Many try to cop this sound, few succeed in being relevant a few years later. With La Roux and Ladyhawke, staying power isn’t out of the question.

Also on the Hilton bill is headliner Ida Maria, a Norwegian indie-pop belle who got some Hotline love before her free FNX show in Waltham a few weeks ago and rides high on the hit “I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked.” Support also comes from NYC’s Semi-Precious Weapons, a spunky neo-glam rock band that had a semi-hit in club land with “Magnetic Baby” but failed to jump to the big time (perhaps from lack of great songs), despite an electric stage show by front man Justin Tranter. British keyboard kid Frankmusik rounds things out and opens up.

Beginning to end, this should be one fun show, and the venue should prepare to dance. Here’s a video primer on the ultra-fab Ladyhawke (love this first vid):

No VMA for Passion Pit. No Kanye diss, either

Repost Monday Hotline blog post: It may have been lost in the whole “Kanye West disses Taylor Swift” controversy last night at the MTV Video Music Awards – altogether now: “Taylor Swift doesn’t care about wack people!” – but hometown heroes Passion Pit didn’t end up bringing a VMA back to the Hub.

The Cambridge synthpop quintet was nominated for “Best Breakthrough Video” for “The Reeling”, up against the likes of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Death Cab For Cutie and Bat For Lashes, but ultimately lost out to IHEARTCOMIX-led Brooklyn hipster duo Matt & Kim’s “Lessons Learned.”

Hey, what can you do? At least they didn’t get dissed by Kanye. And VMA or no VMA, the video still rules pretty hard. Check out "The Reeling" and the winner's video below.

Boys Like Girls: Boston's most unappreciated?

This ran over the weekend, a piece in the Herald where I ponder: Is Boys Like Girls the most unappreciated Boston band in ages? Hmmmm...

When Boys Like Girls arrive in Japan on tour, throngs of fans wait at the airport, holding up signs and snapping photos.

Back home in Massachusetts, it’s a different story. Members of the chart-topping, million-selling pop-rock band are rarely recognized.

In a city that loves a success story, Boys Like Girls might be the most unappreciated Boston rock band ever.

“They’re definitely not the most recognized group,” said Kendra Hajjar, producer of WXKS-FM’s (Kiss-108) “Matty in the Morning” show. “And that’s sad because their music is fantastic. It’s very weird. They’re so local and so reachable.”

Boys Like Girls, which brings its ultrapolished, emo-flavored rock to Patriot Place in Foxboro for a free concert SUNDAY at 2 p.m., boast impressive sales figures and global popularity. Their eponymous 2007 debut album for Columbia Records went gold, selling more than 700,000 copies worldwide. They’ve racked up three million digital singles sales - 1.5 million of “The Great Escape” and 900,000 of “Hero/Heroine,” both off their first album. And new single “Love Drunk” has sold 400,000 units and is a Top 20 hit on iTunes.

The group that named 2007 Artist of the Year has had a remarkable run. Did anyone in their hometown notice?

“What bands used to do is tour around the local scene and gain popularity through that,” said Boys Like Girls guitarist Paul DiGiovanni. “We did that for a little while, playing VFW halls, but then set out on tour. We tried to kick off at a national level. We’re just not a band that toured Boston for years.”

Beyond Kiss-108 - which hosts the group in the studio Monday - the band never got much play on New England rock stations. And they never played smaller clubs such as the Middle East or T.T. the Bear’s Place. One of their first headlining gigs in Boston was at the 1,000-capacity Axis on Lansdowne Street. They sold out Tsongas Arena in Lowell last month.

“Boys Like Girls kind of went national quickly as a band, which isn’t to say they didn’t pay their dues in the local scene,” said Josh Smith of booking company MassConcerts. “Your averagemusic fan may not even be aware that the band is from the area.”

In Boston, the Celtic-punk of the Dropkick Murphys is revered. The dance-pop of Passion Pit has indie cred. The avant-garde Dresden Dolls are part of the city’s underground art-rock lore. And yet none of them touch Boys Like Girls’ worldwide appeal.

DiGiovanni is quick to point out that the band, whose members all hail from Boston suburbs, always felt love from their home city. But not that much.

The Hub has a lot of catching up to do.

When “Love Drunk,” Boys Like Girls’ new album, was released last week, its buzz hit the Top 5 on Twitter’s Trending Topics, out-tweeting discussions on “The Beatles: Rock Band” and President Obama’s health-care speech. Boys Like Girls’ Facebook page has more than 325,000 fans.

Smith argues that Boys Like Girls is just not on the radar of local music fans, having come from an all-ages scene that appeals to suburban teens.

“The average age of a Boys Like Girls fan is around 14 or 15 years old,” Smith noted.

And, like those who tweet, that’s the demographic that will likely show up in Foxboro.

“I hope we get a few thousand,” DiGiovanni said. “Hopefully it’s set up for a lot of people to show up.”

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Taylor Swift...

Taylor Swift doesn't care about wack people. (Way to kill that shit in the subway, lady).

Also, Lady GaGa is pretty much the Queen of Everything.

Telefon Tel Aviv ends your weekend tonight

Once Saturday night lessons learned set in and the fickle allure of NFL Week 1 wears off, there's Sunday night staring up right in the face. There's always Tool Academy 2 to cradle your Sunday night malaise, but here's one better: Telefon Tel Aviv at Great Scott. Here's what I wrote in this week's GS mailer, which goes out each Thursday, after the flyer jump...

SUNDAY 09.13.09: Telefon Tel Aviv with The Race, Coralcola, with DJ sets by Pandai'a
Several months before there was the Summer of Death 2009, there was the unexpected passing of Charles W. Cooper III, one-half of Chicago-based ambient electronic duo Telefon Tel Aviv. His life ended reportedly via suicide in January, and despite TTA's role in the underground electronic community, it didn't get the same attention as more prominent yet less talented musicians. Since then, Joshua Eustis has resurrected the BPitch Control Label group, enlisting an old friend to fill the void left by Cooper while on stage. If there are any haunting elements in TTA's lush, dream-scape sound, they'll be circling the Great Scott compound like ghosts of my love life past on Sunday. Another perfect end-of-weekend show, roll up early for the ambient-techno flush of Worcester's Coralcola, as well as Boston's queen of dubstep, Pandai'a, who should make everyone forget about work the next day.
18+ 9pm $10.00

Friday, September 11, 2009

Girls guy wears Suede shirt in photo. Breaking news.

Take a long hard look at this photo of San Francisco's GIRLS, and tell me what you see (besides Dave Matthews apparently joining some creepy bus-ridin' blonde-chick cult out in the Cali desert). We'll resume after the jump.

Yup, that's right. Dude-man on the right is pimping a nice new Suede shirt. Weird. Ya jus don see many those round here these days, especially in an article on Pitchfork about their fall tour dates. Huh. Well, they're at Great Scott on Nov. 7, and I guess I should check them out, but you know, HE'S WEARING A SUEDE SHIRT. This band is already the greatest band ever, and this is so much more important than when Davey Hadoc or whatever wore a VNV Nation jam on the cover of AP a thousand years ago. I should hang with this dude, swap stories about Flash Boys and fucking in Volvos to "Pantomime Horse" or something.

Dirty Apple dance party 2nite @ the pill

Yeah yeah yeah, we all hate New York up here in Boston. But it's Sept. 11, DJ Ken and I are both native New Yorkers, and while I feel kinda weird to be all OMG DANCE PARTY 2NITE!!!1 about the pill, the fact remains that life goes on and everyone pays their respects, admiration and regrets in their own way.

So, cheesy or not, I'll attempt to play as many New York bands as I can tonight (It's not that hard a feat, from Talking Heads to the Strokes to BM Linx) in an unspoken salute to my hometown. I believe today should eventually be a Federal Day of Rememberance (not a holiday, but a day of reflection and pause) and in saving everyone the trouble of hearing my personal feelings on 9/11, my public salute/expression will be extended through songs that came from the city. That's what I do, that's what I will do. See you tonight at Great Scott.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

ITP: Listen to the new Muse album

From Hotline: If you haven't already illegally downloaded it, Muse fans can hear the band's upcoming new album, "The Resistance," via MySpace. The good folks over at Filter report it will only be up today, so get on it.

At first listen, sounds like the stand-out tracks are the lead single, "Uprising," the space-symphonic ballad "Undisclosed Desires" and "MK Ultra," a frantic little number that sounds ripped right from the band's debut album, "Showbiz" (nevermind that the title sounds like a beer). It might take a while to really let that three-part closing reckoning "Exogenesis" settle in, but it appears that Muse has done it again with another sterling effort.

"The Resistance" gets an official release via Warner Bros on Sept. 15.

Cheaps: Block Party, Bookish Ball & Free IMAX

From today's Cheap Thrills column in le Herald, detailing a Cambridge block party, books take over Harvard Square and a Museum of Science free-for-all at the IMAX Dome.

Block Party on the Greene

Greene-Rose Park, 39 Dickinson St., Cambridge. Saturday, 1 to 10 p.m., 21-plus, $5
With the passing of Labor Day we may have officially entered cardigan season, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one more time to rock out under the open sky. The folks at networking group Illius Rock are teaming with residents of Dickinson Street to throw one last outdoor celebration before Old Man Winter sentences us to a life indoors. Catch heartthrob Will Dailey and his band the Rivals, along with the indie and rock stylings of the Wandas, the Honors, Cocked N’ Loaded, It’s From the Sky and more, all while DJs Roguewaves and Dancing on the Charles’ Randy Deshaies keep the beat alive with a sweet electro and techno mix parade.
Info:, 617-840-7668

Harvard Square’s second annual Bookish Ball

Saturday, 1 to 9 p.m., all-ages. FREE.
Ahh, the glorious year of 1882. P.T. Barnum purchased his elephant Jumbo, the Knights of Columbus was formed and polygamy was deemed a federal crime by Congress. Virginia Woolf, James Joyce and Franklin Delano Roosevelt were born, and Jesse James, Charles Darwin and Ralph Waldo Emerson died. Also, the Harvard Coop went into business. This weekend Harvard Square celebrates the Coop’s more than 125 years (and 76 years of the Harvard Book Store) with the Bookish Ball, beginning with a stroll through the area’s myriad literary houses and retailers featuring readings, refreshments and history. Eat cake with literary themes and dance to bookish beats as the day wraps up with a Grand Public Bookish Ball on Palmer Street. It’s one party where it’s OK to get a bit wordy.
Info: 617-491-3434

Free Film Fridays at the Museum of Science

Mugar Omni Theater, 1 Science Park, Friday, every hour from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., all-ages. FREE
OK, Cheap Thrills will admit we slept on this one last week, what with all the thrifty Labor Day things going on. But luckily, the Museum of Science’s way-awesome Free Film Fridays series continues Friday as well as Sept. 18 and 25. With a dearth of blockbusters rolling out of Hollywood this season, put on both your thinking cap and excite-goggles as the learning center rolls out three documentary explorations on a larger-than-life screen: “Mystic India,” “Deep Sea” and “Antarctica.” If you haven’t checked out the giant IMAX domed theater, the price is right and the time is now. Tickets are first-come, first-served at the box office.
Info: 617-723-2500,

This kitten: Nom nom nom

It's not all hard assed pissing and moaning over here any VL.HQ. Nom nom nom nom...

Felix Da Housecat @ Underbar 2nite

Pulled from today's Hotline: “Speed seduction in a magazine / Endless pleasure in a limousine / In the back shakes a tambourine / Nicotine from a silver screen.”

While Felix Da Housecat has built a fairly impressive reputation as a house DJ in Chicago and beyond, Hotline has to give him props for dishing out one of the few electroclash-era songs that actually holds up a decade later. Aside from his pulsating “Silver Screen (Shower Scene),” and say Fischerspooner’s “Emerge” and Soviet’s “Candy Girl,” there wasn’t much substance in the early-2000s New York City electronic scene that was built on Larry Tee’s Brooklyn-goggled vision of shallow-glitz style and endless 4 a.m.-forever partying.

But hey, I dug it – the Berliniamsburg and Mutant parties at Luxx were tons of fun. And while it may have in part led the groundwork for today’s electro and synthpop over-saturation, the music – as a whole – didn’t really define the era. But pop on “Silver Screen (Shower Scene),” as well as his “Bugged Out” mix that dropped a few years later in 2003, and Felix stands strong. You might even suggest “Silver Screen” was one of the first electro-house / nu-rave / blog house / whatever banger anthems that are in every club these days.

In any event, Felix Da Housecat is at Underbar tonight, the same Tremont Street joint that housed the Sweat party with Steve Aoki a few weeks ago. Should be goodtimes, and local cats Michael Savant and Texas Mike supply opening duties. Details on the flyer and Facebook invite page.