Friday, September 11, 2009

Dirty Apple dance party 2nite @ the pill

Yeah yeah yeah, we all hate New York up here in Boston. But it's Sept. 11, DJ Ken and I are both native New Yorkers, and while I feel kinda weird to be all OMG DANCE PARTY 2NITE!!!1 about the pill, the fact remains that life goes on and everyone pays their respects, admiration and regrets in their own way.

So, cheesy or not, I'll attempt to play as many New York bands as I can tonight (It's not that hard a feat, from Talking Heads to the Strokes to BM Linx) in an unspoken salute to my hometown. I believe today should eventually be a Federal Day of Rememberance (not a holiday, but a day of reflection and pause) and in saving everyone the trouble of hearing my personal feelings on 9/11, my public salute/expression will be extended through songs that came from the city. That's what I do, that's what I will do. See you tonight at Great Scott.

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