Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wavves tonight at Great Scott. "No Bored!"

Sunday is the new Saturday down in Allstontown, when San Diego ocean-fearer Wavves hits Great Scott. Here's what I spewed on the GS mailer earlier this week... SUNDAY 09.27.09: Wavves with Ganglians presented by MassConcerts

By now we all know about the MASSIVE on-stage breakdown Wavves' Nathan Williams had at Spain's Primavera Sound Festival in May. (If not, YouTube it). Dude just lost his marbles, and everyone with a computer weighed in on the Barca shit-fit. Williams later apologized, but here's the thing: Wavves are fucking sick. Check out "So Bored," which sounds like the Pixies filtered through Hooray For Earth's distorted rumble-strip sonic hard drive designed to solely to upset the chick from Stellastarr*. If that ain't worth 10 bones to see live, then I don't know what is. Hell, it's a Sunday night, and this California band seems to have a career of controversy and great music ahead, so get in on the ground floor and check out this rock n' roll bake shake. Goodness gracious "So Bored" is an ace tune. 18+ 9pm $10.00 tickets

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