Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Editors tune, "Papillon." It's great.

Well look at this, a new jam from Editors (Thanks to Peter for the head's up). A bit taken aback by the synth beat and late 80s darkpop vibe here, but huh, this is pretty fucking dope. Editors will always remind me of a raven barcoded beauty from a few years prior (another wasted opportunity in the vast Vanya sea of regret), but time has eroded the bad and hearing things like this make me center on what remains.

So in listening to this, there is warmth. Between the new Golden Filter song yesterday and now this today, it's becoming a nice week of musical suprises. Editors' new album "In This Light And On This Evening" drops in October, and I think I'll love it instantly if this track is any indication.

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