Friday, September 11, 2009

Girls guy wears Suede shirt in photo. Breaking news.

Take a long hard look at this photo of San Francisco's GIRLS, and tell me what you see (besides Dave Matthews apparently joining some creepy bus-ridin' blonde-chick cult out in the Cali desert). We'll resume after the jump.

Yup, that's right. Dude-man on the right is pimping a nice new Suede shirt. Weird. Ya jus don see many those round here these days, especially in an article on Pitchfork about their fall tour dates. Huh. Well, they're at Great Scott on Nov. 7, and I guess I should check them out, but you know, HE'S WEARING A SUEDE SHIRT. This band is already the greatest band ever, and this is so much more important than when Davey Hadoc or whatever wore a VNV Nation jam on the cover of AP a thousand years ago. I should hang with this dude, swap stories about Flash Boys and fucking in Volvos to "Pantomime Horse" or something.

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