Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Distillery Boston presents: 'Artageddon'

Posted over on Hotline: Anyone who has attended a party at the Distillery in South Boston knows how cool the place is, and anyone who has hit up an art show in the space's lobby in the past year or so knows how on-point their nontraditional collective vision can be. So it's cool to see another art showcase open up here, this one dubbed "Artageddon" and billed as "20 artists without gallery representation." There's an opening reception tomorrow and the exhibit runs to Sept. 24. The details posted below, from those involved:

Sept. 3 to Sept. 24: The Distillery Gallery Presents: "Artageddon"

Featuring works by Daniel Benayun, Thomas Buildmore, Laurie Carman, Scott Chasse, Corey Corcoran, Michael Dacey, Robert daVies, Thomas Dupere, Josh Falk, Jarrett Golz, Vanessa Irzyk, Ryan Lombardi, Fish McGill, Kristen Mills, Kenji Nakayama, Tom Noffsinger, Sheryl Pace, Morgan Thomas, Judith Uehling, Dana Woulfe, Nick Z, and more TBA....

Sept. 3 to Sept. 24, 2009. Opening Reception: Sept. 3, 7 to 10 p.m. Free and open to the public. 516 E 2nd St., first floor. Contact: Scott Chasse, gallery director: (978) 270-1904 /

As the tumultuous world of commercial galleries continues to scramble for readjustment to today's sales-savy artists, alternative methods of display are at the forefront of a battle, a battle which The Distillery Gallery* has deemed: "Artageddon."

This exhibit gathers twenty artists from Boston and beyond who are moving forward in their careers regardless of a lack of gallery representation. Embracing alternative venues, social networks, street campaigns, and other creative outlets for their work, these artists are helping to shape the future of art commerce. Rather than rely on commissioned gallerists to vend their works, artists of today have the ability to independently exhibit and sell to a degree unparalleled in the past.

"Artegeddon," as an exhibit, highlights merely a fraction of the enormous pool of talented artists whom are diligently pressing forward amidst this transitional point in time. "Artageddon" as a concept will prompt fallout and unknown consequence which the exhibitors will continue to navigate and embrace.

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