Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hotline: The Penguin Club launches @ ZuZu

Another Hotline pull this time on the Penguin Club party starting tomorrow night. Yes, I know there are WAY too many hockey references in here. Whatever. At least I didn't make a Kevin Stevens smoking crack joke...

While there's certainly no shortage of dance parties making the rounds these days, another pops up tomorrow night at ZuZu that is light on the electro and heavy on the indie rock.

Organized by Middle East booking agent David Virr and perhaps the finest mix CD-maker in the city, Jeff Sullivan, the night is dubbed The Penguin Club -- because, as they say, if you've ever danced at one of the various soul or house nights at Zuzu, space is so tight you look like a penguin doing so.

Hotline has already exhausted jokes about drinking Jaromir Jager shots and dancing to "Malkin' Time," but feel free to drop your own Tom Barasso or Wendell Young joke down below. And hey, if the night has one great party, a few mediocre ones and then disappears completely, we'll call it the Rob Brown of dance nights.

Or maybe Virr and Sullivan will tank the first few parties and draft the top DJ out of junior to save the franchise. Twice.

Either way, they'll be a "Fleury" of dancing, and perhaps someone will fall down and whine like Sidney Crosby the second someone bumps into him/her. (Ok, enough hockey jokes, sorry.) Here's the official invite from DJs Mario Lemieux (don't tell Cam Neely about this!) and Infinite Jeff, along with a selection from the promised playlist:

This Wednesday, ZuZu's latest new night debuts - come join DJ's Mario Lemieux & Infinite Jeff for a night of indie, dance rock, retro and much more. Nothing against the other dance nights in town, but we feel there's an under-served group of folks out there who just want to dance to good music and avoid cover charges, overpriced drinks and "fotoboofs" (Hotline Note: OH NO YOU DIDNT!").

If that's you, please join us! Mark your calendars because we'll be going every Wednesday this fall (with the exception of the last Wed. of each month), with a rotating group of guest DJ's!

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