Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Pill's 7th annual Halloween show unveiled

Friday night we unveiled the lineup for the 7th annual pill Halloween Show, going down Friday, Oct. 30 at Great Scott in Allston Dance City. On tap this year: The Daily Pravda as RADIOHEAD, Televandals as THE CLASH, The Honors as THE SMITHS and Lindsey Starr & The Chemical Smiles as THE SOUNDS.

Previous lineups:
2008: The Perennials as THE STROKES, Sun Lee Sunbeam as ELASTICA, Wonderful Spells as THE KINKS
2007: Daily Pravda as DAVID BOWIE, Mako as THE STONE ROSES, The Perennials as THE LIBERTINES, Lie Society as BLUR
2006: Lifestyle as NEW ORDER, Daily Pravda as SUEDE, the 8mm Fuzz as ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN
2005: Protokoll as BAUHAUS, Emergency Music as THE VELVET UNDERGROUND, The Chainletter as JOY DIVISION
2004: The Information as DEPECHE MODE, Bon Savants as PULP, Emergency Music as BLUR, The Cignal as PRIMAL SCREAM
2003: The Information as THE CURE, The Cignal as HAPPY MONDAYS


  1. Still looking for ANY audio/video/photos from either of the first two shows!!

  2. Already putting my costume together and freaking out like the fangirl that I am over a Smiths tribute.

    Next year, can we bring back Suede and New Order as I was still living in a cultural wasteland when you had those gigs? Pretty pleeeeeeease?

  3. No repeats, ever. Did it once (Blur) and I regret it immensely.