Tuesday, September 8, 2009

ITP: AA Bondy: From Verbena to folk-rock

Re-post from the depths of yesterday's print Hotline column on Alice In Chains... Bondy plays Allston tonight.

Male Bondy-ing

Speaking of grunge, anyone remember Verbena? The late-’90s Alabama trio was quickly - and unfairly - written off as a Nirvana rip-off, which might have had something to do with its crunchy-punk sound and the fact that Dave Grohl produced its 1999 major label debut, “Into The Pink.” (Check out the still-lethal “My Baby Got Shot” for a refresher track.)

Ten years later, Verbena’s singer, Scott Bondy, has traded in buzz saw guitars for a lonely, folksy, singer-songwriter vibe, re-emerging as A.A. Bondy. He plays Great Scott tonight night as part of the World Arts/CRASHmusic festival, which recently brought Micachu & the Shapes to Allston.

It’s a good reminder that great songwriters don’t die, they just evolve.

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