Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dope new jam: Roguewaves' "Ruins"

Really digging the new track from Allston electro duo Roguewaves -- it's called "Ruins," it's apparently the first taste of a new EP, and it has a catchy-as-the-clap female vocal harmony that broke into my head and refused to leave upon first listen. Damn, this is pretty tight, and is certain to immediately crash the club scene (fuck I'm playing it Friday). Quick shout out to Isom Innis from Southern Belle for the ace mastering and production work...

Roguewaves have been known to go hard on the banger tip since their intro to the Boston/Allston dance circuit a few years ago, but this is a really well-paced stutter-step sparkle-eyed synth tune that suggests Justincredible and Zak Broman have eased up on the electro-assault face rape and found a true rhythm to elevate their game. The beat is still heavy enough to suggest they are not abandoning their identity, but this is the sound of sonic evolution. Love it.

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