Friday, October 24, 2008

Holy shit this rules: Army Navy

I needed to find a cool show to hype in Monday's Herald, and saw Dave Virr/Duncan is throwing a British Accents gig at the Mid-Easy that night. I checked out the headliner and -- holy shit, this is all kinds of amazing, and I HATE HATE HATE guitar-based indie in the ol' 2k8.

Army Navy

From the MySpace, it says they're from Los Angeles/Seattle/Portland, but jesus fuck this is right outta circa '90ish Manchester. All sorts of great shit in here, from baggy influences to my beloved Ride. There's even some early Sunny Day Real Estate vibes thrown in for good measure.

Check out "Saints" and the cover of Maxine Nightengale's lost classiq "Get Right Back" (a song impossible to screw up) then join me in Central Square on Monday. I am loving the holy motherfucking shit out of this. Wow, what a pleasant Friday afternoon surprise.

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