Friday, October 17, 2008

Want a Cupcake t-shirt? Get in line

So Johnny Cupcakes is releasing four new Halloween-themed t-shirts tonight at his Newbury Street shop.

If you're finding out about this now, you're shit outta luck, as kids started waiting in line Tuesday at 5am. Yes, Tuesday at 5am, for a $75 t-shirt. Craziness. But Johnny "Cupcakes" Earle is one chill dude, and to think he's pulling in $3.75 million in sales this year after starting the company in 2001 out of his '89 Camry gives hope to everyone. He also now has a Melrose Blvd store in Los Angeles to match his two Boston-area shops.

Recently named Number 1 Young Entrepreneur in America by Business Week, Earle proves that one idea is all is takes, whether it be an Internet search engine or putting a cupcake atop a skull and crossbones and slapping it on a shirt.

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