Monday, March 9, 2009

Don Rimini + Bodega + LeNimh = Tuesday Dopeness

There ain't fuckall going on tonight -- well, aside from I Love Money 2 and For the Love of Ray J -- so I'm already under the covers looking ahead to tomorrow. Got a pill flyer photo shoot then sushi double-date, then it's a dance-cap at THROWED. This is a motherfucker of a Tuesday, with crazy French ghettotechman Don Rimini (aural/visual below), Ruff Club NYC resident DJ Denny LeNimh (who killed shit at Circus a while back) and Jay K holding it down. Bodega Girls are even playing live early ons. Yeah, you know, Tuesday night and shit. Jesus H piss. Watch this video.

DON RIMINI - OHOW? from Alex Nebout on Vimeo.

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