Friday, March 13, 2009

Saturday night dance battle

Two sick electro parties going down tomorrow night, and right now I'm hoping to Vanyafy both.

In Allston Dance City, our favorite weekly Saturday night electro party known as Circus welcomes Montreal's Nu Ravers On the Block, who deliver a sick "Switchblade" remix, but also brings in the Pittsburgh-bound B.Rich, who I dig hard and will miss like whoa once he's livining in the black and gold Steel Land of Malkin. Plus, look at THAT FUCKING TIGER!

But, downtown at Vinalia (of all fucking places), the Future Classic kids got NYC booty club asskicker Oxy Cottontail, who reps the indie electro harder than most and still gives love to early-2000s synth legends Soviet. Also on that bill are Rogue Waves and the infamous Texas Mike, so the sweat shall flow freely.

Dance options in Boston. I mean, it's not HARD 13 vs Control like in LA this weekend, but it's still dope. Believe in 2k9.

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