Monday, March 9, 2009

2009 'BCN Rumble bands announced

Ironically, the list of contenders in the 31st annual BCN Rock N Roll Rumble were announced right after the finale of the Tool Academy last night. What is fairly noteworthy, however, is that after a two year absense the glorified Battle of the Bands moves back to the Middle East in Cambridge. Here are the bands, with dates below. No, I ain't hyperlinking all of them. Do a Google search.

Dead Cats Dead Rats
Apple Betty
Muy Cansado
Anarchy Club
The Fatal Flaw (sorry z)
The Motion Sick
The Mystery Tramps
Thick as Theives
Sarah Rabdau & The Self Employed Assassins
The Luxury
Trucker Mouth
The Lights Out
The Dirty Truckers
The Deal
The Have Nots
The New Alibis
Gene Dante and The Future Starlets
Eksi Ekso
Logan 5 and The Runners
The Minus Scale

Preliminaries - Sun, Mon, Tues – April 5, 6, 7; OFF Weds, April 9, the day of rest; Thurs, Fri, Sat, April 9, 10, 11

Semi-Finals - Thurs, Fri, April 16, 17

Finals - Fri, April 24 downstairs


  1. havingit be back at the ME makes it more worth while...wasn't looking forward to Harpers ferry

  2. I think we were last onthe list so maybe it didn't cut and paste right...ooof i hope we don't have to play with the luxury...actually i do so I can add some halogen stories to the old database in my head

  3. it's ok buddy...I quit that shit yo!