Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Coralcola 'Egggirl' download & release party

Hotline repost, where I'll probably be fired for suggesting pot use happened yesterday: Yesterday was April 20, celebrated for myriad reasons by myriad people. And one celebratory subculture – you figure which – got the perfect new-vibe soundtrack to accompany their going-green ways with a free download of the “Egggirl” maxi-single by Worcester’s solo trance-pop man/machine Coralcola.

Passed around the interwebs yesterday by Coralcola’s Mikey Lee, the nine-track collection features three Coralcola originals and “Egggirl” remixes by DJ Die Young, Christopher Wade and others. We don’t even need to listen to the Die Young interpretation to know it probably rules.

“Egggirl” gets the proper release treatment tonight in Central Square as part of the launch party for Zuzu’s “New Nostalgia” dance night, where resident DJs John Barera and Paul Morse offer up “vintage synthesizer music, psych, techno and house” in yet another sweet dance destination for the always-moving Cambridge crowd. The party is free and visuals are provided by Voight Kampff. Rad.

Details on the Coralcola “Egggirl” single are below, and peep the trippy video after the important stuff.

Coralcola - Egggirl single out NOW!
RIYL: The Field, Gui Boratto, M83, Boards of Canada
Artist: Coralcola
Title: Egggirl
Label: Self-released
Format: 320 mp3 download
Released: 20 Apr, 2010
Genre Tags: Electronica, Ambient, House,
IDM, Lo-fi, Experimental, Glitch, Minimal,
Tech House, Deep House

01. Coralcola - Egggirl (Original Mix)
02. Coralcola - Tecmo
03. Coralcola - Arny Palm
04. Coralcola - Egggirl (Die Young Remix)
05. Coralcola - Egggirl (Christopher Wade Remix)
06. Coralcola - Egggirl (Space USA Remix)
07. Coralcola - Egggirl (Brothers Sunny Side Up Remix)
08. Coralcola - Egggirl (Nooka Jones Remix)
09. Coralcola - Egggirl (Kat Fyte Re-Rub)

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