Thursday, April 29, 2010

Circus party update :: new venue, May 1

When life gives you lemons, head to Great Scott. So yeah, Privus went out in typical douchey Privus fashion, telling us yesterday the Circus party (and it's 284 Facebook RSVPs) is a no-go. They didn't want a rager on their last night. Was hoping for one final banger, a few hours to remember a very awesome time in my life, but alas, not meant to be. So we're teaming up with the Royal Bangs & Twin Berlin show at Great Scott to present one MEGAPARTY:


Late yesterday the owners of Privus Lounge informed us we are no longer welcome to host our Circus farewell due to internal management conflict.

Faced with just not hosting an event, we teamed up with Great Scott in Allston to relate the party up the street.

In true Circus fashion -- the show must go on.

We know Great Scott is quite different than Privus, but it's a venue that does want us there and we're bringing the dance party to them. From 9pm to 11, Great Scott is hosting a indie show with Royal Bangs and Twin Berlin, then the Circus party takes over around 11pm. The regular $10 Circus admission gets you into both events, as we're making it one big giant party.

Drinks are cheaper, the sound is better, and most of all, we're welcome there.

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