Monday, April 12, 2010

Throwed plans one final blowout on Thursday

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At the height of its synth-sweaty, beat-bumpn'-n-grindn' peak at the Middle East Upstairs every Thursday night, indie/electro party Throwed is hosting its final bash this Thursday. Call me a bit skeptical.

Throwed has been packing the party-hard 18+ers each week for about a year now, only recently moving closer to the weekend from the Tuesday night slot with positive results. So the only hang up I can see is from the venue's side: 1) Is the residency blocking other rock shows, touring and local, more prominently affiliated with the Middle East (which isn't exactly a dance club) and 2) Are the scant 21+ers in the room drinking enough at the bar?

When I asked Throwed founder and DJ Eric Marcelino (E-Marce), about the move, I got the feeling Throwed wasn't done completely. "This is the end of one chapter," said Marcelino. "A new one might be on the horizon."

Cool. So we'll see what happens, and I figure E-Marce will still do parties at the Mid East in some capacity. But not after one final Throwed blowout on Thursday. Bust out the body paint.

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