Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Aerosmith at Fenway Park on Aug. 14

Well, after Dave Matthews Band, Rolling Stones, Neil Diamond, Jimmy Buffett, the Police and every other washed up shit fuck band ruining the outfield at Fenway, at least this year's jam is local. I think my colleague Jed Gottlieb called this shit last summer. Maybe we can get Passion Pit to open...

hotlineonline Aug. 14: Aerosmith and J Geils at Fenway Park. Well... better than Dave Matthews. Tix on sale April 17 (10am) & 800-514-3849

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  1. I just ordered tix online! I can't wait... very excited for this show... I heard they might be doing 2 shows as well (13th and 14th). Need tix now, check out this place: A little pricey but guaranteed tickets!