Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Animals in the News: Attack Cats & Gay Dogs

This is why I love the news -- you never know what kinda weird ass shit will suddenly go down. It was a boring ol' Tuesday until about 5 minutes ago, when these gems found my desk:

-- Vicious cat attack in Idaho (the quotes are incredible: "All I heard was rrwwwrrrr hisss," Jackie Ostermiller said.... "I was literally screaming" ... "I noticed she was looking at my wife with a weird look," Blaine said ... "I want people to know how dangerous cats can be, they can turn on you in a dime. Believe it or not - cats!" she said.

-- A gay dog was refused entry into an Australian restaurant (the wait staff misheard "guide dog" for "gay dog". For fucking serious. No. REALLY.)

Ahhh, yes. Believe it or not, cats.

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