Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Designer Drugs video: "Drop Down"

Around 2:15am last night I woke up to the banging sounds of Designer Drugs coming from the other room. A quick "WTF" rolled through my sleepy head before passing back out, highlights of the Padres game blinding my blurry vision before the sandman struck me back down.

Turns out the always on-point NYC DJ duo has a new video for "Drop Down," and that's what was responsible for this morning's electro ruckus. These are the glory days, and these visuals are sick as fuck. I want to roll down to Mt. Auburn Cemetery and toss some milk-balloons at headstones and monuments. Oh the sacrilege! Dope song, too...

Director/DOP : Kevin Calero
Director's Assitant : Elle Rex
Editors: Cedric Laurenty & Kevin Calero
Colorist: Geoff Webb
Special Effects: Christopher Macdonald.
Producer : Michael Vincent Patrick

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