Friday, April 16, 2010

More Endless Wave promo: Stuff @ Night

... aaaaand I know it's just called "Stuff" now, but I'm old-school and I still call my newspaper the Herald-American. Anyway, they gave Endless Wave some Friday-night-pick lovin':

GET OUT: Endless Wave

We don't like to brag about family, but our sister publication the Boston Phoenix has a pretty good knack for recognizing local bands that won't bring back memories of sitting through your high school boyfriend's garage jam (ugh... he was so cute until the first note). That they named Cambridge-based trio Endless Wave one of the select local "bands to watch" in 2010 is another tribute to their seen-it-coming musical foresight. A rock undertow keeps the band's dreamy, ethereal shoe-gazing soundtrack from floating too far afield in the ethereal abyss. To hear for yourself, sail over to their show tonight at Great Scott (1222 Commonwealth Avenue, Allston, 617.734.4502). Cover is $5, and doors open at 9 p.m.)

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