Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Creed news an excuse to post Marlins video

A lovely Hotline repost: Reunited power-rock band Creed will hit the road this summer, and the Christian rock party bus rolls into the Comcast Center on Aug. 3. There's even a pre-sale going down tomorrow at 10 a.m. via Live Nation.

Of course Hotline doesn't expect to rep proud down in Mansfield Rock City for the Creed show. But this lovely tour news tidbit provides a stellar opportunity to post Creed singer Scott Stapp's new Florida Marlins fight song.

Whether or not a Marlin can "soar" is up for nautical debate -- the Fightin' Fish logo always struck me as literally being out of water. But the whole rallying cry about wanting "strike outs," "base hits" and "double plays" is so mind-bogglingly bad you can almost feel Hanley Ramirez counting down the days to free agency after the 2014 season.

Stapp is an Orlando native, so maybe the nearby Rays put him up to this. Stapp's laugh-track jam can't compete with Tampa-area rapper Cristol's "It's Our Season" promo video from the Rays' playoff push back in 2008. (Full disclosure: My parents actually appear in the rap video. Seriously.)

Anyway, here's Stapp in all his teal-team loving glory:

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