Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tonight: Hearthrob announces last call.

You know, I've never actually attended Hearthrob, but I always noted its place in the Boston/Cambridge party scene and respected what a force it was. So while I'll be in my Allson Cave at Dragonette, a tip of the coke bindle on the sidewalk to the Middlesex Lounge bi-weekly electro party, which wraps up a debauched four-year run tonight. My ex got involved just in time, haha <3... From their Facebook event page, which wrangled up 225+ guests in like 24 hours:


It's been 4 years.

Thanks to those who really got it and made it special.

We might be back, we might not.

We'll see, keep watching.


Red Foxx, Baltimoroder, Dev/Null.

Photos: Zanazazzi
Visuals: Bloodsugar.

This party will be ALL BLACK EVERYTHING.

No cover. Tuesday. 9pm. 4/27.

This is THE END.

Be sure to share moments, love, hate, pics or videos from the years below...

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