Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Satz: Lady Gaga night @ Dans Le Cafeteria

Hotline repost for the Little Monsters haha: This is a bit of an advanced warning, but we've been saying for ages that Boston is ready for an entire night dedicated to just Lady Gaga -- from a "Fame Monster" dance party to impersonator performances to anything else solely involving the new Queen of Pop. Heck, like other parties, Allston's Videodrome might already be at a 15-percent Gaga level, with the crowd favorites always being "Bad Romance" (still), "Dance in the Dark" and DJ/VJ Craig MacNeil's sterling "Telephone" disco-video remix.

But we want more. This Saturday, it looks like Berklee's Dans Le Cafeteria has stepped up to the task. More details on this as it unfolds, but we're already so there. Not only does it look awesome, but it's also free, bitch.

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