Thursday, April 1, 2010

Great Scott not becoming The Kells West (!!!)

Maybe my best April Fool's Day prank ever? After countless Tweets, Facebook status updates and even a Lemmingtrail thread, yes, indeed, I will confirm the message about "Great Scott becoming The Kells West" in this morning's Great Scott mailer is/was, in fact, a joke. It said so in the first promo blurb (for the Big Bear show tonight).

What poetry:

Hello Great Scott faithful,

it was a good run. Back when Carl Lavin took over booking at Great Scott and transformed the college hangout into an indie rock playground, one douche on the Noise Board said it would only last a few months. Turns out it lasted five years. Word came down this morning that the former owner of the Kells, after selling his controversial Brighton Avenue bar and nightclub last month, has bought Great Scott and is essentially moving his old club over to 1222 Commonwealth Avenue. As a token of gratitude, Carl was given until July 1 to round out his current booking schedule, and on July 1 Great Scott will be renamed The Kells West, with a new bar staff and nightly programming. With that mandate, the last ever pill dance party will go down on June 25. However, expect a HUGE blowout on June 30, one that would make the Dropkicks last show at Avalon look like romper room. Let's go out with a bang.

We thank everyone who made Great Scott what it became - lifelong friendships were made and community ties in Allston Village were fostered and strengthened. Hell, just last week, SoulFire donated food and services to a Newton School through the efforts of Great Scott. We thank them for that, and suggest everyone go to their all-you-can-eat wing night each Monday. Come July 1, that might be the only cool place in Allston to hang out. On to the rock, somber rock, this week at the lame-duck venue we call (called?) Great Scott...--Michael V

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