Monday, March 1, 2010

WTF at the Olympics ceremony? Maire Mai?!

Some time last night, after the U.S. had accepted crushing defeat in hockey and the Twitterverse eased up on a collective hatred for all things Nickelback, there was a very bizarre and painful Rammstein-meets-TATU-esque live performance being televised live from the closing ceremony of the Olympics.

With the afternoon hockey game and the heartbreak that followed, it was a long day. So at the time watching this in bed I thought I might have been hallucinating, unknowingly stumbling on Fuse TV or something where this stuff is more common or maybe even accidentally taking shrooms on my walk back from Great Scott.

But apparently it did actually happen. The chick is Marie Mai, the song is called “Emmene-moi” and it was as awkward and out of place as the group of Elder Canadians hanging out at the CommonGround yesterday.

No one in the crowd was feeling this. At all. Poor girl. She’s a looker though. Someone get her an electro-pop producer stat.

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