Tuesday, March 30, 2010

MGM's weird-ass 'Flash Delirium' vid

A Hotline extension of this "House of Yes"-on-Acid video: At 4:23 a.m., this video popped into the hungry hippo Hotline inbox, and the timing of it all seems too appropriate.

It's the new video for MGMT's only-controversial-because-no-one-knows-what's-going-on single "Flash Delirium," and well, the visuals are as strange as the sounds. In just a few short minutes we have ventriloquist dummies, an old lady playing that rad flute solo in the middle of the song and some dude pulling an eel (we guess?) out of Ben Goldwasser's singing neck. It might even get obscene from that point on but we have no idea.

Let's just spend the rainy day watching this over and over -- there's much to digest. Maybe a bit too much. All this for a gold coin.

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